MOO launches Stickers!

19th July 2007 by Denise

Yes! StickerBooks are here. ‘StickerBooks?’ I hear you ask? (Well, someone might.) Yep – StickerBooks – 90 different, full colour, high quality, glossy Stickers, printed on 15 different sheets, and bound into a pocket-sized book. All for a cool $9.99 / €7.49 / £4.99. And better still? There’s FREE GLOBAL SHIPPING in July!

And why have we bound the Stickers into a book? Well, we love stickers – all stickers, not just MOO ones. And we hate it when they get all messed up at the bottom of our bags. You pull a sticker out all happy to see it and oh. It’s all scratched up or peeled off or squashed, and tragedy has struck. So MOO StickerBooks are designed to keep all your stickers in one place, and all neat and tidy.

We really hope you like them. We’ve had lots of fun – and lots of late nights – making them. Our office tables, walls, laptops, phones, notebooks, bags, DSs and anything else we can think of have been covered in Stickers these last few weeks, while we’ve been testing them out. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think.

Oh! And don’t forget The Party!. It’s tonight! And bring your MiniCards, so we can see how cool they are. And stick a sticker on them :)

Look! It’s a StickerBook in orange!

Tear out the sheets and share ‘em

StickerBooks come in 6 different colours – you can choose the one you want

Stick Stickers on everything!

ok – I’m worn out now. Tea?

Comments (39)

  1. Lisa:

    I love them! They look great. I can’t wait to create my own. The designer cards are also inspiring :)

  2. andyp:

    Just placed my order. They look highly cool. I’m going to share a bunch with my 3 yr old niece :-)

  3. beng:

    Love the concept. I was about to order a batch, but they turn out to be tiny! How about 7.5×3.8cm stickers :) ?

    (In the meantime I’ll look for a reason to order the 22x22mm ones :) .)

  4. Tanja:

    I was hoping you guys would create stickers. Yay, pimp all my stuff!

    You guys are soooo cool!

  5. Brad Grier:

    Awesome! We loved the Moo cards (time to order another batch!). Can’t wait to get working on stickers!

  6. Gianfranco Chicco:

    yes yes yes!!

    i want to work with you, do you need a marketing director with international experience???!!! (no kidding!)

  7. Lazar:

    I have to echo what Beng said… these look very cool, but have limited use at such a small size. I would love to see you add other types of stickers, larger ones, to the offering. Say, one the size of mini-cards and one twice that size.

  8. Denise:

    @Beng & Lazar – thanks for your feedback – it’s good to know. We are listening, and all feedback does get rolled back to the whole team so we can think about all this when we make our next Thing.

  9. Judith deCabbit:

    Can we buy them tonight?

  10. Denise:

    You can make a pack right now, if you like :)

    Not sure if you mean at the party, or online!
    But yes, you can make them whenever you like. There might also be some at the party, but if I tell you any more about that now, I’ll get told off.

  11. Brad Grier:

    Done and Done. Ordered and now camping out inside my mailbox.

  12. Marysusan Noll:

    Ooooo….I had to order these to put on my Etsy packages. In fact, I had to order two sets. I can’t wait for them to arrive. I was so excited that I blogged. Is this going to make me a Moo addict?

  13. Rick Curran:

    Hi, just ordered a book of stickers, looking forward to trying them out!

    I’d also love to see some larger stickers too if possible! So add my vote to that!

  14. Hannie:

    Just ordered mine! Can’t wait to see them live. Only just found your website and ordered my first MOO minicards last week. Just got the mail that they have been dispatched. I am realy curious to find out how they have turned out.

  15. James:

    Excellent. I’ve been drooling over the mini-cards for a while, but couldn’t actually work out a good enough reason to buy them. (Other than their inherant coolness) I very rarely end up having to give someone my contact details.

    The stickers however are great. I saw them advertised on BoingBoing and already have my order made. Great for cards, letters and gifts.

  16. Beverly:

    Hooray! I just placed my order and will now patiently await their arrival in Canada. Well, semi-patiently…

  17. aimee noel:

    I’m so excited for the stickers. I was wondering, though, if they are acid free for scrapbooking purposes.

  18. andyp:

    Photos from the party last night – check Flickr :-)

    Thanks for an awesome evening, guys!

  19. julie:

    the stickers are fab – brilliant idea, thanks so much!

  20. Jessica:

    I just found the present our daughters can give all their friends this year for Christmas. They will love finding pictures to upload too! :D It’s always been a struggle to find something cool and unique…but not this year! Thanks!!

    (oh, and add me to the list that thinks bigger stickers, even twice the size, would be twice as cool)

  21. Denise:

    @aimee noel – we’re looking into this and will get back to you as soon as we know!

  22. SallyF:

    oooh excited! have just ordered 4 books already!

  23. clara:

    If this says that it’s free … why does it ask for my number of credit card?

  24. Denise:

    Hi Clara, as stated, the free offer is for Global Shipping for Stickers – not the stickers themselves.

  25. Suzanne Marije:

    Love it! ordered and can’t wait to recieve them… I would also love some bigger stickers though… like minicards size?!

    Suzanne Marije

  26. Nicole:

    Great news! I already ordered mine and am thinking about more sets!
    Thank you for this wonderful idea!

  27. aimee noel:

    yeah, minicard size stickers would rock! Circle stickers would also be pretty neat.

  28. alan:

    I’d love to see address label stickers available. I’d definitely order some of those.

  29. Claudio:

    Why doesn’t it bee free? I’d like to get some.. but these Stickers are a little expensive.. These could be free as minicards =(.. and I wanted minicards but I didn’t know about the promotion..

  30. Jeff:

    I like the sticker idea but why are they made with vinyl instead of recycled paper? My understanding is that vinyl is made with petrochemicals and cannot be recycled. I like many people am concerned about the use of fossil fuels, climate change and our living planet.

  31. Denise:

    We tried a variety of materials in the process of developing stickers, and decided to use vinyl because our users told us that they wanted a durable, scratch-proof sticker that they could stick to their mobile phones, laptops and notebooks.

    When we prototyped paper stickers, they would rub off in a day or two of use and our testers rejected them. Moo cares for the environment too, and will continue to seek the most earth friendly materials for its products, as new technology arises.

  32. EricJ:

    I’m looking WAY forward to these stickers.
    I’m secretly plotting (DON’T TELL ANYBODY) my next order of minicards, too, so hopefully, I can continue a cycle of ordering, recieving, ordering, etc.
    thanks for developing such cool and kooky products.

  33. Denise:

    @aimee noel
    At last, we have an answer – the stickers are acid free! So they will be fine for scrapbooking :)

  34. Matt:

    I ordered some, they are on their way. Cant wait!!

  35. Haraj:

    Great write-up. Really a lot better described!

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