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Say hello to our friends at gapingvoid

March 2013, by Rebeka | 3 Comments – latest by Cristina

It should come as no surprise that we’re pretty big fans of Business Cards here at MOO. We’re passionate about great design and standing out from the crowd. We believe Business Cards should be a conversation starter – something to be kept and acted on. After all, handing out a business card is often the first impression people make of you and your business.

Hugh MacLeod began drawing cartoons in his teens and later they were popularized on the back of business cards. We’ve been longtime fans of Hugh and gapingvoid. He draws cartoons on the back of business cards. We print business cards. It was meant to be. And with that, we teamed up with gapingvoid to …Continue reading this article…

We can now reveal the winner of our Cleopatra Sticker competition…

March 2013, by Jamie | Add a comment

That’s right, a new pharaoh has been crowned! A few weeks ago we asked you to reimagine Cleopatra’s branding. What would the last Pharoah of Egypt’s branding look like? How would she use Stickers to network? And would she *constantly* be instagramming pictures of the pyramids?

We’ve had loads of fantastic submissions (we’re always amazed how creative you all are *hides own stick-man-drawing entry*) and earlier this week we sat down with a small judging team (think X-factor but without the cameras and audience) and our graphic designer Jovanna to pick our worthy winner.  So without further ado, it’s time to announce the winner of the MOO Cleopatra sticker …Continue reading this article…

A Texas Round-up

March 2013, by Melissa | 4 Comments – latest by blingforfun

You’ve heard us shouting about SXSW on our blog and in our MOOsLETTER – it is one of the most exciting conferences of the year, and we’ve survived another round! As we mentioned, the council that MOO HQ is located in in London set up shop in downtown Austin and Hackney House served as the perfect spot to personally distribute the hundreds and hundreds of MOO Cards that customers ordered to help network at SXSW.

We had such a great time meeting so many customers, in fact one of our favourite memories was on day 2 when due to a taxi shortage, we let some strangers share our taxi downtown. We got to …Continue reading this article…

Impress yourself

March 2013, by Felix | 3 Comments – latest by Gianfranco Chicco

Have you heard the news? We just opened a shop in Shoreditch, London. As well as featuring the creativity of our customers in our shiny new shop, we’ve also treated ourselves to a shiny new embossing machine – which you can come and try out for yourself!

While we are not able to offer letterpress printing at the shop, we have the next best thing on offer: foil block embossing! To make sure you get the best experience, make sure you follow these steps:

1. Ensure you live in London, UK or close by to be able to come to the MOO ShopBOXPARK, Shoreditch

2. Go …Continue reading this article…

A day in the life of a MiniCard

March 2013, by Jamie | 7 Comments – latest by Buford Mosebach

If I believed in reincarnation, I’d come back as a MiniCard every single time. Who wouldn’t? You get to travel all over the world, you meet interesting people and you’re almost always the centre of attention. I’m not usually one to brag, but in the world of offline communication, I’ve been told I’m kind of like a celebrity.

People always say to me “There’s something about you that’s a bit different. What is it?” Well, it’s not my hair, is it? Seriously though, size matters – and being small does make me stand out quite a lot. But just because I’m small, doesn’t mean I’m not just as effective. I’m like Scrappy Doo. Or some kind of small …Continue reading this article…

The MOO Shop loves you too!

March 2013, by Georgi | Add a comment

The MOO Shop has been officially open for about a week and we are very pleased to be meeting MOO Customers (old and new). For those who haven’t been able to visit, let us introduce ourselves. We’re the MOO Shop team: Georgi, Lauren and Charlotte. Good to meet you!

The MOO Shop is already proving to be a hive of activity with customer collections, connections and inspiration being shared. Our sample wall has proved to be very popular. As the ‘try before you buy’ section of the Shop, it gives customers a chance to get an idea for how our different paper stocks actually feel, whilst checking out some …Continue reading this article…

The MOO bunnies hit SXSW too!

March 2013, by Jamie | 1 Comment – latest by Jon

SXSW Alert! Even as we speak, people are arriving at SXSW, collecting Business Cards and rocking cowboy boots in Austin, Texas for the biggest interactive conference of the year.

MOO had such a fantastic time at SXSW last year, that we’re back! For the uninitiated, South by Southwest is a series of festivals for film, interactive media and music – one of the most popular events of the year. In recent years, we’ve seen the launch of Foursquare, Twitter gained a lot of buzz here and we’ve even seen a keynote speech from Mr. Facebook himself, Mark Zuckerberg.

Not ones to be left out of any party, our …Continue reading this article…

Bring it on SXSW!

March 2013, by Jamie | 1 Comment – latest by affiliate marketting

MOO is excited to help people network and our order collection point is all set up at Hackney House. Judging from the queue out the door when we opened, you’re ready to network too…

If you’re at SXSW and didn’t order cards for collection, we’d still like to meet. Swing by the Hackney House between 10am-2pm until Monday to say hello. We’ve even brought free NFC cards to sweeten the deal!

While in the area be sure to check out MakieLab talking about the world’s first 3D printed toy or join Bare Conductive’s electrically conductive paint workshop. Plus, the mayor of Austin kicks off at …Continue reading this article…

Want your cards featured in the MOO Shop?

March 2013, by Jon | 26 Comments – latest by Victoria Colette

We love discovering new businesses that you guys have got kicked-off and love it when your creative use of MOO Products has been some small part of a success story. That really is the icing on the cake. (CAKE! Did someone say cake?)

So when we decided that we wanted to open a shop, pretty much the first thing (after deciding that there were going to be cookies) was to ensure that you, our customers, and your businesses took pride of place.

We’ve taken our Inspiration Gallery and made it into something you can touch, pick up and feel. Here you’ll find some of …Continue reading this article…

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