Announcing the Christmas & Holiday Card Caption Competition!

9th October 2008 by Lisa

It’s all go in the MOO cowshed this week. Yesterday we announced the launch of our brand new product, the Mosaic Frame for MiniCards, and today we announce the start of our 12 day Christmas & Holiday Card Caption Competition!

Now, without wanting to make you all big headed, we know you’re a creative and witty bunch. (The Egg Hunt showed us you were also rather clever too). So this season we thought we’d hold a caption competition, rather than a photography one, to get your creative juices flowing in a different way.

The idea is as follows:

Comments (236)

  1. Sophia:

    Have suit, will travel.

  2. Stuart Spence:

    Santa’s diet pills had an unexpected side effect – dog breath.

  3. Ian:

    Jingle smells

  4. Fiona:

    Just promise me this won’t be used for some crazy competition??

  5. Rob:

    Merry Christmas my arse! I’m a dog for goodness sake

  6. joanne davis:

    Why oh why did I have to be adopted by Paris Hylton?

  7. Dylan Burnett:

    Have yourself a hairy little Christmas.

  8. anna Robb:

    Oh you think I’m cute do you? Just wait until I mess in your slippers then we’ll see whose cute!

  9. Tracey Jackson:

    Yappy Christmas!

  10. Tracey Jackson:

    Have I earned my Christmas dinner yet?

  11. Tracey Jackson:

    Does my bum look big in this?!

  12. Steve Mclean:

    I,ve left you a little something under the tree….sorry about that.

  13. Laura Hadland:

    There’s more to Santa than flowing whiskers and a red suit

  14. Tiffany Whittington:

    Oh dear where did Mrs Santa Yorkie go!
    I can’t deliver all these bones all by self…

  15. Louise:

    A Dog is for life not just for Christmas “Woof”

  16. Frances Heaton:

    Does my hair look woof in this?

  17. Frances Heaton:

    I’ll show up all those felines on the catwalk!

  18. Maria Knight:

    Steve the Yorkie was starting to realise just why Santa only comes out a night when everyones asleep.

  19. Marg:

    “Does my bum look big in this?”

  20. Marg:

    “It’s a dog’s life isn’t it?”

  21. Theresa Thomas:

    So this is what happens when the raindeers go on strike.

  22. Kirstie Adams:

    A dog is for life, and for dressing up in silly christmas outfits!

  23. Frances Heaton:

    All I need is a red nose and I can pull Santa’s sleigh!

  24. F Heaton:

    Hope it’s not too wuff going on the sleigh tonight.

  25. Doug Murray:

    Just because I look miserable doesn`t mean I`m not really happy its christmas.

  26. Ruth Tesdale:

    Think the reindeers will notice the switch?

  27. TJ:

    All I want for Christmas is my Dignity

  28. Marian:

    Sometimes the best presents come in small packages.

    Have a Merry Christmas.

  29. Caroline Middlehurst:

    At least it wasn’t the Reindeer costume!

  30. Caroline Middlehurst:

    There’ll be no silent nights after this!

  31. sarah stocks:

    What do you mean I have to eat the Carrot???

  32. sarah stocks:

    “I said fetch the pressie, not get Bessy!” – Santa

  33. sarah stocks:

    “I said we’ll deliver to Yorkshire first, not we’ll deliver a Yorkshire first!” – Santa

  34. Vasudevan Gopalan:

    Santa is all dressed up…where is my sled and reindeers?

  35. Samantha Freeman:

    I know we said we’d have a change from Turkey but this is ridiculous!

  36. Sue:

    Bark the Herald Angels Sing

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