Announcing People’s Choice!

27th October 2010 by Rebeka

It’s been a whirlwind few months here at The Business Card Project. We’ve kept our designers nice and busy redesigning some of the most boring business cards we could find. We just finished our last few redesigns, so be sure to check out our business card inspiration gallery. Now there’s really no excuse to have boring business cards!

We had a blast working with every company and think all the redesigns are remarkable. But which redesign do you think is the best? We’re torn, that’s for sure. So help us decide! Rate each ‘before and after’ using the star rating at the bottom of each gallery page and the company with the highest number of votes and the highest star rating will win the ‘People’s Choice’ contest!

What is the People’s Choice contest?

It’s simple! We’re giving away a year’s supply of Business Cards from MOO and an iPad to the company with the best redesign. But we need your help to pick the winner. So vote on your favorites, and help them to win a  prize valued at over $1500! But hurry, voting ends November 19th 12:00 PST. And be sure to watch this space–we’ll be announcing the winner during the week of November 22nd.

Want to see some of the most recent redesigns? Here’s sneak peak:

Lucky Dog Creative

Lucky Dog Creative designs logos and brand identity for companies. As a creativity-driven company, they needed new business cards that showcased their skill at brand management, while retaining their quirky personality and trademark logo. Using visual metaphors and structured type to create unique cards, our designers created lighthearted, but effective new business cards.


The Insurance Information Communications Association of California is a nonprofit organization that helps consumers decipher the often confusing world of insurance. Their old business cards were drab and stuffy and they asked our designers to create impactful, but cool new cards. Using illustrations to convey common ‘what if’ scenarios, their new business cards are fun and informative.

ARA Photography

Florida-based ARA Photography specializes in range of photography including product, commercial, and interiors. Their old cards didn’t reflect the range of work they do. Using a cool color palette and fresh, clean layout, our designers created beautiful cards that highlight their best work.

Sorrell Custom Boots

Lisa Sorrell is a custom cowboy boot-maker based in Oklahoma. Her old cards were boring and plain and she wanted her new cards to be as unique and beautiful as her handmade creations.  Featuring her different boots (and creative boot names!) on her new business cards, our designers created fun cards that showcase the intricate details of her custom cowboy boots.

Don’t forget! People’s Choice voting is live and runs through November 19th. Find your favorites now, spread the word, and get voting!

Comments (16)

  1. Pamela Miller:

    Wow, these business card makeovers are great! Each one has a fun and creative new look. Makes voting for my favorite really tough. Great job!

    pamela kay

  2. Jan Falk:

    Good design, priceless. The dynamics of good aesthetic can make sales. These are awesome. Hard to vote for just one because each has it’s own personality.

  3. Frau Haselmayer:

    My favorite is Lisa Sorrell’s Makeover. Her new Business Cards look AWESOME!

  4. Susan Williams Designs:

    These are all great, but I must say that my favorite re-design of all, is MINE! LOVE how they came out. Thanks moo!

  5. Bummed:

    It’s great that you are doing this but a little unfair because you featured some of the cards on your blog. Some cards have been in the gallery for a few days, and others since July, so they have been able to get more votes.

    • Rebeka:

      @Bummed – We reset all the star ratings prior to announcing the People’s Choice contest to make sure everyone had a fair chance. Good luck!

  6. Tom Webber:

    @Rebeka – That’s fine, but do you realise that the designs with the most votes are linked to from this page? Do you think that presenting them underneath the announcement of the competition gives them an unfair advantage?

  7. Lesley:

    Man, I wish I had found out about this while Moo was still accepting submissions. My business cards are horrible.

  8. Bummed:

    Are the votes the only factor for the contest, or will MOO also have a say in who wins?

  9. Akemi:

    I think its a bit unfair to the other contestants since the 4 “sneak peek” featured redesigns goes with the contest announcement. Since you said that the votes were reset to zero – this gives an advantage to these 4 contestants since they are given a special preview – whereas the other contestants you’d have to browse to to look at their page.

  10. Rebeka:

    @Tom Webber, @Bummed, @Akemi: The winner will be chosen based solely on the star rating then the number of votes. We did not intend to give an unfair advantage to the four designs we featured, however we constantly feature customers work and have featured other Business Card Project redesigns on the blog in the past. Again, the winner will be based first on star rating, not number of votes–so even though they may have a higher number of votes now, they may not necessarily win. We want everyone to pick their favorites, so those with a 5 star rating are in the lead. Good luck!

  11. Tom Webber:

    So would a card with one 5-star vote beat a card with 100 votes and a 4-stars?

    Surely it would make more sense to work it out as a total e.g. a card with 150 votes and an average rating of 3 would get a score of 450 (3×150) and a card with 100 votes and an average rating of 5 would get a score of 500 (5×100).

    • Rebeka:

      @Tom Webber and @Bummed: This was meant as a People’s Choice contest and, therefore, we didn’t think it fair to include MOO’s opinion. With it being ‘People’s Choice’ we expect and hope that each redesign will be judged fairly, whether that be 1 star or 5 stars. Every redesign received at least 20 votes, with the winner receiving over 600 and an average star rating of 3.6. We do appreciate the feedback though, and will take it into consideration for any future contests.

  12. Bummed:

    This contest couldn’t have been thought out, because cards with 1 or 5 or 10 votes could have 5 stars, whereas there are some cards with over 100 votes, but have been brought down by people intentionally voting 1 star. It makes much more sense to include the MOO designers on the vote, otherwise it’s not a fair way to pick a winner. Honestly, at this point you might as well just pick out of a hat.

  13. Tom Webber:

    @Rebeka Fair enough, I hadn’t realised how many people would get involved. So who actually won?

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