"I wanted something different, that would be a great conversation starter to use on cards promoting my photography business" said Jeannie. Taking inspiration from the every day things that spark a conversation, she settled on a design replicating the fortunes found inside traditional fortune cookies.

"I came up with a few 'fortunes', some from existing fortunes that I'd saved and some I just made up. I thought it would be cool to mimic the printing of a fortune paper that you'd find in a cookie, so I made little 'registration marks' in blue on the edges."

Jeannie made 20 different fortunes in total, and continues 'I find these to be great for clients, trade shows, conventions and networking meetings. I love them!

"I place them face down in my orange MOO MiniCard holder and when I meet someone, I open the holder and let my new friends 'pick a card'. They turn it over and see their fortune!"

She's already cooking up an idea for her next set of business cards - if you're doing the same, why not take inspiration from Jeannie? Look around you at the real world things that spark converstions.

Interesting quotes, unusual pictures that reference your business in interesting ways, examples of client work. Business Cards are a great networking tool for everyone, even people who hate to network! Create an interesting set of cards and you'll soon see the converstion spark, and take care of itself.

We see interesting connections in your future.

  • Jeannie hides MOO MiniCards in Fortune Cookies

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