Make it Pop!

August 2014, by emma | 7 Comments – latest by Chris Franco

The rise of the pop-up

The past couple of years have seen something pretty exciting emerge in the retail landscape. Small brands, without a brick-and-mortar shop, are now promoting their online experience offline.

Welcome to the age of the pop-up shop.

Otiumberg's pop-up event with Detox Kitchen

Riding the wave

A pop-up shop pretty much does what it says on the tin. It ‘pops up’ for a few days or weeks before disappearing again. Not only do they introduce a brand to a new audience, but because it’s temporary, they can prompt people to buy now to prevent that dreaded FOMO, or fear of missing out.

Also, pop-ups allow smaller businesses, without the means to invest in costly market …Continue reading this article…

Pass on a compliment, and enter our Twitter & Facebook prize draw

July 2014, by Jon | 9 Comments – latest by Juliana Tedeschi Hodar

When we launched our brand new Flyers in June, we got excited about the all the way we could not only show them in action – but prove that Flyers can be much more than the ordinary pieces of paper you get handed outside the train station. This got us thinking, what does everyone love getting that’s completely free? Why, compliments of course!

We attached 600 complimentary Flyers to the walls in  London’s Southbank Centre and at the Design Museum Boston and watched as everyone spread the love. We teamed up with world-renowned graphic artist Supermundane to create the six typographic compliments, all printed on MOO Flyers. As he was signing all 1,201 Flyers we caught up with …Continue reading this article…

Supermundane Interview

July 2014, by Andrea | 1 Comment – latest by Zenobia

Supermundane is the pseudonym of designer Rob Lowe, whose signature mesmerising illustrations have been exhibited worldwide. We were lucky enough to work with Rob to launch MOO Flyers, and we absolutely love his ‘compliment’ style! We invited him into MOO HQ to sign his Flyers – and have a little chat.

How did you get into design?

Well, I was good at art, and not good at anything else! Or maybe ‘not interested’ is a better way of putting it. These days, you can do a GCSE in graphic design, but if you were creative and unfocused in the ‘80s, they didn’t really know what to do with you. I went to the career …Continue reading this article…

Wanted: MOO Ambassadors for NY NOW

July 2014, by Cheryl | Add a comment

Calling all MOO friends and fans! We’re attending NY NOW in New York next month, and we need some part-time help. We’re a friendly team at MOO, passionate about the products we make, and the way we make them. We’d like to find some folks who share our passion so if you enjoy talking to people, have experience working at tradeshows or just plain love MOO, we want to hear from you. Not free for NY NOW but interested in working in New York in the future? Drop us a line, and we’ll keep you on file for next time.

Applicants must live in or near the New York City area with transportation to/from The Javits …Continue reading this article…

A chat with designer Debbie Millman

July 2014, by Ashley | Add a comment

A few things to know about Debbie Millman – she’s a designer, an author of three books, Chief Marketing Officer at Sterling Brands, and the head of her own design-led podcast. Luckily for us (and in spite of her very busy schedule!), she’s also the latest designer to partake in our Luxe Project series, where proceeds are donated to the designer’s charity of choice. In this case, the revenue from Millman’s designs will be donated to The Joyful Heart Foundation, a charity that strives to end domestic violence, sexual assault, and child abuse.

One more thing to know about Debbie Millman before you get reading – she’s a fantastic creator of lists!
Tell us a little …Continue reading this article…

Flip out for the #MOOflip winner!

July 2014, by Cheryl | Add a comment

We’re sure all you eager cartoonists are on the edge of your seats waiting to hear the results of our recent #MOOflip contest, and we have one heck of a winner! We were super impressed with all your creative and original entries, and our Content Manager Leila had her work cut out picking her favourite.

However, there was one that really ‘jumped off the page,’ if you will. We must have watched it a hundred times (almost, anyway) and we’re still as impressed as we were the first time round.

So congrats on a job well done to…

Continue reading this article…

Behind the scenes at MOO: Creating the artwork for our sale

July 2014, by Jon | 1 Comment – latest by billy j

Ever stopped to look at a piece of creative artwork and wondered what the designer’s inspiration was, or how they arrived at a finished piece? If you’re anything like us, then the answer is probably yes!

When we spotted MOO Senior Designer Matt’s design for the latest MOO Sale, our curiosity naturally got the better of us. So we’ve picked his brains and taken a sneaky peek into the design studio to find out how he came up with the idea and how he brought it to life. Over to you, Matt!

“The brief was to create something vibrant and attention grabbing. We wanted to hint at ‘summer fun’ without being obviously seasonal, especially as our …Continue reading this article…

Flipping awesome!

June 2014, by Jon | 4 Comments – latest by Ray Mongey

If you were to flick through any of the notebooks here at MOO HQ, you’d find them brimming with designers’ sketches, marketing managers’ to-do lists, and even the occasional song lyric (some of us are still holding out on those dreams of fame…)

If you’re really lucky, you might find something even more exciting. We recently had a little nosey through Art Worker James’ notebook and look at what we found:

This gave us an idea. To help celebrate our new line of Mohawk Strathmore notebooks (they’re pretty fancy – check them out here!), we thought we’d challenge you to show us your most creative flipbook animations.

So pick up your pens and get doodling! …Continue reading this article…

Introducing… Strathmore Notes

June 2014, by Andrea | 3 Comments – latest by sylvi

MOO aren’t the only ones who truly appreciate the power of fine paper – notebook users from the dawn of time feel the same way! Franz Kafka wrote in quarto-sized notebooks, while Pulitzer prize winning author Frank McCourt confessed to using notebooks for over forty years. And Thomas Hardy liked them so much, he had a different one for every different type of thoughts – including one titled simply “Facts”.

That’s why we’re incredibly excited to reveal that MOO are the exclusive host to a brand new line of beautiful paper journals, created by our friends (and fine paper makers) over at Mohawk…so without further ado, we introduce Strathmore Notes.

Designed for beauty and …Continue reading this article…

Five simple steps to getting that creative job

June 2014, by anup | 3 Comments – latest by half moon windows

It’s difficult to get a job in your chosen creative industry – difficult, but not impossible! The competition is definitely fierce though, so we asked Anup, Design Director at MOO, to give some words of wisdom – wisdom that’s coming at you directly from the type of person who’ll be doing the hiring! And here’s what he has to say…

So you’ve passed through college and graduated – phew! Now you can just walk out and score an amazing job hanging out in a cool space, with cool people, doing cool stuff and getting paid, right? Wrong, I’m afraid… now the hard work starts. And these days the competition is tougher than ever out there – so here are five tips …Continue reading this article…

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