It’s Showtime!

14th September 2006 by Richard

Wow. The site’s finally up and looking great. The MOO Crew have been working round the clock at MOO HQ the past couple of weeks to get it ready for today, and they’ve done a superb job.

Today’s a double-header, not only is the site going live but we’re also set to launch our new MiniCard concept with supercool photo-meisters Flickr, how very exciting.

To help spread the word, we’re giving away 10,000 FREE packs of 10 cards to Flickr Pro Users, as well as offering free international shipping (a saving of $4.99) on all other orders until the end of September. Sign into MOO with your Flickr account here to get your FREE CARDS.

Comments (35)

  1. James Cronin:

    Congratulations! I’d like to wish you and your team every success for a great idea, brilliantly executed.


  2. Gavin:

    Well done everyone.


  3. fassi unst:

    What about wallposters with whole sets of flickr pictures on – like a contact sheet?

    Love the minicards idea.

  4. Richard Giles:

    Great work MOO! I’m looking forward to getting my 10 cards, and can envisage ordering batches for my business in the future.


  5. David Blatner:

    Congratulations and mazel tov, Richard and team! The site looks great and I can’t wait to order some cards!

  6. chris:


    I love this minicard idea. Any product that ties into my Flickr stream will have a super-high likelihood of purchase in my world.

    Keep up the good work!

  7. Steve:

    Great idea–now if your web site can only keep up with the demand…

  8. Christa:

    Congrats, Richard. The site is fantastic. Can’t wait to order by cards.

  9. gasoline hobo:

    awesome. i expect that the time between receiving my minicards and making a purchase will be measured in nanoseconds.

  10. Connor:

    I look forward to seeing what other products you guys offer! I would also like a wall poster of a ton of random/selected images.

  11. Janice:

    i have just orderd my free pack, hoping them to arrive soon as they look fabulous on preview :) also will you guys accept paypal in the future? pretty please?

  12. Susan Zur-Szpiro:

    Congratulations Mazel Tov everyone. The website looks great and you have all clearly worked very hard. I would like a bit more biographical information about the team especially your account executive Alicia who remarkably has the same second name as me!

  13. Yasmina:

    Yay, I love the idea and the format! I’ve just ordered my free pack and can’t wait to see them!

  14. Deon Botha:

    Brilliant Innovative and Creative product. Really hope you guys do well with this.

  15. natalie johnson:

    Woo! I love this site. Just ordered my 10 free cards and couting the days ’til they arrive. Great innovation and design. x

  16. Chloe Couchman:

    Congrat’s Old Boy!
    Website and products look fantastic.

    I’d better get MOO-ving on ordering my cards.
    All the best to you and the team! xx

  17. Watsonne:

    Brilliant concept! I love the site – great design, fun, and very easy to use. I’ve been looking for business/calling cards and the mini cards are perfect! Personalized, unique, and very reasonably priced I think. I can’t wait to get my 10 pack, and I can pretty much guarantee I’ll be placing an order (or several) soon!

  18. Andyk:

    Wow… brilliant idea. I thought I’d offer up my comments for consideration (I know you’re new and have a long road ahead, so don’t take the criticism too harshly)

    The Good:

    + Brilliant implementation/interface
    + Great tools (resize, rotate etc)
    + Great price!

    The Bad:

    - The cards are a bit on the small side

    - Why limit text colours to pink blue and black? that’s just strange. Not everyone works for Flickr you know ;)

    - Why does the whole line have to be bold? Some kind of formatting options would be handy (html? bbcode? etc).

    Anyway… brilliant service – I’ll be placing an order for sure once I get paid :)

  19. Richard:

    Thanks Andyk. In answer to your questions:

    1. More sizes to come, we’re thinking superhuge next.

    2. Same with text, watch this space.

    3. Different weights and fonts per line is currently complicated, we’re working on it though.

    Thanks for the feedback, come see what others are saying here

  20. Sania:

    Love it!

    Is it necessary to have the flickr logo? I LOVE flickr, but if I’m handing these out for promotional reasons (which I forsee in the future) it would be nice to have just clean text on the back side. The flickr logo just complicates things.

    Anyway, I’m excited to get my cards in the mail! Great job!

  21. Luis Vieira:

    First of all, congratulations for the site. It’s simple, clear and works exactly as expected. The concept and the all idea is just brilliant! I’m sure you have created a new adiction in the flick community.

    All the best for the MOO project!



  22. jon:

    I second, third, forth, you guys offering alternative shapes and sizes. Also how much do you guys mind just printing one, how about a way to really customized the back. I just want my totally black with centered silver lettering, transparent, nay slightly embossed should do the trick.


  23. Ujwala:

    Thank you very much! Looking forward to getting my hands on them!

  24. Jon:

    JUST ARRIVED!! They are fab. If anyone is undecided, just get your order in now!!!
    Many thanks,
    Jon :-) )))))

  25. Moo:

    I would just like to say what a great idea for mini cards! But, I am completely upset at the fact that is taken. That’s my nickname! Alas, I will have to find a way to overcome these conflicting feelings of disappointment and joy.

    Yay mini cards!
    Boo taking moo!

  26. Dimitris Rakopoulos:

    I just got my 10 free mini cards and they are perfect! I absolutely love them.

    Magical idea! Thumbs up all the way!

  27. Mark Tracey:

    This is an excellent idea. Very innovative.
    Best of luck with it. I’ll certainly keep following the success story


  28. Eduo:

    Fantastic! I just received my order and they’re wonderful. Great idea and great presentation.

    I think it’s great that you’re considering other sizes and shapes. We can always do with these and god knows we already have all the “print your mug in a mug” sites we need. The current format also forces you to see your pictures in a different way, which I think is great.

    I do believe there’s some room on the already great ordering process. I find that some of the ones I ordered I’d like to order again. There is no way to repeat the way they’re done as this is not saved anywhere. I think it would be a good idea if I could save the cards I make, either in your site or transfer them to Flickr already modified or, at least, download them locally.

    My wife has found what to put in christmas presents in lieu of the normal “From:, To:” strips, by the way ;)

  29. Roger Cummiskey:


    Here is one very pleased customer.

    The cards were ordered from America via the web site on Friday 29th Sept, were posted from London, England on 6th October and I got them today, 9th October here in Spain. Impossible?

    I would have thought so but I can tell you that I am so happy that I do not want to give them away. What can I do? I know, I

  30. emma goldring:

    this is great

    it really is!


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