The Secret’s Out. MOO’s coming to America!

24th February 2009 by Lisa

As usual we always find it difficult to keep a secret. So you may already have heard that MOO is going to open an office in the US later this year.

“Why?” you ask. Well, ever since MOO launched in September 2006, we’ve had orders from customers around the world. After a little investigation, we’ve found that over 50% of you are in the USA. By opening an office there too, we’ll be able to ship your orders so much faster! (We think that deserves a *Yay!*, even if we do say so ourselves.)

“When?” you want to know. Well, we haven’t opened our doors just yet as we still looking for some great people to join the MOO Crew in the USA. In particular, we are looking for a new customer service team and an operations manager. If you love MOO and you (want to) live in Providence, Rhode Island, please stay tuned for job descriptions.

**UPDATE** – please see below for details of the Operations Manager role.

As for everyone wondering when we will start printing in the US, you’ll have to wait just a little longer. We can’t tell you an exact date, but we promise you it will happen before June. So, stay tuned. We’ll announce here on the blog and in our newsletter when we officially launch.

What? You’re not signed up to the newsletter? Well. Hurry, sign up now and you won’t miss out on the MOO news (and special newsletter promotions). There’s a sign up box just there, to your right. is looking for an Operations Manager for our new US location!

The Operations Manager will manage a stand-alone dispatch and customer service operation, and will directly impact MOO’s success by ensuring quality, productivity, efficiency and customer satisfaction. This position would suit a candidate with significant operational management experience, ideally with a background in a print, mail-order fulfillment, customer contact or service environment.

•Overall responsibility for all aspects of your operation including: Production, Quality, Customer Service, Facilities, Systems, Logistics, Materials, Health & Safety and Employment
•Direct, plan and organize all activities for a small dispatch team including: prep, quality checking, order packing and shipping to ensure accurate and timely fulfillment of customer orders
•Oversee a small customer service team and assist with high level case escalations
•Hire and train full-time (non-exempt) and contract employees

Candidate Requirements:
•5-7 years experience managing teams in a production, assembly or other direct labor environment
•Experience with commercial printing a big plus
•Direct experience with process management, inventory control, and quality assurance in a production environment
•Demonstrated ability to work independently and autonomously
•Proven ability to lead and mentor a team
•Experience dealing directly with customers and vendors
•Solid problem solving skills
•Excellent written and oral communications skills
•Experience setting up and troubleshooting basic PC hardware/software
•Excellent skills with internet, email, Microsoft Office and other applications
•Ability to lift 50 pounds
•Must have valid drivers license

•College degree strongly preferred

About the Company:

MOO is an award-winning online stationers based in London, England. We launched in 2006, with one product, the MiniCard. About half the size of a regular business card, MiniCards are made using variable print technology, meaning every card in the set can be different. MOO has subsequently expanded its product line to include Business Cards, Stickers, Postcards, Greeting Cards and Note Cards.

MOO has grown rapidly, enjoying a global demand for its products from day one, and continues to work with some of the web’s fastest growing online communities, including Flickr, Facebook, iStockphoto, Etsy and Live Journal to name a few. Today, a team of 35 people develop and operate MOO’s services from two London locations. Their mission is simple – deliver remarkable products which delight customers.

MOO ships its products worldwide from the United Kingdom, but plans to launch a second fulfillment and customer service operation in the USA by mid 2009.

MOO is a investor backed startup, with funding from the Accelerator Group, Atlas Venture and Index Ventures.

Comments (37)

  1. Chris:

    Finally! Yay! I haven’t ordered again in the longest times because of all the shipping issues. Can you just hurry it up please??!!

  2. Rhonda Suszek:

    Just ordered the mini cards and very please with the look, etc. and especially how quickly they arrived from across the ocean. Thanks

  3. Cheryl:

    Yep, the next best thing since sliced bread….

  4. Imelda:

    Oh! I’ll move to RI to work for Moo! I’ll do anything and I’m good any many many things!

  5. Bobbi Jo:

    Praise the Lord! I was just wishing you were in the US and almost wrote you a note to say move on over here.

  6. laanba:

    That definitely deserves a yay. Yay!

    I would love to work for Moo, but Rhode Island sounds like it is cold. Are you sure you don’t want to set up in Houston? :-)

    No matter. Yay Moo!

  7. Cory O'Brien:

    Congrats! It’s great to see that business is going so well that you’re able to expand, and I hope the move/expansion goes well for you!

  8. Jennifer:

    That is AWESOME news!!! Congratulations!

  9. Dave Knapik:

    Congratulations, that’s ace! Maybe this’ll mean more affordable Moo stuff for the North Americans?

