Burlesque performer and pin up model Honey Wilde has a multitude of different acts to juggle - including a rather brilliant pastiche of Margaret Thatcher. And having so many different looks means that MOO's unique Printfinity technology is her marketing tool of choice.

Hi Honey! What made you decide to get Business Cards printed from MOO?

I started performing a few years ago, and when I asked other burlesque dancers and cabaret performers who I should get my cards from, I discovered most of them used MOO, because they loved the fact that you get get a different picture on every card. I was struck by the professional look and quality of the cards, and I find the little box they came in has been extremely useful. Plus, when I'm not dressing up, I'm a freelance sound engineer, so when I re-order, maybe I'll throw a few "normal" ones in the batch too.

When I first got the cards, I needed them quite quickly for an event and the fast turnaround was so impressive. I've seen cheaper versions of similar products and you definitely get what you pay for. Also, the website is really easy to use, which is always a bonus when you're running around as much as I am. Plus, I love Little MOO!

Why is it so important be able to get so many different pictures?

I do a number of different acts as well as some modelling, and each persona looks very different from the last, so having just one photograph on a card really wouldn't serve me particularly well. Plus, I change what I'm doing quite often so I wouldn't want a long print run. But obviously, financially, it didn't make sense to get five different sets printed up - so thank goodness for MOO! Having a variety of photographs to choose from means that I can target different audiences very easily, simply by handing out the appropriate card. For example, I do a Margaret Thatcher act, which went down very well at the Edinburgh Festival, so when I was there, I mostly handed out those cards. But then I might meet a photographer who wants to work with me, and he'd probably be a little surprised if I gave him a Thatcher card, so I'll just give him one from my portfolio instead. Either way, it's a fantastic form of targeted marketing for any freelancer.

Are business cards essential for performers?

Absolutely, for those who treat themselves and a product, and the product as a business. There are some people who do it as a hobby, which is great, but if you're trying to earn a living on stage, you need to stand out from the crowd and you need promoters to notice you, remember you, and have a reason to contact you. The entertainment industry is about networking and word of mouth but above all, with so much competition everywhere you look, it's about self promotion and personal marketing. If I'm at an event and I meet a promoter who runs a cabaret night that I'd like to perform at, it's so much more effective to hand him a card with my best picture on it, than to direct him to my website. My MOO cards show potential employers that I've invested time and money in myself and take my product seriously.

So are the cards working?

Without a doubt. Since I've had these cards, I've definitely had more calls for work. I rang a promoter recently, told him my name and he said "Oh yes, I know you - we have one of your wonderful cards stuck on our noticeboard". I don't know if I'd even met him but someone obviously thought enough of my card to pass it along. Also, when I open the box to hand one out, and people notice all the different pictures, they often ask for a full set. So I'm actually running out but the way I see it, that makes them four times as likely to call me!

A lot of our customers find really creative ways to use their cards. Any plans to incorporate them into your act?

Well, recently I've been dropping my cards onto the chairs and tables of audiences at cabaret clubs before they arrive. It's a little like flyering, except that instead of throwing them away, people tend to pop them in their wallets, which is nice. I also did a photo session recently where I used my cards to cover myself up in strategic places - they really are very versatile!

Is it us, or is it hot in here? Thanks for showing us your Business Cards, Honey!

  • Burlesque star Honey Wilde talks personal marketing

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