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In any overcrowded industry, you’ll need to find ways to stand out – especially if you’re a beautiful face in a crowd of equally beautiful faces (and bodies.) So why not start with a remarkable calling card? We spoke to some working models to find out how they use their cards to make themselves memorable

Mini portfolio in your pocket

Within the fashion industry, there are many different people to impress and work with – from designers, to make up artists to accessory makers – so you’ll need a different picture for each one. Well, that’s what Printfinity is for! Megan Felix, a successful print and catwalk model says, "MiniCards work well because they are so tiny. I can keep them in my pocket and hand them out when needed, you never know who you are going to run into. I do have different cards I hand to select clients such as bikini for bikini clients, face shots for beauty clients, fashion and so on. It’s like having a baby portfolio in your back pocket or purse!”

You are your brand

Quonesha Teope, a freelance model from North Carolina, prefers to work independently of agency – so she can be in full control of her image and personal brand. She says “With my Business Cards, I am able to present myself as a model who is aware of the marketing and branding skills required for success. I am in total control of the direction of my career - I am able to promote myself in a professional and technologically advanced way. I have the ability to carry around my entire portfolio in my purse - with my contact information and social networking links. It’s quality coupled with the variety I need as a working model.” Plus, add a QR code to your cards, and prospective employers can link easily to your website to browse an even broader range of “looks.”

Model turned photographer

Brett is a model who didn’t start out as just a pretty face. “I had a profound interest in photography and the various arenas of the modelling industry. To borrow a word from the photography world, I soon learned I needed “exposure" to effectively market myself in this industry. I chose to have a variety of images produced on my cards in order to maximize my own branding and marketing to photographers, designers, and other businesses. The benefits of having a high quality business card highlighting your modeling images are endless. Not only is it an instant classy mini portfolio for a prospective photographer or designer, but it demonstrates professionalism and leaves a lasting impression. I have used my MOO Cards for networking in the modeling industry and to segue into other related industries. As a result, I am now getting the exposure I needed and have received more offers for a variety of modeling shoots."

Want to make some MOO modelling Cards? Try Business Cards, MiniCards, or our Luxe Business Cards.

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