Celebrity Cards – our Lego photography winner

10th October 2012 by Jon

For our most recent design competition, we combined the launch of our Gloss Business Cards and MiniCards, a love of Lego (which we had a hunch many of you would share!) and a love of classic photography and art. Phew! With such a broad range of inspiration, we received a wide range of submissions, from film and music posters to classic and modern paintings.

We’re very pleased to announce that Chris Marwood has been chosen as our winner! Chris’ ‘subterranean’ design appealed to the music fans at MOO HQ and the fact that the whole image is composed purely from Lego. Fantastic. Chris wins the lovely prize of $300 cash and $100 MOOlah. As if that wasn’t enough, Chris also gets his design printed on shiny Gloss Business Cards. Here’s how they turned out:

The Winning Design

Chris Marwood’s Rock’N’Roll Lego-man needs his spelling checked, or does he… Can you guess which iconic photograph Chris used as inspiration?

We also chose two runners up, who’ve also had their fantastic designs printed on Gloss Business Cards. Well done to Erin Bresnahan and Gill Smith, who both get a free pack of Gloss Business Cards featuring their designs, how cool is that?

Erin is giving these cards to her five year old, who’s planning to show off his Lego building and photography skills to his friends. Yay!

Erin's Design

Gill's Design

We’ve had a lot of fun running a series of Business Card design competitions. And it’s been almost as much fun coming up with the challenges as it has been looking through all the wonderful submissions. But that’s a lot of fun to just keep to ourselves? Now it’s over to you. What should be the next theme for our business card design competition? Let us know your ideas by posting in the comments below.

Comments (14)

  1. tours of sri lanka:

    I love these logo cards. One of my friends used have these cards printed by him. But the quality is not really good. But these cards are brilliant

  2. Welmoed Verhagen:

    Hi! Can we see the runner ups as well? Like with the Columbus ones? Would love to see the other entries!

    Kind regards,


  3. James Larkin:

    Son of a :D … I just had a few test business cards done up and hadn’t realised there was any competition open or I’d have submitted … wouldn’t have won with it but … oh it would have been fun all the same to enter :)

  4. Andrew Halfacre:

    How about illustrating classic books next time?

  5. Amy:

    If you do another celebrity one, why not a card for King Kong?

    Or extend your iconic photograph competition to a famous piece of art? One of the old Masters? What would Monet’s business card look like today? Or Van Gogh?

    You could delve into the magical world of kids’ fairytale characters – what is the card for troll under the bridge? For Little Red Riding Hood?

    OH! Or our favourite literary characters. What would I design for Jane Austen’s Elizabeth Bennett? Hmm… Maybe stick with fairytales.

    • Jon B:

      Hi Amy, we like the idea of doing a Business Card overhaul for a fairy tale character, Van Gogh is also a great idea. Keep your eyes peeled on our blog and on the MOOsLETTER (moo.com/newsletter) for the next competition!

  6. Robert Zimmerman:

    It’s the start of my film Dont Look Back with me, his royal Bobness and Ginsberg

  7. Jan:

    Love the Abby Road. No, I don’t know what the first one, the winner, was based on. Someone help me out, please.I am skewing old.

  8. Courtney:

    Bob Dylan, filming Subterranean Homesick Blues!!!
    What do I win for knowing that?

  9. Chris:

    It was a fun challenge to do. Thanks for the Moolah! – and of course a special thanks to Bob for the inspiration :-)

  10. D Richards:

    So much fun!! Random business card contest thoughts -
    an iconic endangered or extinct species
    Space missions

  11. Lucy:

    Have you done a travel challenge? Famous places? A theme of emotions? Love your mini cards!! <3

  12. Ali:

    Love lego – it’s timeless and the mini cards are really useful

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