For wedding photographers, there's nothing better than a personal recommendation. The wedding shoot itself can be advocacy in action, so make the most of this opportunity.

Choosing a wedding photographer is a big decision - and often a big investment. On the List of Things To Do, it can rate almost as high as the dress and the location. It's the photography that helps the day live on long after the last guest has left, the photography that unites family in distant locations.

Personality can play a big part in the success of the wedding shots; when the couple are relaxed in front of the photographer, the other guests start relax too. A good rapport never goes unnoticed, and it's times like this that other couples thinking of tying the knot make a mental note of the way things are going.

Mike Kelly, photographer at Northern Light Images has come up with a smart way of linking weddings both future and current.

When attending wedding planning sessions with clients, Mike always takes a shot of the engagement ring. He then uses the shot to make a smart set of MiniCards personalised for the wedding.

On one side, the shot of the ring. On the other, an invitation to view and buy images from the event online. He adds his url and contact details, and after checking the bride is in agreement, hands the little cards to guests at the wedding.

It's a great idea. The guests at the wedding get something valuable - a chance to browse all the images and pick out their favourites, and a cute little photo of the ring.

Mike gets something valuable for his small investment, 100 chances to pitch for new work in the most unobtrusive way. It might be a MiniCard, but it can have quite a mighty effect.
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06 nov. 2013
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  • Mike use MiniCards to highlight his wedding photography

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