Five simple steps to getting that creative job

June 2014, by | 3 Comments – latest by half moon windows

It’s difficult to get a job in your chosen creative industry – difficult, but not impossible! The competition is definitely fierce though, so we asked Anup, Design Director at MOO, to give some words of wisdom – wisdom that’s coming at you directly from the type of person who’ll be doing the hiring! And here’s what he has to say…

So you’ve passed through college and graduated – phew! Now you can just walk out and score an amazing job hanging out in a cool space, with cool people, doing cool stuff and getting paid, right? Wrong, I’m afraid… now the hard work starts. And these days the competition is tougher than ever out there – so here are five tips …Continue reading this article…

The right tools for the job

June 2014, by emma | 3 Comments – latest by emma

We’ve all had that ‘not-enough-hours-in-the-day’ feeling, so finding those things that make our working lives that little bit easier can be a real blessing.

As an online business, we’re big fans of calling on technology to help us do our jobs better. We caught up with a few of the MOO Crew to discover the tools they swear by for getting things done.

1.  TweetDeck
Jon Baldwin, Community and Content Associate: “Tweetdeck is a super useful tool. It lets me see all the tweets that mention MOO, Business Cards or any of our other products, as well as follow interesting conversations with different hashtags. I can also create filters to show me only the relevant or most important tweets, which is perfect for …Continue reading this article…

Join the fold

June 2014, by Jon | 7 Comments – latest by interactive doll

We all know that Letterheads are a great way to send professional business communications, such as invoices, proposals, cover letters and more. These interactions with clients and business partners are important for helping your brand to stand out and be remembered, and are the perfect opportunity to have a little fun and show off your personality, too.

Letterheads have another trick up their sleeves – folding! When designing your Letterheads, why not give some thought to how the person opening the envelope will experience the information and your chosen design? Thanks to double-sided colour printing and the option of Printfinity with MOO Letterheads, there’s plenty of room to get creative.

We asked Felix, MOO Product Designer and …Continue reading this article…

Get on your bike: Wheels for Water

June 2014, by leila | Add a comment

You don’t have to be a superhero to make a difference in the world – but though many people sympathise with the plight of those less fortunate, far fewer turn their sympathy into a charitable business that truly makes a difference.

That’s why we admire Justin Ahrens, founder of Wheels4Water – because that’s exactly what he’s done! And no, he’s not a super human or a saint – he’s an ordinary creative professional, who, as you’re reading this, is currently well into his 1000 mile ride from Atlantic Ocean to Lake Michigan (a journey that, he assures us, includes real actual mountains!) in order to raise awareness for the world water crisis, and money to provide an entire …Continue reading this article…

Prinfinity winner – flippin’ good!

May 2014, by Jon | Add a comment

One of our favourite things about Printfinity (that’s being able to put a different one of your lovely images on every card) is seeing all the clever, fun and inventive ways you use it to showcase what you do. That’s why we ran a competition all about Printfinity (after all, who doesn’t love a competition?).

We wanted to see how you used Printfinity to ensure that after that great networking moment, your brand new connection or customer remembers you and hopefully even recommends you to someone else!

We hope you’re as excited as us about finding out who the winner is, so we’ll get right to it. Let’s give a big round of virtual applause (and some less virtual MOOlah, of …Continue reading this article…

MOO goes to…the Design Week Awards!

May 2014, by Andrea | 1 Comment – latest by Angus Montgomery

It’s not every day we get our glad rags on over here at MOO (we’re a pretty casual bunch). But last week’s Design Week Awards in London were certainly worth digging out our bow-ties and high heels for.

We were genuinely privileged to be a part of such a prestigious event in the world of design. And not just because Design Week celebrates creative minds and rewards excellence, (or the delicious food!). No, we were most excited because our very own Head of Design Anna Ebubedike was presenting an award – and she did a lovely job too!

We arrived on time to The Troxy, an incredible art-deco theatre in Limehouse designed by legendary …Continue reading this article…

We’ve been improving things

May 2014, by emma | 4 Comments – latest by tucker

It’s fair to say it’s been a busy few months here at MOO HQ. We like to do everything we can to help you achieve the great design you want across all of our products, so we’ve been working extra hard to deliver a whole bunch of changes that we think will make the MOO experience just that little bit easier and more enjoyable for you.

