Snuggle Muffin


There should be more delightful days like these. By handing out MiniCards with huge ice-creams and scary tightropes on, you're raising expectations and improving weekends into the bargain. Keep it up!

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It is ALL GO when you're a little girl. There are towering ice-creams to eat, terrifying tightropes to walk, and mischievous kites that will lift you high into the sky before you can lift a finger to stop them. These delightfully innocent illustrations are for big girls who would still like to be lifted up and carried away, now and again.

About the designer

Emma Block is an illustrator who graduated with First Class Honours in BA Illustration at Middlesex University. Her first book, Tea and Cake, came out in 2011, and she has just finished her second children’s book. She likes charity shops, tea and very sharp pencils.