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Question 35 in our cryptic quiz: ‘Three is the magic number’

16th September 2009 by Denise

Moving swiftly on (did you see we had a three hour promotion earlier on? Keep your eyes open – there’s more promotions planned.) – our next question awaits! Today’s winners will all receive a pack of MiniCards and a brand new Flickr Pro account.


Guin’s Introduction

Surprised? I know, I know – so many people assume I’m from a different continent altogether. It’s my name that’s misleading, I suspect. But no, I’m from the other big continent in the southern hemisphere – South America, specifically the Andes. My family roots there go way back.

Oh! It’s not that at all? Oh, I see. You weren’t expecting us to be so closely related. Oops. Sorry about that. I didn’t mean any disrespect with the, “oh I see,” comment.

Well listen, c’mon in. Mind your heads. There you go. I’ll give you a full tour so you can find your way around if I’m not here. I think you’ll find my orderliness and your orderliness are the same. It’s why Sus suggested you come stay with me, I suspect. You need thick skin to put up with our friend Erin. She’s much too defensive, you might even say prickly. She sure does have spine to spare, though. Anyway, she’s already got three house guests of her own. Me, I’m always happy to be the subject of experiments like this.

Oh, does that hurt much? Well, I’ve plenty of large chairs and soft cushions. I’m sure we’ll be able to make you comfortable. Now on your left is the kitchen…

QUESTION: What sort of animal is Guin? If you feel like hazarding a guess about Erin and Sus as well, go right ahead!

Answers in the comments please – we’ll approve all the comments tomorrow when we announce the answers. New to the quiz? It’s part of MOO’s Third birthday celebrations!

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  1. scott:

    Is Guin a Tamarin?

  2. Laurel Fan:

    Guinea pig!

  3. Chi:

    Guin is a guinea pig.

  4. Jodie:

    Guinea Pig

  5. Aaron McFann:

    I think Guin is a penguin and Erin is a porcupine.

  6. Ariel Cummins:

    Guin is a guinea pig! Or, more accurately, a cavy!

  7. Jackie:

    spectacled bear

  8. Becky Acosta:

    Guin is a Magellanic penguin. I’d guess that Erin is a porcupine, most likely an Andean porcupine.

  9. shadoukat:

    guin – guinea pig
    erin – porcupine
    sus – rat

  10. Janet:

    Guin is an Andean Primate (not sure which one of the New World Monkeys from the clues though)

    Erin is either a porcupine or hedgehog.

    Sus is a pig.

  11. Laura:

    owl monkey

  12. Clare selley:

    Guin = Guinea Pig
    Erin = Porcupine
    Sus = Domestic Pig

  13. istoo:

    Guinea pig.

    Erin may be a hedgehog (Erinaceidae).
    Sus may be a domestic pig (Sus domestica) or a wild boar (Sus scrofa).

  14. Pauline:

    Guin is a guinea pig, Erin is a hedgehog and Sus is a pig or hog

  15. Christina:

    Guin is a Guinea pig, Sus is a pig and Erin is a Pigeon(??).

  16. macpug:

    You call this easy?!? lol Opossum, Armadillo, and Porcupine

  17. Clare selley:

    Actually, Erin may well be a hedgehog. :) Change that in, please. :)

  18. Hal:

    The mountain lion (or puma/cougar)?

  19. Michael:

    Guin is a Guinea pig.
    Erin is a porcupine and Sus is a wild boar.

  20. Allan:

    Guin is a “Guinea Pig”
    And that hazardous guess that you request…. er, is Erin a porcupine?
    .. and that would make Sus… I’ll come back to that one.

  21. Paul Nguyen:

    Guin is a guinea pig.
    (Erin might be a porcupine.
    And Sus is some other rodentia.)

  22. Robert Law:

    IS IT ?

  23. Sarah Monteith:


  24. Lisa Kretchman:

    Guin is a guinea pig

    Erin is a hedgehog

    No idea about Sus. :-)

  25. Joscelyn Beaudin:

    She’s a guinea pig. :)

  26. Kok Yan (Lesley) Wong:

    Guin is a Magellanic Penguin?

  27. Dave:

    aotus miconax (andean night monkey)

  28. Dian:

    Guinea pig

  29. Nina Udvadia:


  30. Gabi Nüchter:

    Guin is a Guinea pig.

  31. julie:

    Is Guin a kangaroo rat? I love kangaroo rats.

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