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20th January 2012 by

I’ve got a head cold today, you’ll probably end up hearing it on the screencast (below) if you watch it.

The reason I’m telling you this is because I’ve been trying to write a blog post on how important it is for Product Managers to strike a balance between creating brand new products and improving the existing ones. About how our new Facebook Cards are an exciting new product and how what we’re releasing today is aimed purely at improving things based on what we’ve heard from our existing customers.

The thing is, I keep re-reading what I’ve written and it sounds like a cold feels, all bunged up and treacly, fuzzy and unclear. So, I think I’m just going to cut to the chase and save that discussion for another day, here’s what you really want to know – what we’re releasing today:

1.) Font size controls – We’ll always start you off with what we think is the perfect font size for your card but maybe you need to bring it down just a little bit to fit in your e-mail address. Now you can.

2.) Font styles per line – Maybe you want to highlight your name in purple or make your company name bold. Now you can.

3.) A new template chooser – Maybe you want to try out all the possible card layouts with a single click of a button. Now you can.

4.) Use any of our generic templates with MOO Designs– Maybe you love one of our designs but just can’t squeeze all your details onto the details side we’ve designed. Now you can (switch to one of our generic templates whilst keeping the other side as it is).

Maybe you’d rather just watch me show you what our new features can do? Well, now you can…

Maybe I really want to go and have a Lemsip. Now I can!

Comments (8)

  1. Pernilla:

    I just love the way you guys write. Will check out these new features of course.

  2. Jamie:

    By George, you’ve done it! Good work MOO crew!

  3. Jamaipanese:

    loving the tools and creativity controls. Can’t wait to order my next batch of business cards

  4. Dennis Salvatier:

    I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, you guys rock. You’re always improving to make your customers happy(er). That’s why I always recommend you guys to fellow designers.

  5. Shawn Graham:

    Product updates are always tricky. You collect feedback from customers on how to make your products better yet, when you incorporate the changes, you often hear negative comments because your customers haven’t had time to familiarize themselves with the new features.

    Blog posts, status updates, and enewsletters can really be helpful in making your customers aware of the changes beforehand, and educating them on how best to adapt and take advantage of them after the fact.

    Feel better.

  6. Regina:

    Very helpful changes — yay to increased flexibility!

  7. Karen:

    Oh…I really needed that “smaller type” feature because my domain name is hilariously long.

  8. Andrea:

    Thank you so much for adding better controls for type!!! Not only for longer domain names, but in general to add spiffy design emphasis! I too am looking forward to my next batch of cards…I was so impressed with the colors on my first batch. Great work!

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