MOO Egg Hunt Starts today! First Clues are here!

3rd March 2008 by Denise

Yes! The MOO Egg Hunt starts today! The clues for the first two eggs are here, but before you get cracking, here a few things you need to know:

About the clues:
• We’ll post up-to 5 clues a day (one clue for each available egg)
• Each egg is ‘live’ for 24 hours, after that, even if you find it it’s too late to win! (Sorry about that).
• We’ll post a couple at around 11am GMT (for those in Europe to ponder over their morning coffee) and a couple at around 5pm GMT (for the rest of the world to get thinking about when they wake up).
• Obviously you can look for any or all of the eggs no matter where you are – we just thought this might be a fairer way to give you the clues.
• The ‘Great Outdoors’ hunt starts this weekend and will carry on next week.

If you get stuck:
• We’ve got some hints that we *might* post in the comments, if it looks like you need it!
• For more info, check out the T&C’s and the FAQs.

When you find an egg:
• Go to the Egg Hunt page and tell us where you found the egg!

Clue for Egg One:

This helpful egg hides in plain sight,
Teaching you how to play.
An easy find, you bet your moo,
But it only works today!


Clue for Egg Two:

once upon the tube
Billy searched high and low for
Chocolate Machines

nowhere to be found
being Underground didn’t help
but he found an egg


Yes, our Mexican Wrestling Eggs are also poetry fiends. (Never underestimate a Mexican Wrestling Egg).
Happy hunting!

Comments (35)

  1. ksklein:

    Woo hooo… I have found egg 2. :)

  2. Denise:

    woah! That was quick! And for everyone else – even if this egg *has* been found, there are still NINE other prizes for other winners! So get hunting :)

  3. Anna Fruen:

    I got egg one! Hope I was first :)

    This is fun :D

  4. Zelda:

    Egg two found….not first though ;-(

  5. Doomz:

    I think I got both of ‘em, so I’ll just roll with it :P

  6. Denise:

    @Doomz – roll with it indeed! I get the yolk ;)

    Looks like people might not need our hints after all – you’re all too good.

    *scratches chin and ponders re-writing the clues to make them harder…*

  7. Anna Fruen:

    The clues are good! Love the haikus, I’m something of a poetry egg-head myself.

  8. Fernanda:

    I just found Egg 2 !

  9. Mavis:

    Oh oh I found Egg 2 and Egg 1! :)

    Thanks for making an online hunt where I can participate even though not on the same continent or time zone!

    Is it normal after you submit yr answers, it goes “thanks we’ll let you know if you have won”. It doesn’t tell you whether you’re right or not?

  10. Nicolas:

    I found egg 2 :-)
    What should i do next ?

  11. Denise:

    @Mavis – well done! Yep, that is normal, little MOO needs to check who’s right, and work out who the first person to find each egg was AND to pick 9 other winners at random, so he’s quite busy at the moment :)

    @Nicolas, head over to the Egg Hunt page, and fill in the form. You’ll need to type in the code on the egg you found!

  12. alana:

    I’m not sure how to get the code?

  13. Jennifer:

    1 Found. ^_^

  14. Jennic:

    I’m having a hard time figuring out what times 11am GMT and 5pm GMT translate to in my own time zone. I’m in CST (USA)
    I *think* it would be 5a.m. and 11a.m.?

    Does it mean new clues are posted during BOTH times?

  15. Adam:

    where are they???

  16. Amanda:

    YAY i found egg 2! and maybe egg 1, but i’m not sure.. :D

  17. Beth:

    I found egg 2 but feel rather foolish for being stumped by the supposedly easy to find egg 1! :(

  18. Benedict:

    I found Egg 1 ! Well done MOO crew on putting on a funtastic egg hunt, can’t wait for tomorrow’s clues!

  19. Lizzie:

    I found egg 1 :) but I’m having trouble with egg 2 :(

  20. Feenix:

    I don’t get all of this, are the online eggs only hidden on Moo and partner sites or could they be anywhere?
    I think I may have found egg 1, no idea about egg 2.
    Also, will there be any clarification on if any given egg is online or in the real world?

  21. srg:

    Both of them found… how much fun!! The 2nd one is… oops, sorry!!

  22. Denise:

    The Eggs can be hidden anywhere online, on MOO, on partner sites, and a few other sites aswell.

    When the real world Hunt starts at the weekend, we’ll let you know which clues lead to an online egg, and which ones lead to eggs outdoors.

    At the moment, these clues are all for online eggs, as the real world hunt hasn’t started yet.

  23. Erika:

    I’m horrible at this! I thought I knew where egg #1 was, but I’m stumped on both.

  24. Kymberlie R. McGuire:

    I got both of these, but being in the US, this started way earlier than I was up, so no first places for me!

    It’s definitely a lot of fun, though!

  25. Lisa:


    Don’t worry about not being first. There are still 9 other prizes to be won for each egg. Plus there are another few eggs still waiting to be found.

  26. Heather:

    I got one and two. Wow I love this. It keeps me occupied in Study Hall, but 3-5 are tricky!

  27. Deirdre:

    Your blog lists only the month and year of each post (at least for me), so I don’t know what day you posted this.

  28. Lisa:


    Good point. This was posted on March 3rd, 2008. We

  29. katherine:

    Hey Lisa, will the egg stickers be all over the world? How do we know if there are any in our city?

  30. Lisa:


    Very good question. The “Great Outdoors” portion does not start until the weekend. While we can’t get the stickers everywhere we have done a pretty good job at getting them to different points around the globe. Check back on Friday evening for more details on where to find them. You’ll need to take your camera with you on the hunt.

    I hope everyone is having fun. That’s what it is all about and a procrastination opporutnity :)

  31. Kymberlie R. McGuire:

    @Lisa: Thanks! It’s definitely been fun playing today!

    I have a question, though. According to the rules, you can only enter five egg codes. Does this mean if we got all of these clues today, we’ve done all the playing we can do?

  32. Rajaram S:

    :-( came to this a day late …will start off with the day 2 eggs!

  33. Abbie:

    Whoah I found one! I just kinda stumbled upon it! I found Frying Fredericko! (not tellin where!)

    I hadn’t even heard of the contest haha, dumb luck I guess!

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