Bashful Kids


A wise old owl is watching over these shy girls, to make sure they have a little space to gather confidence and think of a game. And with these Postcards, you can send that owl to the sheepish child in your life.

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These are not your average boisterous children, running about the playground, screaming and causing a bother. It'll take a bit of encouragement to draw these girls out of their shy shells, and that's part of the charm with this design. That plus the adorable outfits and general air of reserved innocence. Take them to your heart (but don't be offended if they're a bit quiet at first).

About the designer

Shelli Dorfe is a digital illustrator that lives in the cutest little city called Victoria in Minnesota. Shelli is a self taught artist and proud of it. Her work has been seen in many magazines nationally and worldwide, newspapers, on tv programs, on greeting cards, numerous and generous blogs but nothing holds her heart more than knowing her work hangs in many warm homes throughout the entire world.

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