Everyone loves to feel like they own something special, which is why limited edition clothing is such a popular concept. And as graphic designer-turned-retailer Justin Staple discovered, there's no better way to brand your limited editions than with a special certificate printed with MOO....

Justin owns and runs Mind The Wall, an urban art gallery based in Bordeaux. Selling limited edition artwork online, its current focus is t-shirts and prints. A graphic designer who trained in France, keen photographer Justin now lives and works in Bristol, a city twinned with Bordeaux, well known for it's vibrant graffiti and street art. It was his passion for documenting the ephemeral nature of street art that led to the birth of Mind The Wall.

"As I love photography, I naturally became interested in taking pictures of Bristol's street amazing art. I set up a project called Bristol Street Art, which documents all the art that comes and goes in Bristol. As my knowledge and appreciation of urban art grew, I realised that I wanted to become more actively involved in working with artists themselves"

And what better way to showcase and promote local artists than on the blank canvas of the humble t-shirt? Which is where MOO comes in.

For his stunningly original Mr Poulet line, Justin made clothing tags from Business Cards, using Printfinity to print the same design on each card, but with a different number - showing canny customers exactly which number out of 50 their new t-shirt is. A hole puncher, some black twine and a handful of safety pins later, and his project was complete.

"Our t-shirt designs are all limited edition runs, so I felt it was important for each label to be individually numbered to emphasize this aspect. The MOO card system was an ideal solution because I could create a different image for each card." Justin continues, "Also, having previously seen some MOO Business cards I knew that the paper weight and print quality was what I was looking for.

"Using MOO Business Cards has definitely helped emphasis the uniqueness of each shirt, while adding to the overall attention to detail - another thing that's very important to my customers. What worked for me was the swift turnaround, the excellent print quality and the really simple web process to make the cards. Plus they give you a card holder, which is a nice touch!"

So what's next for MOO and Mind the Wall? "Well, the fact that you can customise each card you print really opens up the possibilities" Justin says "I'm sure I'll find another creative way of using MOO cards. Watch this space!"

Like Justin's fresh take on art retail? Browse the Mind The Wall gallery for more inspiration!

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18 juin 2013
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