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Print. As you know, we love it.

January 2012, by Richard | 27 Comments – latest by Richard

I started MOO in 2004 with the ambition to create remarkable products. In 2006 we introduced MiniCards, to help you share your virtual life with the real world. Packed with modern innovations, MiniCards were, nevertheless, built on the tradition of Victorian-era calling cards. Hundreds of years after calling cards first appeared, CNET called MiniCards “the Web 2.0 secret handshake”. That made me chuckle: a printed card for the internet generation.

Since then, our little company has grown (we’ve printed close to 100m MiniCards), but our values remain the same. We believe that technology should build on the values of the past – striving to make great things even better, more accessible: for everyone.

That’s what brings us here today.

Inspired by the …Continue reading this article…

Life as a MOO Ambassador

January 2012, by Rebeka | 3 Comments – latest by Kimberly

Meet Kieu, our newest MOO Ambassador! Kieu joined us in her resident state Louisiana, for Imaging USA in New Orleans. She fit right in and was a perfect member of the MOO Crew. In fact, I think she even knew more about MOO than we did! Here’s what she had to say about the experience, take it away Kieu…

After being on the road for six months, I was just settling back into the rhythm of things here in southern Louisiana when I saw the call for MOO Ambassadors at the 2012 Imaging USA Expo in New Orleans. I’m a big fan of MOO – the products, the quality, the personality …Continue reading this article…

Stickers, stickers and even more stickers.

January 2012, by Lisa | 1 Comment – latest by Butterflyb

Some days, I find myself spending way too much time looking through the photos on our Facebook page and flicking through all the shots in MOO’s Flickr pool. Today was one of those days. I’m always so impressed with what MOOsters make with MOO products. It makes my mind whirl with new ideas.

My current obsession is stickers. Who doesn’t love stickers? They’re so sticky and they stick to things. No seriously, some of the artwork on these stickers is gorgeous. I’ve rounded up a real hodge-podge of ideas. Enjoy.

First up are these beauties by @gemgirlart. We’ve featured her art before in our ideas section. I adore her illustration and it’s so vibrant on these …Continue reading this article…

The font of all creativity

January 2012, by | 8 Comments – latest by Andrea

I’ve got a head cold today, you’ll probably end up hearing it on the screencast (below) if you watch it.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I’ve been trying to write a blog post on how important it is for Product Managers to strike a balance between creating brand new products and improving the existing ones. About how our new Facebook Cards are an exciting new product and how what we’re releasing today is aimed purely at improving things based on what we’ve heard from our existing customers.

The thing is, I keep re-reading what I’ve written and it sounds like a cold feels, all bunged up and treacly, fuzzy and unclear. So, I think I’m just going to …Continue reading this article…

Free Imaging USA Expo Pass, on us!

January 2012, by Rebeka | 1 Comment – latest by Jonathan

We’re venturing out of the office and hitting New Orleans this month to attend Imaging USA. Come see our products first-hand (new Stickers, perhaps?) and chat with members of the MOO Crew. We’d love to meet you and say hi. Plus, we’ll also be dishing out the latest insider gossip and there may even be some great giveaways.

Imaging USA is PPA’s annual photographic convention and expo for professional and advanced amateur photographers. If you’re in the photographic industry, this is one not to miss!

Even better? We’re offering all MOOsters a FREE Expo Pass, on us! Click the link, to score the freebie registration.

The skinny:

Event: Imaging USA
Location: New Orleans
MOO Booth: 953
Dates: January 15-17
Ideal for: …Continue reading this article…

Your #MOOTIPs rounded up

January 2012, by Andrea | 6 Comments – latest by Shawn Graham

The great thing about our entrepreneurial MOO customers – that’s you, by the way! – is that we know when we ask a question, we can count on a really diverse, useful and brilliant pool of answers in reply! And in our latest Twitter competition, as usual, you’ve come up trumps. We asked you to tweet your best business tips – and we’ve received so many fantastic ideas and snippets of advice, it’s been quite the challenge to pick just one winner every day! But in the end, we’ve chosen some really great tips, so without further ado, may we present some of the winning business tweets – and we hope you get as much out of them as we …Continue reading this article…

Facebook Cards

January 2012, by | 117 Comments – latest by installing wordpress

At MOO we love big images: the bigger the image, the better the print. And the more interesting the image, the better the impression it makes when you first hand your card over to anyone you meet.

So, when we first heard Facebook were redesigning their profile page to include large format photography, it was pretty clear to us that this would look great on a business card. Then, when we saw the final Timeline design with the profile photo poking up over the large image we knew this was a product that we simply had to create!

If you’ve been living in a hole for the past few months you might be wondering what a Facebook …Continue reading this article…

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