New range of templates

For a start, we’ve introduced a range of templates for you to use on the image side of our Business Cards, MiniCards and Postcards. Previously you could only upload a single image, but now you can get a lot more creative with your design, and you don’t …Continue reading this article…

A word (well, many!) with designer Jessica Hische

May 2014, by Ashley | 2 Comments – latest by Ashley

At MOO, there are few things we love more than great stationery and beautiful design (though pugs and cake certainly come close!), which is why our Luxe Project – where some of our favorite designers take a turn at designing our products – has always been a favorite of ours.

This month – hot off the heels of our Typography week – our Luxe designer is illustrator and letterer extraordinaire Jessica Hische. Her long list of clients include Penguin Books, Wes Anderson, Starbucks, Mailchimp – and now MOO!

We chatted with Jessica about her recent Luxe Project, inspired by her Daily Drop Caps project in 2009, and about all things type.

Let’s start from the …Continue reading this article…

How was HOW Design Live?

May 2014, by Ashley | Add a comment

Imagine our luck this year when we found out HOW Design Live, one of the biggest national design conferences in the US, would be hosted in Boston – home to our newest MOO office! Needless to say, we had quite a group of happy MOO Crew members in attendance.

Now, as the conference comes to a close, we thought we’d give you a little round-up of what went down. Here are five things we enjoyed at HOW Design Live this year.

1.)     We got to share a booth with our partners in premium paper crime, Mohawk!
It was a pretty lovely set-up if we do say so ourselves – and we loved …Continue reading this article…

#MOOTypeWeek Round Up

May 2014, by Cheryl | Add a comment


We spent last week knee-deep in letters, head to head font battles, a designing with type competition and typeface guessing. You all seemed fairly excited for #MOOTypeWeek and even sent us some of your favorite type examples (although we could spend forever talking about hand lettering versus typography!)


Our customer Franz Jietz got a chance in the spotlight, showing off some of his …Continue reading this article…

We made you a mixtape!

May 2014, by Cheryl | 1 Comment – latest by Fingermouse

The MOO offices are always bubbling over with creativity, and because we know how much music helps us get into the mood, we thought we’d share some of our musical inspiration with you. In short, we decided to make you a mixtape.

And it felt right that our first ever playlist had the theme of something that’s truly close to our heart – paper. We even managed to find a couple songs about Business Cards!

Click the picture below to start listening (you’ll have to log into Spotify, but the desktop playlist is free to listen to) or click here to listen in Spotify. Got any you’d like us to add? Comment below or tweet us on @overheardatmoo with you …Continue reading this article…

Design a Historical Letterhead for Bach

May 2014, by Jamie | 3 Comments – latest by Jon

Ever since we launched our brand new Letterheads at the beginning of April, we’ve been pretty smitten with them.  So much so, that in addition to designing some brilliant professional stationery for you and your business, we’ve also made a few designs purely for fun.

Our creative team got together and did what they do best – create! – and dreamt up some Letterhead designs for famous figures in history. They ranged from Ian Fleming to Charles Darwin to Albert Einstein.

We didn’t think we deserved all the fun though – so we thought we’d ask you to take part in a little design competition. We’d love to see what you’d come up with for …Continue reading this article…

Turning Business Cards into Letterheads

May 2014, by steph | 2 Comments – latest by Gans K

We’ve launched Letterheads, and now it’s time to design yours. Yay! If you’re not sure how to get started, never fear – we’ve asked some of our very own designers who helped create our lovely Letterheads to show you exactly how it’s done. MOO fans, meet Stephen, Sophia and Jaime. They’ve gathered together to bring you their top hints and tips on how to work your existing theme into a striking Letterhead. Over to the experts…

I want to design a Letterhead! Where do I start?
Letterheads are the perfect place to get creative with your brand, but they’re also a practical document too, so your design should complement your content rather than distract from it. …Continue reading this article…

Design with Type: Winner

May 2014, by Cheryl | 1 Comment – latest by Stéphanie gagnon

A couple of weeks ago we asked you to have a little fun with type for #MOOTypeWeek by designing an image using only characters and symbols. We had lots of entries, ranging from intricate portraits to incredible wildlife,scenes. It’s fair to say, it made it hard for our team to pick a winner! Eventually, we managed…

So without further ado, our winner of the Design with Type competition is Stéphanie Gagnon, with her antlered friend:

This deer is beautifully laid out from the bottom of his chin to the tips of his majestic antlers. Simply done, but a more than worthy winner of a bit of MOOlah and a classy journal!

