Help people remember your online store with a creative approach to packaging that wont break the bank. Use MOO to create little extras to make your customers smile.

Buying a piece of creative work straight from the artist can be so exciting. But when the transaction takes place online, you're one step removed from the process. Time is spent pouring over photos of the piece, zooming in on the details and getting to know the artist through their biographies and online profiles.

Once the purchase is made, there's the waiting game. Listening for the sounds of the postman knocking at the door, or, as is often the case in the MOO office, looking hopefully at the office post to see if there's something exciting hiding between the invoices and junk mail.

The delivery and opening experience is a chance for the buyer to get to know you a little better. It's the traditional handshake - when you meet your customer 'face to face' at last. It's also an opportunity to pass on a great experience, so they'll remember you and come back for more.

Little touches that can really make a difference at this point - and they don't need to be expensive.

We love these bright fabric pencil rolls by Melanie Cook. All wrapped up and ready to go, each one is tied together simply with a brightly coloured ribbon. Attached to the ribbons are MiniCards with shots of Melanie's work on one side and the address of her shop on the other.

These MiniCards are perfect to pin to a notice board as a colourful reminder, or - as is often the case, to pass on to the friends who admire your latest purchase.

Minicards are printed on thick paper, with a smooth matte laminate - which means they're a slick, professional touch at a price you can afford. With Printfinity there's the option of 100 different cards in a pack, meaning Melanie can use shots of other products in her range as another way of tempting people back to her site.

What we love most about Melanie's packaging though, is her use of Stickers! Tied together neatly with the MiniCard are two MOO Stickers, one with a colourful fabric design and another with her logo and url. They feel like an extra gift.

There's something about attractive stickers that makes you feel like you need to keep them. Really, stickers are just begging to be... well, stuck! And when you stick these stickers somewhere, they're just one more reminder to return to Melanie's store.

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06 nov. 2013
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