Cutting Corners: New MOO Business Card alert!

20th April 2011 by Martin

Rounded Corner Business Cards

The sun has finally decided to show its shining face here at our London HQ, and as a consequence we’re all feeling distinctly chirpy. However, this is not the only thing putting a smile on our faces as we’re also announcing a new and exciting product. After lots and lots of you emailing, tweeting and generally grabbing us at events and begging, we’re launching Rounded Corner Business Cards!

I bet you’d like to know more eh? Well, far be it for me to deny you: as of today, you will see a new page dedicated to telling you more about the new Rounded Corner product, and from there (or when you’re building your Business Cards), you’ll see an option to swap between the square or rounded corners as you make your cards.

Rounded Corner swap

The cards are only available on our Classic stock paper, and are made using a die-cutting mechanism to make sure that your cards remain the very highest quality possible. We think they add a quirky and stylish new element to the cards, and they look incredible on all of our new Business Card designs.

I can already feel your mouse fingers twitching in anticipation of buying these fancy new cards, so here are the stats you’ll need:

Price (for 50): £13.49 / $25.99 / €17.19

Price (for 200): £39.99 / $79.99 / €45.99

Paper: Classic stock only

Specs: Die-cut, 5mm Radius corners

We hope that you like this new addition to our cards, and we’d love to know what you think – so pop us a comment below!

Martin (Product Manager, Music Lover, Muse)

Comments (18)

  1. dhwphotography:

    Great i have curved corners on my site so these new cards will make my branding even better

  2. Ann:

    No option for rounded corners for Mini’s yet?

  3. Martin:

    Hello Ann,

    Right now this is just for Business Cards, but that’s not to say that they can’t come to MiniCards too. This is one of those occasions where our users really did influence what we make, so if you want Rounded Corner MiniCards then get as many people as you can to ask, beg and cojone us into making them! You never know what may come trundling round the big MOO Product Mountain…

    Martin, Product Manager@MOO

  4. SallyF:

    They’re beautiful, when my current stock runs out I’ll most definitely be opting for these. Nice work Moo.

  5. RSW Photography:

    Love it! Definitely getting some when my stocks run out!

  6. Rachel @ Last Res0rt:

    Can’t wait to see when you come out with the option to selectively round certain corners (but not all)! ;)

  7. pamela kay:

    Oh, I love the rounded corners! I just want to make my own deck of playing cards now. Thinking of anything BUT what I really “need” them for. You guys are so fun!

  8. Craig:

    Darn, I just ordered a new batch of regular square corner ones!
    They are great looking!

  9. Melinda Walker:

    And I just bought a new set of business cards a week ago. Bummer.

  10. Ursula:

    LOVE them! Seriously! Will have to order some! And I am with Ann – please add that option to the minis, too!!! I would love to order some Minis as well!

  11. Deb H:

    I vote for optional rounded corners (1, 2, 3 or all) and the same on the minis!!
    Yahoo :o )

  12. amanda:

    great product just ordered mine, shape there wasnt an express delivery option tho. hope i get my cards in time.

  13. amanda:

    great product just ordered mine, shame there wasn’t an express delivery option tho. hope i get my cards in time.

  14. Naomi:

    Gorgeous! Can’t wait to try them out.

  15. Pointy:

    Looking good! I really like these. It’s a shame I still have most of my regular cards left so don’t have reason to buy some right now. :)

    The option to have one, two, three or all corners rounded would be great – even MORE individuality to your designs! :) Not sure if it would work on the minis though, it might cause them to be just a little too small after you lose the corners. ;)

    Will there be roundy corner back design options and templates available to match them? I designed my own back with your psd file, but the lines on that will be wrong for these now. :D

  16. martin:

    Hello Pointy.

    It’s certainly an interesting suggestion to have the choice of individual corners being rounded, and something we’ve considered in the past. As with any of these things, it’s all down to demand, so like I said up above, if you want something, and enough people ask, we may make it happen!

    In regard to Rounded Corner templates, you should find that all our existing templates still work just fine for Rounded Corners. Nothing has changed in regard to the bleed or cut lines except for that little 5mm radius. Obviously you may want to make a design to work exactly with Rounded Corners, but as always we’d strongly recommend that you don’t build in any borders to your designs.

  17. Michael Smith:

    Very nice. Though please please please please may we have rounded Minicards too?

  18. meagan shea':

    just ordered my new rounded business cards. I’M EXCITED! next up – postcards! i’m going to use them as comp cards!

    woo hoo.

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