We wanted …Continue reading this article…

Franz takes us from A to Z

May 2014, by Andrea | Add a comment

To celebrate Typography Week at MOO, we asked Luxembourg-born type designer Franz Jeitz to take us on his journey from Photoshop mess-arounder to professional-letterer – with some top tips for those of you who are type-curious!

My background is a bit unusual. Rather than studying arts or even graphic design I left uni with a masters degree in physics. But I was growing increasingly passionate about design – even an amateur skateboarder I was always intrigued by the deck designs and I used to play around with Photoshop when I was in a band.

Lettering, however, is a newfound passion and I am improving my skills daily. That’s the only way to get better at type, by the way – a lot …Continue reading this article…

Boston Types

May 2014, by Cheryl | 4 Comments – latest by victor

As you may know by now, we’re big lovers of typography here at MOO. So when it came to decorating the latest MOO office in Boston with those extra touches to make it an even more special place to work (and visit!), it seemed like a no-brainer to us. So we picked some famous fonts and got to work spicing things up a little…


Our brainstorm sanctuary, Rockwell, is adorned with its namesake; the authoritative slab serif. It’s a room of inspiration, with IdeaPaint walls (so we can draw all over them) and a MOO Values wall, which means we finish meetings with heaps of concepts and epiphanies – all on brand of course!

The words on the wall give us inspiration …Continue reading this article…

MOO Designers’ Fave Fonts

May 2014, by Jon | 30 Comments – latest by Susan DeLand

Every designer has a favourite typeface. Or do they? When we asked our design team to give us the font they like to use and read the most, we received a variety of responses. Steve had to play a quick game of ‘eenie-meenie-miney-mo’ on his fingers to make up his mind; Anna went into a daydream-like daze and started murmuring about ampersands… and as for Felix, well!

Once we’d calmed them all down with a cup of tea and a slice of cake, (always does the trick) we managed to get slightly more coherent answers out of them.

Here are some MOO Designer font favourites below:
Steve – graphic designer

Anup – design director…Continue reading this article…


April 2014, by Cheryl | 1 Comment – latest by michael jahn

It may seem impossible to choose, but we know in your heart of hearts you have a favorite font.

Our design team has chosen some of the most popular and widely appreciated typefaces and now it’s up to you to decide who wins in their head-to-head battle. Just click your favorite to tweet your vote!

Historic Letterheads

April 2014, by steph | 3 Comments – latest by Jacko

To celebrate what Letterheads are all about, our design team gathered together to think about how some of history’s most prolific characters and communicators would have branded themselves in today’s world. After weeks flicking through ancient archives, dusting off history books…(ok not really, but they did use the internet!) they created a unique set of Letterheads and Business Cards for renowned characters including Roald Dahl, Henry VIII, Jane Austen and Albert Einstein. Check out their designs, and head to our Pinterest to see the rest!

Roald Dahl Letterhead

Henry VIII Letterhead

Jane Austen Letterhead

Albert Einstein Letterhead

Letterheads are …Continue reading this article…

An introduction to #MOOTypeWeek from Design Director, Anup

April 2014, by Cheryl | 1 Comment – latest by Emily

I find typography fascinating and I’m not alone. In our office, debates rage daily amongst the designers and writers about stems, serifs, kerning and tracking. The world (of fonts) is our oyster – from simple letterpress blocks or fanciful pen and ink calligraphy to using photographs of household items for letters and of course, there’s the ever-evolving digital font library we have to plunder.

Just last week, there was a feisty debate between Anna, our Head of Graphics and the team over whether the perfect slab serif was Rockwell or Clarendon.

This energy and excitement I’ve felt and witnessed on countless occasions around typography has led us to dedicate a week entirely to the opinion-dividing art of type. So, no matter …Continue reading this article…

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