Colourful Acrylic

MiniCard Holder From $4.99

This pocket-sized MiniCard holder opens with one hand. A secret ramp inside helps the cards slide out, to complete the perfect MiniCard exchange.

More Information

These holders have been custom-designed to work with MOO Minicards. Smooth and sleek they fit neatly in your pocket, holding up to fifteen different cards.
The base inside the holder is gently sloped, helping you to push the cards out easily with a thumb.
The whole case is designed to be opened and used with one hand, leaving your other hand free to hold a drink, grab some snacks, or shake the hand of the nice new person you're meeting.

The vital statistics

Attribute Value
Width 30 mm
Height 95 mm
Depth 10 mm
Holds 12 MiniCards
Material Acrylic
Use with MiniCards