Luxe Business Cards

The last word in first impressions

Luxe: a new kind of MOO

One day, we asked ourselves, “What would the most beautiful business card in the world look like?” A few months, and some truly innovative new technology later, we created the answer – Luxe Business Cards.

We combined award winning, Mohawk Superfine paper with our own Quadplex technology to make the ultimate custom business cards. At triple the thickness and weight of most ordinary cards, Luxe boasts a rich seam of color within the layers of paper, and a stunning, tactile quality that you won’t find anywhere else on the web. Affordable, tactile, and genuinely remarkable, we think MOO Luxe is truly the last word in making a first impression.

32pt 3x thicker 8 colours MOHAWK Superfine

A difference you can truly feel

MOO Luxury Business Cards with Quadplex Technology

Compared to most ordinary business cards, Luxe are the gold standard of paper quality – at 32pt, everyone who receives one will experience a quality and weight like no other card.

Luxe was designed to be the ultimate conversation starter. With that in mind, we invented a unique technology called Quadplex, (entirely unique to MOO) so that Luxe cards could look as spectacular as they feel.

Quadplex compresses four layers of Mohawk Superfine paper together, including your choice of color in the center, creating an eye catching streak running through the fabric of every card. As a talking point, we think it’s pretty remarkable.


MOO Luxury Business Cards
50 cards $34.99
100 cards $69.98
200 cards $139.96 $119.99
400 cards $279.92 $199.94
  • Business Cards final card size
    Final card size
    3.50" x 2.0"
  • Business Cards final artwork size
    Final artwork size
    3.66" x 2.16"
  • Business Cards final card size
    Final card size
    3.30" x 2.16"
  • Business Cards final artwork size
    Final artwork size
    3.46" x 2.32"

Matching Luxe designs

Business Cards are just one aspect of the MOO Luxe experience.

To help you to tell the story of your business in more ways than one, we’ve created a full complement of matching Luxe products, and a range of designs exclusive to the Luxe family.

For a lasting impression, why not promote your business with a portfolio of matching Luxe stationery?

What size would you like your cards?

Standard Size

A standard size Business Card

MOO Size

Our own slightly boxier shape