Question 13 in our Cryptic Quiz: “Three is the Magic Number”

7th September 2009 by Lisa

Here’s an easier question for those of you who are still in vacation mode and those of you (like the UK MOO Crew) making the transition back to work.

Thanks to the fine folks @ComputerArts for donating today’s prizes. Today’s winners will win a year’s subscription to Computer Arts Magazine. If you haven’t picked up an issue of Computer Arts before, it’s filled with tutorials, inspiration and professional advice on creating digital art and illustrations.

Now on to the fun stuff – the first question of the day. Remember, you have until midnight tonight (PST) to submit your answer.

Hardboiled, Part Five

Getting to Know Moo

Now that we’d infiltrated Moo, it was time to go on a fact finding mission. As Sam and Ray got to know people, I looked into the hard facts. I learned all about Moo’s growth as a company and their ever-expanding product lines. I was impressed, but the information wasn’t helping me get any closer to the truth about their attempts to squash our client.

Q: Moo currently offers 6 products. Which 3 products came first? Be sure to list them in order!

Put the correct answer in the comments by end of day and you could win a year subscription to Computer Arts Magazine. We’ll announce all winners Tomorrow.

The “Three Is The Magic Number” quiz is part of our third birthday celebrations!

Comments (30)

  1. Clare Selley:

    1. Minicards
    2. Notecards
    3. Stickerbook

    (in order of being posted on the Moo Blog)

  2. Bart Braem:

    Business Cards

  3. eliza claire:

    Mini Cards
    Business Cards

  4. Constantinos:

    Mini Cards
    Note Cards

  5. Daniel:

    MiniCards; NoteCards, Stickers. Yes?

  6. jaypanelo:

    1) business cards
    2) mini cards
    3) greeting cards
    4) postcards
    5) stickers
    6) accessories

  7. Laura:

    1. Business Cards
    2. Mini Cards
    3. Sticker Books

    Hopefully this is correct! :)

  8. Sarah G:


  9. Laura:

    1. Business Cards
    2. Mini Cards
    3. Note Cards

    Oops!! I meant this… ^

  10. Mirek:

    The first 3 Moo wonderful products:
    1. Mini-cards
    2. Note cards
    3. Stickers!

  11. Isabelle:

    1. MiniCards
    2. NoteCards
    3. StickerBooks

  12. Tom Pearson:

    1. MiniCards 2.NoteCards 3.StickerBooks

  13. Spencer Turner:

    1. Mini cards
    2. Business Cards
    3. Notecards

  14. Irit:

    1. MiniCards
    2. NoteCards
    3. StickerBooks

  15. Victoria Parkinson:

    1st MiniCards
    2nd NoteCards
    3rd Stickers

  16. frankie:

    1. MiniCards
    2. NoteCards
    3. StickerBooks

  17. Allison Campbell:

    Well…I’m about 3 hours late, but! Oh well!! :] Love you guys and your work!!!

    1. MiniCards
    2. NoteCards
    3. Stickerbooks

  18. Panda:


  19. Mubeena:

    1) MiniCards
    2) NoteCards
    3) StickerBooks

  20. Sharon Hodges:

    I love MOO….your first 3 products were:

  21. Caro:

    1st – Minicards
    2nd – Notecards
    3rd – StickerBooks

    … I think!

  22. Nancy:

    my answer to question 13:
    business cards
    mini cards

  23. Laurel:

    mini cards
    note cards

  24. george dunkley:

    Post cards
    Business cards

  25. Fee:



  26. Jonathan Nafarrete:

    mini cards

  27. Agatha Wong:

    Sticker Books


  28. flutterby:

    1. MiniCards
    2. NoteCards
    3. StickerBooks

  29. Salime Smith:

    1- mini cards
    2- note cards
    3- post cards

  30. TJ:


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