Question 41 in our cryptic quiz: “Three is the magic number”

18th September 2009 by Emilie

We are taking it easy today, moving gently onto the next question of our birthday Quiz.
Remember to answer in your comments!

Hardboiled, Part Thirteen

Ray’s Lament

I don’t like being the only one of us that can’t lie. Invariably, it means I’m the one who ends up on the wrong side of the carving knife. Life this time. Mary, or whatever her name really was, let her guard down when she figured out I was the truth-teller. And in that split second that she relaxed, we bolted. Ran. Scarpered. Fled. Out into the city we went. Instinctively she swung her blade, grazing the top of my tail and giving me a nasty cut. Still, she didn’t manage to cut it off and I was thankful for that.

She followed us of course, but do you know how hard it is to find a mouse on a busy city street? Pretty hard, in point of fact. It didn’t hurt that we had a standing deal with the other mice in the city that they’d act as decoys for us in exactly this sort of situation. We got lucky today and there were quite a few mice around to aid and abet our escape. When Mary stepped out, moments after we ran–we were already nowhere to be found. And while she stopped and searched for us, we got far enough away that we could stop and formulate a plan.

Sadly, this image is too wide for our blog format, so please open or download the image (right click or option click) before counting your mice!

Hardboiled Decoys

QUESTION: How many decoy mice are in the city for Mary to find?

We’ve announced today’s prizes from Corel and Datacolor in the previous question – answer it for another chance to win!

Comments (42)

  1. Stephanie:

    9 mice decoys. (Six if 3 in the picture are our blind friends)

  2. Kevin Z:

    Well, mary, watch out there are 9 mice out there to get you.

  3. Aaron McFann:

    There are 9 decoy mice.

  4. Aaron McFann:

    One of the 9 mice is only visible in Firefox if you right click on the photo and choose “view image”. This difficult mouse is located in the bottom right corner, next to a man in a red shirt. I just wanted to point this out, since it doesn’t show up by default. I actually only found it because I wanted to see if the image was larger for searching if I chose to view it in this manner. Using Internet Explorer, I could only view the entire picture by saving a copy on my computer. I guess this is just another bit of detective work that must be done to answer correctly.

  5. Aaron McFann:

    Sorry to keep messaging, but I wanted to point out that my decoy answer of 9 is only correct if all of the visible mice are decoys. Otherwise 6 is correct because of the 3 mice who are attempting to escape.

  6. Laurie Y:

    Nuts, I meant to say 8

  7. Nina:

    5 mice 2 chinchillas?

  8. Salime:

    9 decoy mice!!!!

    Happy birthday month Moo!!!!

  9. Mélanie Wintersdorff:


  10. ellesy:

    I think there were 9?

  11. Gabi:

    I count eight mice. I hope I´m right this time :-)

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