We’re not the only ones who make Greeting Cards!

15th November 2012 by Jon

We just launched a new range of Greeting Card packs, and we’re rather pleased with them. It occurred to us, though, that we’re not the only ones who come up with creative designs. We’d absolutely love to see the cool company greetings you’ve sent and received or simply stumbled upon. You can share your finds with us by posting them on our Facebook page or by Tweeting them to us @overheardatmoo.

To get us started, we turned to Matt G – MOO’s very own creative guru (and fashion guru, have you seen those jumpers?) He thought he’d have a look around for how companies send Christmas greetings that are fun and personalised for their brand and staff.

Here’s what Matt had to say about his mission:

“When it comes to company Christmas cards, I’ve seen some stunners, especially from agencies. I decided to get on the phone and hunt down some of the best. After a few ‘did-you-do-thats’, ‘which-agency-was-its’ and ‘do-you-remembers’, I had tracked down three heroes of mine.

Weiden + Kennedy’s re-appropriated street furniture and these photos are actually a selection from an advent calendar that incorporates everything from bin-bags to bollards. A pastiche of Christmas embedded into the grit if city life. Life and art. Just the sort of double clever thing that makes life better. Fun.

Wieden + Kennedy's Bow


Wieden + Kennedy's Barrier

Johnson Banks have, over the years, produced some incredible stuff season after season. The picture shown was one of their first. They simply went down to their local betting shop, blew £500 on £1 bets on a white Christmas and sent the betting slips out to their client list. Genius.

Johnson Banks Betting Slip

And finally, a little bit of poetry from The Chase. The low denomination stamps make the correct postage in the shape of a tree in green with a little red pot beneath. To top it all, the Post Office franked them all over with round baubles.”


The Chase - Stamp Tree

If you liked what Matt found on his hunt let us know. But now it’s over to you. We’d love to see what you’ve sent your colleagues, or what you’ve been sent, or if you’ve seen a particularly brilliant seasonal greeting. Post links to them here, or on our Facebook page, or Tweet them to us @overheardatmoo.

Comments (27)

  1. Jason Diller:

    We like the candy cane in the parking garage! Cheers…

  2. Joyeaux:

    I have always used Moo to print my cards. I am a collage designer. I love how wonderful Moo’s print quality is.
    You can see my Christmas cards in my etsy shop:

  3. Patty:

    The bow on the street needs to be RED. Needs a WOW factor.

  4. Yelle:

    Thank you for my Moo cards! I showed them off on my blog, check it out!

  5. Barbara:

    The stamp tree postcard is so cute! What a great idea.

  6. Jocelyn:

    Cute cards – I like the stamp one most.
    On a note regarding cards – I just created and ordered 100 cards with my photography on the front to sell for the holidays and wanted to note the text on the back of the card is FAR too large and if possible, it’d be great if the text font was adjustable like it is when you create post cards. I called customer service about it but was told nothing can be done about the font size which is unfortunate as they are quite unattractive. Hope this feedback gets somewhere as I love ordering MOO products and hope to continue for a long time. Cheers

  7. Christy Cramer-Barry:

    Love the candy cane one. Awesome!

  8. Jon Reese:

    Not bad, thanks for sharing, but looking forward to seeing more examples.

  9. admx:

    really nice! :D
    thanks for sharing

  10. Evie Milo:

    Here’s one I sent out to clients a few years ago. makes me laugh everytime I see it!


  11. Jono:

    Hard to beat the christmas cards by the Heatherwick Studio. There’s a video about them here:
    http://vimeo.com/43759746 – examples start at 1.45min
    or a quicker sample at the NYT:

  12. Thelma Chambers:

    as a fine artist I’ve been making my own Christmas cards since I was in college , you can see them on my blog. Moo is a great way to print your design , if you can’t print them yourself, and then you can hand colour it

  13. Thelma Chambers:

    as a fine artist I’ve been making my own Christmas cards since I was in college , you can see them on my blog: http://thelmachambers.blogspot.pt/ Moo is a great way to print your design , if you can’t print them yourself, and then you can hand colour it

  14. Sofie:

    Ha, ‘a little bit of poetry’ – don’t you mean poetree?! hehee. Lovely blog x

  15. Tina:

    Moo take a look at my Etsy shop here…
    I just got some fabulous greetings printed by you, up for sale!

    I <3 Moo

  16. Yolanda:

    I love the one supporting local business!!!! The LOCAL betting shop!!!!!

  17. Lamb&Fox:

    Moo have printed my christmas cards beautifully, I’m really pleased with them. They seem to be selling well too – yay! Take a look at them in my Folksy shop http://folksy.com/items/3832418-Set-of-5-Christmas-Cards

  18. Lamb&Fox:

    Thank you Moo for printing my cards beautifully. I’m very happy with the results. They seem to be selling well too – yay!
    Take a look at them in my Folksy shop http://folksy.com/items/3832418-Set-of-5-Christmas-Cards. What do you think?

  19. Mark O'Hara:

    Just had my first order of cards- very impressed. The suggestion that different font sizes could be used is a really good one and would definitely have helped me.

  20. Pam Wright:

    I agree about the back of Moo cards, a lovely product but the lack of control on the back and also the lack of font choice downgrades the professionalism.

  21. Sandra:

    Love your printing and love your site’s UI – but I agree too, for a design orientated company the lack of font sizing choice for greetings cards is a Terrible Typographical Travesty ;)

  22. Kimberly Mortson:

    Moo thanks for making great products. Here are my cards/invites: http://www.smallmoments.bigcartel.com

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