Meet Jonny Campbell

A Belfast based designer, Jonny Campbell splits his time between working for mobile development and design agency Ecliptic Labs, and lecturing Interactive Design at the University of Ulster. “If I have any time after that” he tells us “I find myself doing freelance web work, primarily for creatives who wish to establish their web presence/personal brand.” (Oh, and he also likes hats. A lot!)

In plain site

It’s not just Jonny’s cards that stand out – his online portfolio is coded as well.

“When I was designing my portfolio, I was a post-graduate student, soon-to-be seeking employment and freelance clients - and I wanted to do something a little different with my brand,” explains Jonny “I liked the idea that the components of a computer are hidden away from view and we are left with screens and keyboards. We don't need to know how a computer is made in order to use it. In the same way we don't need to know about code to navigate our way through complicated websites. For my portfolio I decided to remove the layer that lies between and instead ‘design’ the site to look like code.”

Cracking the code

Of course, Business Cards are one of the ways to link potential clients to your online portfolio – which is why Jonny made sure they were as interesting to look at as the work itself.

“I didn't want to have a conventional card—one which people would take from my hand and forget it almost instantly. I wanted to evoke curiosity, not shout my information at people, and show off my skill set. The result is a card full of code, which may look daunting if you're not used to seeing it. If one was curious enough they could type the code into a text editor and view how it is meant to look in the browser.”

Now Jonny’s Business Cards are part of his portfolio – as well as a direct link to his work. Plus, the response from recipients has been great – he’s been featured on several websites, encouraging traffic to his site. We’d say he’s cracked the code for a successful Business Card!

Want to make some standout Business Cards of your own? You can upload your designs really easily – and choose from a variety of paper stocks too.

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06 nov. 2013
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  • Jonny Campbell's Cards
  • Jonny Campbell's Cards
  • Jonny Campbell's Cards

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