A photographer and blogger, a marketer and crafter: Robyn Pollman manages to find a way to bring her creativity to life in every aspect of her business.

Not only is Robyn a blogger-marketer-crafter, she is also mother to two young boys and runs the Buttons and Bows Photography Studio - specialising in portraits from maternity through to infancy. From her Orlando, FL studio Robyn also (somehow) manages to find time to write two blogs: the photography focussed Shutterblog and Paperie Boutique - a site inspired by photography studio and packaging ideas.

An award winning photographer, Robyn has a talent for making her camera shy subjects smile in the studio. Coupled with her passion for packaging, her clients are sure to smile when the final prints arrive.

She has mastered the art of creating custom made packages as a way of perfectly presenting the final photographic product. Robyn also uses this opportunity to simply say 'thank you'. The final package can often be one of the most exciting things about session photography for the customers: beautiful prints and albums to treasure forever.

Creating unique packages for her clients, Robyn customises off-the-shelf products: from boxes to bags, she takes ordinary everyday objects and creates the extraordinary. A ribbon from one supplier, a box from another, Robyn combines this disperate elements to create a cohesive and memorable brand and message for all her packaging and marketing materials.

Using MOO Stickers to seal envelopes, packages and bags, Robyn ensures everything is fully branded with the Buttons and Bows baby blue palette, and identitiy. These Stickers don't just carry the Buttons and Bows logo - using a small 'thanks' motif, Robyn is also able to use her packaging to create a personal connection with her clients.

Making sure your customers are happy with their studio experience is only half of the game. Ensuring they are delighted with the end result helps to turn a first time customer in to a returning, and even loyal, customer. Something as simple as a Sticker to say thanks can do just that!

Her advice for other photographers looking to brand their business? "Grab a glue gun, some permanent adhesive, a pair of scissors, a straight-edge trimmer, a roll of ribbon and get creative."

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