Green with envy

23rd March 2010 by Paul T

As you might’ve spotted, we love colour at MOO, and today our favourite colour is GREEN – but not in the way you might think. Since we launched our Green Business Cards over nineteen months ago I’ve continued investigating, testing and generally sticking my nose into the world of super eco friendly papers.

While we’ve loved the paper we launched with, new papers are being developed all the time. My goal is always to keep one step ahead – with what I think are best possible papers available. Where recycled paper is concerned, it should not only should it make your work look amazing, but it should be so eco friendly it would make Mother Nature herself break into a smile.

So I’m pleased to announce that on the 22nd March we will be replacing our current green stock with our new ‘super eco friendly paper’. At 352gsm / 15.5pt this new, smooth white, non-laminated stock is one of the heaviest eco stocks guaranteed for our unique Printfinity presses.

The treatment applied to the stock allows you to print crisp photography or illustration with a fantastic tonal range and vivid colours. We’ve never thought that recycled stock should equal a compromise in quality, and I’m excited to say that with this paper, the difference between the Eco stock and the MOO Classic really is just the finish.

Made from 100% Post Consumer Waste and FSC certified, the eco credentials for this are even more amazing than our previous paper. It’s made with electricity generated by renewable, non polluting wind power from Green-e. (Green-e is the nation’s leading independent certification and verification program for renewable energy products, they ensure strict environmental and consumer protection standards.) Process chlorine and acid free, the paper has been manufactured in compliance with the standards set for alkaline papers by the American National Standards Institute.

In short, it’s as green as we can get it, without picking it straight off the tree.

The New MOO Green Business Cards are slightly more expensive than our previous stock, but for the rise in quality and credentials, we really think it’s worth it.
50 cards – £14.99/$24.99/€17.99
200 cards – £47.99/$79.99/€57.49

PS – Just so you know, the padded bags we use to send out individual orders are 100% recyclable too!

Comments (39)

  1. Andrea:

    Would it be possible to get a sample? It would also be great if you had free sample packs with postcards, stickers, etc. so that we can see the quality before ordering. Thanks.

  2. jane gleason:

    hello! i LOVE LOVE LOVE your products. i made some ‘free yoga class’ cards and am about to get some business cards. i’ve been referring you to several friends who also love your stuff. thanks for your hard work and attention to excellence. jane

  3. Serenelily:

    I just got the email about 100%recycled and FSC certified cards- I’m so so happy. I loved Moo before, and I adore it now. Thanks for responding to your customers’ and planet’s needs so well!

  4. Lisa:

    @Andrea. You can definitely get some samples. Feel free to contact CS and they’ll provide you with samples of the paper/stickers. Otherwise, if you want to try the new Green stock you can use the 10 sample pack on the bottom of the Business Card page.

  5. lizzie:

    Do you do moo green postcards?

  6. Nani:

    Why not brag about the paper by brand name? Those of us who know printing and print papers would be even more likely to print cards with you, if we knew, for instance, that you were using one of the super-eco Mohawk stocks.

  7. Isabel Sam:

    Are the mini-moo’s available with the recycled option too??????

  8. Alexandra:

    i love them!!!

  9. Melissa:

    please print more than just business cards on the eco paper!!

  10. Michael:


    Would it be possible to get a 10 sample back made from a previous order with the Photo enhancement added to the card? I’d love to see the difference as I followed the instructions the CS rep told me and I’d still like my cards to be a bit more contrasty. Is there a way we could try that?



  11. KK:

    This is FANTASTIC! Thankyou so much moo
    I have been searching for recycled paper cards… you are AWESOME!
    Will be making my order soon

  12. Jamie:

    Great news, looking forward to seeing them. We’d love the mini cards to be green too! And greetings cards! :)

  13. Katrientrien:

    I would like to share an idea: kind of Postcard in the format of a Bookmark. So you can write a message on it and the receiver can use it as a bookmark and you are always with them…. Boookmark is about 2 x business card in length.
    Good idea?

  14. Rachel:

    I was happy with the old eco paper. Nothing wrong with that, so I’m actually rather disappointed by this new recycled paper as it’s more expensive.

    It would have been more reasonable to discontinue a product and replace it without notice if the price remains unchanged.

