Well, a brand new year deserves a brand new competition – don’t you think?

9th January 2013 by Andrea

ColaLife's Business Cards presentation

We wanted to start off the year with a good one, and luckily, inspiration came to our very doorstep. At the end of December, we got a visit from our UK MOO Award winners, ColaLife – you can read all about their trip to MOO HQ here, and their brilliant business here.

Aside from their business and their brilliant presentation, we were also hugely impressed with their Business Cards. As you can see above, they used Printfinity to create 5 Business Cards that present their business – from start to finish. Simon Berry, the founder of ColaLife, described it as an “Elevator Pitch” set of cards – a way of giving a full (albeit shortened) overview of who you are and what you do in just a few minutes.

So here’s the challenge – we’d like to see your 5-card elevator pitch! Present us your business idea in five cards. We’ll pick the best business pitch as our winner.

ColaLife's Business Cards presentation

Just so we’re all on the same page – you do not have to buy or print any Business Cards in order to enter! We just want to be inspired by your creative use of Business Cards, and we’re really excited to see what you come up with. And who knows, you may even come up with something great and use it in the future?

If you’d like to enter, email your 5 card business card designs to 5cardpitch@moo.com by 8 Feb 2013 11:59pm PST. And good luck!

Comments (17)

  1. John Dubock:

    Take it a step ‘further’ in the past I had cards made that “stood up’. Think 4 sides, yes you had to tape them since they arrived ‘flat’ in 4 panels. True story, I used to show for appointments, if that business card of mine was sitting ‘up’ (you could put a coffee cup on it, seriously) that meeting went super well. So make it an option please! We pay! In the standup paddle industry its the worlds first standup card!
    Full disclosure: big fan of the QR Moo cards, a major advantage over any card vendor

  2. Christina:

    Love the concept, but can we actually see the 5-card pitch that started it all?

    • Justis S:

      Hello Christina, the cards in the blog image depict cards which ColaLife uses for their pitch. They use small graphs and explain the processes and concepts behind them.

  3. chelsea:

    what do you win though???

    • Justis S:

      Hello Chelsea, MOOsLETTER Subscribers who enter stand a chance to win a £50/$75 voucher code whilst customers stand a chance to win £100/$150 in MOOlah.

  4. katie kiyo:

    The quality and creativity of your cards is A*W*E*S*O*M*E! LUV THEM, AND LOVE YOUR GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE :-)

  5. Betty Winslow:

    It’s not a 5-card pitch, but I wanted to share what I did with a recent order of mini-MOO cards. I’m a jewelry creator, and although I usually wear an original design every day, there have been times when I’ve met someone who wanted to see more of my work. Carrying samples around is a hassle, so instead, I uploaded 25 different designs of mine to a mini-MOO order, and set aside one set of 25 to use as a portable gallery. I keep them in a slipcase in my purse, and if someone asks me about my jewelry, it’s dead simple to pull it out and let them go through it. I then offer them one of the extra cards that I also carry. I’ve gotten several sales and a lot of attention this way since I started doing this!

  6. Natalie McNichols:

    Oooooooo….I have the best idea :)

  7. Jessica:

    I’m excited to enter into this contest! I am a MOOsLETTER Subscriber and have purchased Moo cards for my business before, but can anyone with a business enter into this contest even if they have not purchased from Moo before? Perhaps if they join the site? My sister has a business and she is very creative, she would excel at this competition! Thanks for the info…This will be a fun challenge!

    • Justis S:

      Hello Jessica, This competition is open to all MOO Subscribers and Customers. Anyone can sign up for our MOOsLETTER and be eligible. PS: When they sign up they would get a code for free shipping.

  8. carl:

    I’m a historal builder materials reclaimer for reuse as well as for artwork projects. That have taken me in so many directions in how to take vintage historal handmade brick and laser etch some of the most unbelivable designs you can image.And 250year old vintage wood that we make in to products that can raise funds to support disable vets, wounded warriors,corporate branding for a company out of there own reclaimed 1,500 tons of hardwood flooring they had headed to a land fill.This artwork done in brick,wood,metals as well as to build and restore with.Is almost impossible to carrier around with you to show others effectively. But the moo cards can do that for us as we are adding things almost daily.Thanks Moo for a great idea,your product will play a big role in our marketing efforts to support worth while needs.

  9. filipa:

    Hello MOO team!
    I have been using this kind of presentation on the last year, and clients really enjoy it! I’ve submitted my design, may you please tell me when will you post the winners?
    Good luck to all participants!

    • Justis S:

      Hello Filipa, we will try and announce the winners the week after the competition ends but that depends completely one how many entries we have.

  10. Jessica:

    Thank you Moo Crew! This is very exciting…I’m looking forward to this fun creative adventure!

  11. Vaibhav:

    Nice business man. I love the idea. This is great.

  12. Benyamin:

    Is there any requirement for quality graphic design and so, or the contest is about the presentation ability and the business idea?

    • Justis S:

      Hello Benyamin, there is no requirement. We are judging this on the ability to get the concept across and whilst this is sometimes done best in images it would be judged on that in its entirety. Let us know if anything is unclear.

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