  10. Salim:

    Congrats & good luck!!

  11. Bre:

    YAY! a thousand times YAY! not that I don’t love the anticipation for my MOO cards – but knowing that it won’t take 2-4 weeks is AWESOME and… AND it’s just awesome that you’re growing so much you have to expand! CONGRATS MOO CREW!

  12. Denise:

    Thanks so much for all your positive comments everyone. It’s exciting times for us – but we’re very busy behind the scenes getting it all up and running. As soon as we have more details on the jobs, I’ll let you know.

  13. LadyElena:

    Yaaaayy!! Moo is getting bigger and bigger! Congratz with your new future child ;-)

  14. Matt:

    Fantastic! I live in Providence. I can’t wait to hear some details.

  15. Julie:

    Hooray! I won’t have to tell my clients “it’s worth the wait, trust me!” anymore!!

  16. Domonique:

    How fortuitous, I can’t wait to hear more details on the job opportunities (especially seeing as Providence is practically my backyard). Hope everything behind the curtain is moving along smoothly. All the best to you MOO!

  17. Kevin-John:

    YAY… A couple of us San Franciscans hit Providence every year in May. Maybe a Moo-Meet-up around Memorial Day would work?

  18. Simone:

    That’s great to hear, could you consider an Australian branch next? Our population may be small, but the weather is (mostly) good!

  19. Robin:

    Yippee, Moo!!! Totally thrilled! Hurry and jump over the lake, we Yanks are anxiously awaiting!

  20. Debbie Cerda:

    Hooray! I’m all for a little closer to home.

    I’d had an order I made before SXSW disappear somewhere in transit, so didn’t have Moo Cards to pass out at the conference. They finally showed up weeks later in a plastic bag with a “sometimes accidents happen” note from USPS, and the Moo package itself looked like it’d been dropped in a puddle. Luckily the packaging and container was durable enough, my cards were unharmed!

  21. Blair Van Bussel:

    yay indeed!!! I always wish my business cards would come faster and this is just what the dr. ordered! So excited!

  22. Cali from the Providence area:

    The Providence Business Journal has a great article about your move to the U.S. Looking forward to checkin you out. Congratulations!

  23. Lisa:

    That’s a yay from me, too! I recommend you guys to everyone I know and have even done cards for some of my American friends. It’ll be so much better when they can get them delivered as quickly as you always get them to me here in Cambridge!

  24. Denise:

    Thanks so much for your comments everyone, and Cali – thanks for the link!

  25. Esmeralda:

    Ginormous YAY!!! Everyone loves my moocards so much so I rarely have any left and shipping takes awhile and cost a bundle, epscially when you need your cards yesterday that I always seem to do.

  26. Zenobia:

    Hurray!I love your upbeat company…and will be dismayed to have to share the mini-business cards product with oodles of your new customers…Those cards are the best!!!!

  27. Pat:

    Coming to USA, great.
    You should think about Alabama. The weather is soooooo nice and not cold like up north.

  28. Sarah:

    Oh, I was so excited just reading this, then I got to the Providence part and did a quick “HEY I LIVE THERE”! I actually got the job I have now by handing my soon-to-be favorite boss ever one of my Moo cards. :)

  29. Tim Murphy:

    Chicago is where you want to locate.

    We have 8 HPs and would love the opportunity to work with you.

  30. Karen Y.:

    YAH YAH YAH! faster shipping* now i’m gonna go NUTS! so greatful ;)

  31. angela:

    oh hey! providence isn’t all THAT cold!! and it’s a great place to locate MOO~!so psyched you guys are coming to my home state…i love moo-cards!

  32. Chris:

    As a Providence resident, can’t wait to be neighbors! (Yes I know you’re actually in East Providence, but it still counts.)

  33. Dezrah:

    I’ve been a huge fan for awhile now, can’t wait until I don’t have to wait a week to get my cards! I live in MA, any chance we can swing by and pick up our cards? ;)

  34. Tim Linden:

    I had to read that twice.. RHODE ISLAND!??!?!? LOL I’m sorry but this little state doesn’t get mentioned much so it’s pretty sweet to hear. I guess my shipping will be next day if I choose USPS lol. I look forward to trying your services out ;-)

  35. Robert:

    Smart move Moobies!! But east coast? Again?!? Dratz!

  36. Nick:

    what?! how did i not notice this? MOO is going to be practically in my backyard!!! (okay 30 minutes away).


  37. Natasha J Gordon:

    Thats fantastic, I think Moo is great and have used it in the UK. It will be popular in the US

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