  15. Gianfranco Chicco:

    same as above, would be great to have a sample of the new eco paper. I was a bit disappointed by the quality of the previous one (had ordered a 10 pack sample) and ended up ordering a 200-pack of the matte finished ones… cheers! (and big congratz for greening your biz!!!)

  16. Sarah:

    I’d love the mini cards on the eco paper!

  17. Tiggothy:

    You launched your green business cards 9 months ago? I bought some in December 2008, so either I went time-travelling or you’re having the same difficulty I am in remembering that it’s nearly April 2010 now!

  18. Lauren:

    That’s awesome! My first order was with the Moo Classic cardstock, but I’m definitely going to try out this new Eco stock next time I buy business cards. Thanks for caring about the environment; I wish more businesses were doing this.

  19. MaryBeth:

    this is wonderful news! Will you offer your other products using the same earth loving paper?

  20. jonni:

    i’d like to see the minicards be eco friendly, also but don’t mess ‘em up i love the quality of the paper as it is! but you go green team

  21. Lisa:

    @tiggothy Thanks for spotting that. The fact checker must have missed that one. You are right we launched our original Green stock 19 months ago. /off to correct blog post now

  22. elsie:

    yes, please offer more products in the green paper!

  23. Benj:

    Well done guys, this is impressive. I just ordered the old green cards, now they feel dirty ;)


    Je serais très heureuse de recevoir votre Pub en Français, car j’aime beaucoup votre Entreprise .

  25. Chris Houston:

    Great news :)
    We need to print some new cards very soon and it’s great to be able to do it in a green way!

  26. Racheblue:

    This is good news but I confess to being a little disapointed as when I first read the mail I thought it said that Moo was replacing ALL of its stock with green, environmental friendly card. But no. Just updating the current green stock :(
    Please, please, please provide eco options on all of your products, please! Thanks. With hope in the power of Moo to do the right thing x

  27. Emilie:

    @Marianne Malheureusement, nous n’avons pas de newsletter en Français pour le moment. Cependant, vous pouvez suivre MOO en Français sur Twitter, à iciMOO.

  28. Lisa:


    I just spoke to Dan in CS and he suggested you email them and they’ll help you out. As an aside, we are busily working on adding photo enhancement to our site to allow you to do it yourself. Stay tuned!

  29. Tal Ater:


    I’ve been using and evangelizing moo, for so long… I’m so glad the next batch of cards for Green Any Site will be even greener still.


    As I do photography, I would like a glossy business card. I don’t care what paper it is printed on.

  31. Zoe Whitton:

    Oh No! Is the eco-stock not going to have the softly textured, smoothly fibrous feeling anymore? My clients love that the most about this stock!

  32. isabel:

    It’s fantastic! My clients always ask me about printing in this paper. Would it be possible to get a sample wiht the differents products can I printed on this paper to see the quality before ordering? Thanks.

  33. Denise:

    @isabel, Hello, as Lisa mentioned way up there ^, you can definitely get some samples. Feel free to contact Customer Service and they’ll provide you with samples of of all our products. Otherwise, if you want to try the new Green stock specifically, use the sample 10 pack on the bottom of the Business Card page.

  34. Andrea:

    It’s great to see you’re taking this issue seriously. I’d love to see all your products printed on eco-friendly paper.

  35. Veronica:

    Made different samples and used your free sample option. Love the quality, so have just done my first order. I am convinced it will not be the last one!

  36. Kirsty:

    I don’t usually get excited about business cards, having been involved in producing print for over 20 years, but my new Moo cards in their little box are just superb. Yes, I’m a sucker for Moos’ quirky packaging, but the cards themselves are ideal for my funeral-related business – understated yet smart with their matt finish. Lovely job!

  37. Jeff O.:

    Recycled MiniCards would be the greenest option of all. A better material and less of it. Please make this happen!

  38. Alison Clayton-Smith:

    I’ve just received my first set of eco business cards from Moo, using some of the designer’s designs. They are beautiful, simple and I love the box they come in. It is also great to be able to order a small amount as I seem to have stacks of old cards lying around that I don’t know what to do with.

  39. amy:

    Ditto to some of the above – would love to see green minicards and postcards – would def. order some!

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