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Here's a Notecard design that makes the most of keeping things simple. Your name and job title on one side – in a matching colour to the seam running through your choice of Luxe paper – and all of your contact details on the other.

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Business correspondence requires businesslike stationery, and this design is all about creating space for you to say what needs to be said, without losing the important details that must be easy to find at all times. That's not to say your Notecards can't look beautiful though, which is where the colour-coordination with Luxe paper comes into its own.

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MOO Designs is a collaborative creative effort from the design team at MOO. All our designers have an individual style that we love, but are also brilliant at working as a team towards a single goal. We’ll give them any theme or idea, and they’ll meld their minds together to produce a series of beautiful card designs.

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