What are Bowie and Mr. Squiggles thinking?

13th December 2013 by Jamie

Bowie the pug and his adorable sidekick Mr. Squiggles we’re at MOO HQ recently, and were having a ball dressing up as Santa and his head elf. We took lots of cute snaps for you, including this one, which we thought would be perfect for a caption competition.

So that’s exactly what we’re doing. If you can think up a great caption for Bowie and Mr. Squiggles in this picture, just post it in the comment box below by Friday 29th December.

We can’t imagine what they two of them are thinking… could they be tiny evil geniuses plotting the end of the world? (If they are, their cute outfits are a great cover-up – we’re totally fooled).

The most creative entry will win a year’s subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud, and there’ll be runner-up prizes from MOO.

Have fun and keep it clean guys – remember our mums read this blog!

Comments (21)

  1. Rory:

    Good Lord Mr Squiggles – Kermit is looking horrible these days!

  2. Mario Lurig:

    “Scratch MY head? I don’t know where that hand has been!”

  3. Deepa @onesmallpot:

    What? How easy do you think I am? You think you can just put me in a silly costume and wave a treat at me? Oh alright. …it worked. Gimme that!

  4. Tolly Gregory:

    Mr Squiggles: Hmm, that hand looks tasty… hmmm…
    Bowie: Come on Squiggles! Follow the hand and do the routine properly!
    *Fashion, turn to the left, Fashion, turn the right*


  5. Dave Marler:

    Let’s start over at measure 18 and bring it from your soul! “And heav’n, and heav’n, and nature sing!”

  6. simon warren:

    Hope the used non-bio :) Don’t want any chaffing in this wonderful outfit:)

  7. Mary:

    Bowie: Talk to the hand?
    Mr. Squiggles: Or bite the hand that feeds you?

  8. Gregg:

    Mr. Squiggles, we have been duped! These costumes did not come with treats!

  9. Alex:

    Oh dear Bowie! You don’t think they want to paint our nails the same colour???
    Shall we make a run for it now!!

  10. Craig:

    Ok you’ve kept us in these outfits long enough, can we please go now. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease! We just want to roam free! *cue dream-like flashback and play Andy Williams – Born Free*

  11. Kelsey:

    Bowie: Do you suppose they suspect us of tearing down the Christmas Tree, and this is our punishment?
    Mr Squiggles: We have the right to remain silent! They can flash that funny box at us all day! I won’t crumble!

  12. Diana:

    “I want a treat real bad.” “Me too, but I don’t see anything in her hand” replied Mr. Squiggles

  13. D S Nelson:

    Bowie to Mr Squiggles: ‘I told you you’d get a woolly tongue if you licked that outfit.’

  14. Marco Gutierrez:

    Bowie: Doesn’t he understand that tablet gestures don’t work on us?

  15. Marco Gutierrez:

    We’re paying attention! What else do we need to do for you to remove these outfits?

  16. Marco Gutierrez:

    We got it: “Once inside the house, drop off the gifts but leave the tree alone! There are plenty of trees and fire hydrants to use outside.”

  17. Baglan Gladiator:


  18. Sarah Redmond:

    Bowie “I’m pretty sure you promised booze, not just this finger clicking thing.”
    Mr Squiggles “It’s so hypnotic…. “

  19. Catriona:

    Bowie: ‘I’m awful at charades, do we have to play it every Christmas?’
    Mr Squiggles: ‘Is it a duck? I think it’s a duck!’

    Or alternatively as a nice short caption: ‘I’m awful at charades, is it a duck?’

  20. Brittany:

    Bowie: “Does she expect us to believe that her hand is a dog?”

    Mr. Squiggles: “Throw her a bone will ya, she’s been given the task of amusing us!”

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