Monday Morning – Week 2 of MOO Egg Hunt begins!

March 2008, by Alicia | 13 Comments – latest by lloyda

Good Morning lovely Egg Hunters, and welcome back to another week of hunting! Didn’t we all have a fun week last week? You hunted for eggs here, there are everywhere. We hid eggs online in places like You Tube, Ponoko, Etsy, Timbuk2 and Boing Boing, and in the ‘Great Outdoors’ in countries including New Zealand, Belgium, France and Japan, and of course in our products, and you found them all. And we’ve got another busy week ahead of us.

The ‘Great Outdoors’ Hunt continues throughout this week, so if you didn’t get a chance to make it out to hunt for eggs, there’s still time. Pop along to our Flickr Egg Hunt Group to find …Continue reading this article…

The MOO Egg Hunt and the People Powered Party updates.

March 2008, by Denise | Add a comment

The Great Outdoors Egg Hunt is well underway! We’ve hidden Eggs in as many places as possible all over the globe, as part of the MOO Egg Hunt. A crack team of Egg-hiders have been working hard from London to Tokyo, San Francisco to Barcelona and Brighton.

Apologies if we didn’t manage to hide Eggs near you – the MOO Crew’s family and friend network is wide, but not quite every-city-in-the-world wide… yet!

Eggs have been spotted all over the place, and we’re extremely impressed with Frances Wong, who even managed to find an Egg the middle of a huge Tornoto snowstorm, as you can see in this beautiful photo!

The details you need to find an Egg near you …Continue reading this article…

Friday Afternoon’s clues – Get ready for the ‘Great Outdoors’

March 2008, by Alicia | 30 Comments – latest by Ali

It’s Friday afternoon! That’s exciting for two reasons – maybe even three. First up, of course, it’s nearly the weekend, and you can’t really complain about that… Second, the MOO Great Outdoors Egg Hunt starts tomorrow at 12.01am GMT! Yes, we’ve hidden Eggs all over the world – little stickers – and they could be hiding in a city near you.

Our team of global friends have hidden eggs everywhere from London to Montreal, Bordeaux to Oaxaca. Not to mention; Tokyo, Paris, Niagra Falls, Toronto, New York, Brighton, Glasgow, BC, Oslo, Barcelona, Brussels, Silicon Valley, Wellington, Oxford, Austin, Konstanz and San Francisco!

Hidden up trees, in bars, stuck to statues, on walls, by rivers, near bridges, at the theatre, …Continue reading this article…

It’s Friday! And time for more Egg Hunt clues.

March 2008, by Alicia | 18 Comments – latest by lisa

Welcome to the last day of the first week of MOO’s Egg Hunt. Hopefully you’ve had a great week of thinking, browsing, collaborating and avoiding work, lectures, chores, deadlines and even your own mother, to try to figure out where our little eggs are hiding. I must say, you’ve done us proud.

Seeing as it’s Friday, and we’re feeling chirpy, we’re also going to help you out with a couple of hints for yesterday afternoon’s clues, so check back in the last post for a bit of help if you want it.

As well as the ‘Great Outdoors’ Hunt starting bright and early tomorrow morning, remember that you can also find more eggs hidden in MOO productsContinue reading this article…

Thursday Afternoon’s clues and more Egg Hunt winners!

March 2008, by Alicia | 32 Comments – latest by Kymberlie R. McGuire

Good afternoon, and Good morning to those of you just waking up around the world. Hopefully, wherever you are, you all have a nice cup of tea and some chocolate biscuits in hand, as you prepare to tackle these next clues.

Seeing as you are all doing so well with the clues leading you to eggs hidden online, you might want to take the further challenge of venturing into the ‘Great Outdoors’ over the weekend, to find eggs hidden in various cities around the world. So make sure you have some comfy walking shoes, a working digital camera/phone and a sense of adventure. We’ll be announcing where we’ve hidden eggs tomorrow, so look out for that.

It’s also worth …Continue reading this article…

Day Four – Egg Hunt picks up the pace

March 2008, by Alicia | 25 Comments – latest by Joe

Good morning. I’m Alicia (you may have seen me popping up now and again) and whilst Denise is jetting across the Atlantic to go to SXSW I’m going to help *shell* out the clues.

We’ve been so impressed with everyone’s clue-cracking skills that we don’t think we need to offer any hints this morning. In fact, perhaps we need to make the clues a bit harder, just so you don’t get too complacent!?

I must admit that I am a little jealous of you all. I love solving cryptic clues and puzzles and this Egg Hunt seems to be a lot of fun for everyone taking part. The *eggspectation* of each new clue, the *eggcitement* at finding a …Continue reading this article…

More MOO clues!

March 2008, by Denise | 51 Comments – latest by Hessy

Yes, it’s that time again – more clues for the Egg Hunt crews (that’s you, incase you were wondering). But first, a very quick update!

You might be interested to know that while a lot of people found the Egg hidden in the FAQ, only two people found the one hidden in the source of the Text MiniCards page… Lots of you seemed to find this morning’s clues, and it seems 387,819 have now found and watched the great Cat of 1000 Faces video – even if they aren’t too sure what it is they’re looking at!

Don’t forget MOO Eggs are hidden in with your orders too, so keep your eyes open.

Ok – on with the …Continue reading this article…

Day three: more clues for the Egg Hunt!

March 2008, by Denise | 37 Comments – latest by Ali

Good morning! It’s day three of MOO’s Egg Hunt, and you continue to amaze us with your Egg Hunting skills. It seems that some of you found Corvus’ tips from yesterday to be good ones, and have solved the problems while having dinner or thinking about something else entirely. Some of you are worrying us slightly by neglecting work of all kinds just to find the Eggs – we’re happy you’re all having fun – but please don’t get the sack!

Some of you are also stumbling across Eggs in hiding before the clues come out. For technical reasons we had to put some live already – but they’re not valid as codes until that clue has been released. …Continue reading this article…

It’s time for day two’s afternoon clues!

March 2008, by Denise | 27 Comments – latest by Kuro

Here we go with the next clues for MOO’s Egg Hunt! I have to admit, we are really impressed with how fast some of you are getting these. You seem to be racing through them – even the people who aren’t getting every last bit of the clues are doing ridiculously well.

If you haven’t got every Egg so far, please don’t worry – there are loads more clues and loads more prizes. If you can’t answer these, the chances are there will be another clue along soon, to light up that magic bulb inside your clue-solving brain.

One of our fantastic behind-the-Egg-scenes crew, Alicia, said to mention that we can only accept the Egg-Codes for Eggs that are live …Continue reading this article…

Day two – more eggs, more clues! (And two winners!)

March 2008, by Denise | 33 Comments – latest by Christy

Here are the next two clues, hidden as part of the MOO Egg Hunt. Yesterday was the first day – and what a day! We’ve had lots of entries, and much scratching of heads as you all started to figure stuff out.

We did have a small problem with the elusive Clue Number Five, which got eaten temporarily by the internets. We’re really sorry about that, but pleased to report it’s back now. Some people found Clue Four tricky, so we’ve added a hint for this and Clue five, to help you find them before the 24 hours are up.

A few people have asked if these Eggs are online or in the Great Outdoors. The …Continue reading this article…

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