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Life as a MOO US Marketing intern

August 2011, by Charlotte | 1 Comment – latest by Sandi

Sometimes a summer internship isn’t just another job. Initially, I wasn’t too sure about becoming a marketing intern at For the last two years, I’ve been studying Furniture Design at RISD and wasn’t too eager about swapping a machine room for an office for three months.

However, during my first week I knew that I made the right choice. I soon learned that marketing isn’t just about data analysis or catchy slogans, but it’s really about communication. Communicating what you have to offer to those who potentially want it. Without marketing, a business would have no unique identity, nothing new to present. In the last two years, I’ve learned that designing and creating a piece of …Continue reading this article…

Powerless to help

August 2011, by Simon G | 1 Comment – latest by Matthew Badsey

As many of you have probably heard, the East Coast of America has been brutally battered by Hurricane Irene over the past couple of days. Since 7am (EST) this morning, up to half of Rhode Island has been without power – this sadly includes our US Office in Providence, Rhode Island.

Thankfully no damage has been done to the office, but without power we’re unable to print and ship your orders. As soon as power is restored, the printers (and coffee machine!) will be powered up, and we’ll be working overtime to get your orders to you.

Without power we’re also unable to respond to your customer service queries sent to our US Customer Service team. Our UK Customer …Continue reading this article…

Graphic minimalism : MOO cards by designers

August 2011, by Andrea | 5 Comments – latest by Ardham Elena

One way to make your designs and Business Cards stand out is a “less is more” approach that some of our creative customers have used to market their personal brand. As usual, these examples merely the tip of your creative iceberg – but here are a few that caught our eye.

Brand new customer Nate Imhoff chose to, in his own words “keep my collateral simple” with these clean, stark cards. Nate explains “I believe good design is good business, and giving my collateral too much personality could detract from my work, which I want to speak for itself.” We think you’ll agree, he gets his message across very well!

Continue reading this article…

MOO.COM – our name up in lights!

August 2011, by Paul T | 7 Comments – latest by Kevin Gawthrope

Who hasn’t dreamt of seeing their name up in lights? Come on, be honest! We certainly have – from New York to London, Paris and Barcelona… But before we get carried away, we thought we might start closer to our US home – Providence, Rhode Island.

The US MOO Crew were out in force to capture the new bright blue sign being hoisted to it’s rightful place on the side of the MOO US office:

So if you happen to be cruising down the 195 in Rhode Island, keep your eyes open for our big bright shiny new sign. Remember though kids, make sure …Continue reading this article…

QR codes land at MOO!

August 2011, by Martin | 27 Comments – latest by interactive voice response system

We know that you, our loyal MOOsters, have the Eyes of the Hawk. Therefore, we’re sure it hasn’t escaped your attention that there’s been a proliferation of strange little square black and white codes on packaging, on advertisements and almost anywhere else you can look recently.

These little monochromatic matrices of joy are called QR Codes, and can do all kinds of fun stuff when you aim a smartphone at them. From directing you to a website, dialling a phone to hosting an image, these little guys are proving themselves the new popular kid on the block when it comes to getting your deets into other people’s hands.

We’ve been getting a lot of requests to build some …Continue reading this article…

#CityStickers: The final countdown

August 2011, by Charlotte | Add a comment

We’re here! After five weeks of watching your wonderful #CitySticker entries coming in the end is nigh. But there is still just time a.) for you to enter , and b). for me to indulge in another round-up of recent gems to land in our Flickr pool and on our Facebook wall.

Remember, you can still enter until 11.59pm PT today (15th August). We’re really enjoying this competition a lot and would love to see even more entries! In the meantime, take some inspiration from this bunch below:

Lewis (aka Geeky Medic): UK National Health Service

Tasmin: New Zealand

James: San Carlos USA…Continue reading this article…

Stickers from a big country

August 2011, by Charlotte | 3 Comments – latest by Jack Hodges

Drinking my mid-morning coffee I was browsing through some of your fantastic #CityStickers entries and noticed how a certain big country (that’s you America) has totally got stuck in (sorry) these past few days! Of course I just couldn’t keep it to myself and thought I’d share my finds with you on our blog:

Sarah: Georgia

Gina: Elmira, New York

MOO Crew Does Letterpress

August 2011, by Lisa | 1 Comment – latest by Han

At MOO, We Love to Print. You already knew that, didn’t you? But most days, we print your lovely cards on Big MOO, which is our brand new state of the art HP Indigo Digital Press. However, a month ago a few of us had a chance to print on one of Big MOO’s distant relatives.

We were fortunate enough to go on a roadtrip to a community print shop in Providence, Rhode Island – AS220 Print Shop.

another one

At AS220, we left our laptops behind, rolled up our sleeves, grabbed a composing stick , and set type by hand. To prepare us for printing using Letterpress. Cat, our instructor, introduced us …Continue reading this article…

A message to all MOO customers

August 2011, by Lisa | 2 Comments – latest by Kathy

We’re an open and honest bunch at MOO and therefore wanted to give you some background on a recent news story which referenced MOO. You may have heard via Twitter or elsewhere on the web that MOO, along with several other internet companies, has been mentioned in a class-action complaint connected with internet privacy. To be specific, the complaint concerns KISSmetrics – a technology used to learn more about how users interact with a website, like

We found out about our inclusion in the complaint via an article on – and as yet, have not been contacted by the legal team making the accusations. We were just as shocked about our inclusion in this case as …Continue reading this article…

…some more #CityStickers (less than a week to go!)

August 2011, by Charlotte | 2 Comments – latest by HerArtSheLoves

‘Start as you mean to carry on’, that’s how the saying goes, right? Well, the last couple #CityStickers round ups have been grouped in definite themes (the great outdoors and, of course,food) and I’m sticking to my guns!

Representing the great outdoors we’ve got Rita making all of us in the UK office jealous with her Portuguese beach shot and Bill representing Connecticut’s natural beauty. Food is covered by HerArtSheLoves showing her handmade robot balancing on a Florida orange. We’ve also got a new theme emerging in the form of travelling, with bearandrobot showing us how often they’ve left the UK archipelago (um, jealous?). Heather takes it a stage further and goes all multinational on us by …Continue reading this article…

Sticking with the great outdoors

August 2011, by Charlotte | 1 Comment – latest by juliette

Keep those entries coming in! We’re absolutely loving what we’re seeing, hence we’ve decided it’s time again to round up and show off a selection. Last time it seemed food was very much on the mind of you intrepid City Stickers. This time however, we’ve noticed another wholesome pattern emerging: animals and the great outdoors. A special round of applause please for Pie, the patient thoroughbred and willing sticker model for his owner Juliette’s photo!

Oh yes, and there’s less than two weeks left now, so if you’d like to enter the competition all you need to do is this:

1. Stick ANY MOO sticker on something particular to your city or country
2. Take a picture with …Continue reading this article…

Product Enhancement: PDF Proofs (and the curious joy of sharing)

August 2011, by Martin | 3 Comments – latest by Derek Erb

Second opinions. They’re important. Whether it be that suspect rash, or a new set of eyes on that Orange and Pink polka-dot onesie you were considering as potential office attire, often the voice of another can save you a whole world of pain and possible embarrassment (I know, I learned the hard way with that onesie).

With that in mind, we’ve introduced a new feature which will help you to easily get a second opinion, or even design sign-off, on your MOO Projects. Now, when you are building your cards or stickers, on the Preview checklist stage (and also in the preview pop-up in the cart and Account section), you’ll see a feature to download or email a PDF Proof. …Continue reading this article…

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