Blimey. a non-happy day at MOO

November 2007, by stefan | 10 Comments – latest by Denise

Well, it’s nearly over, but that was the kind of day that CTOs tell their children at night if they want them to be daredevil stuntmen when they grow up instead.

Starting at around 6pm last night, we started experiencing beeeg trouble with our main disk array. All the alarms went off, and Mike, our Techy Infradoodads Manager dashed down to Brick Lane to recover it from the backup. It took almost about 20 hours to get the site fully operational (direct uploads were particularly stubborn) but things are now fine again.

I’m sorry to everyone who tried to place orders today and had trouble -we had a number of false starts where we thought we had it working and then …Continue reading this article…

Cards and Good Cheer

November 2007, by Kim | Add a comment

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas in the MOO offices – Greeting Cards are flying off the presses, and London is seasonably cold and damp.

Sensible Denise looked at the weather forecast for this week and decided it was the perfect time to visit Petra in the Jordanian Desert; she’s left me in charge of the blog. Hello!

We’re not letting the rain get us down yet! Moo’s contribution to the Holiday spirit this year isn’t limited to our fab Greeting Cards. We’re also running a Super-Duper Holiday Card Competition for the best designs submitted to our special flickr group.

We’ve been amazed at the response – over a thousand of you have joined the flickr group, …Continue reading this article…

MOO and Etsy, together at last!

November 2007, by Denise | 4 Comments – latest by mlle a.

Yep! at last MOO and Etsy have teamed up, to allow you to make MOO stuff straight from your Etsy account! We’re really excited about this, not least because some of the MOO crew are a bit crafty themselves.

We’ve noticed craft sellers using MOO products to promote themselves for quite a while now, and the results have been really successful. I mentioned Yarnissima the other week for example – and she’s done it again – look at these beautiful packages for Christmas!

People have had some great ideas to promote their work. These beautiful bookmarks by Emmalynne are another example.

Need some more inspiration? Etsy have put together a huge …Continue reading this article…

The MOO Holiday Card Competition!

October 2007, by Denise | 3 Comments – latest by Jane

Remember when we launched Postcards the other week, we said we’d give you more news of the Holiday Competition soon? Well, this is more news!

The competition is to celebrate the launch of our ‘People-Powered Holiday Store’, which will open on November 1st. You’ll be able to buy cards with beautiful images generated by the MOO and Flickr communities. For every pack sold, money will be donated to M

Meet Rui, MOO’s new friend!

October 2007, by Denise | 1 Comment – latest by Joseph Tame

We like meeting new people, at MOO! Even more so when they’re helping us out and teaching us new things… We’re lucky enough to have our first intern working with us at the moment, Rui. Originally from Japan, Rui’s been studying for an MA in London. We thought it might be interesting to find out more about the Japanese MOOsters out there, so we asked if she’d like to come in and work with us. She said yes!

This is a little introduction to Rui, and what she’s up to, we hope you’ll all make her feel welcome!


Hello, I’m very happy to meet you! I’m from Japan, where everyone (even non-business people) has business cards. When my friend gave me a …Continue reading this article…

Susan Mitchell, and Scrapbooking

October 2007, by Denise | 5 Comments – latest by Michelle

I’ve mentioned the illustrator Susan Mitchell in our blog before. A children’s book illustrator, and greeting card designer, she was spotted in one of the MOO Swapping Flickr pools.

Well, I’m really excited to be able to tell you – she’s signed up as a MOO Designer! Choose from a selection of different illustrations, ranging from the more traditional greeting card style, to the beautiful luggage-tag collages, and use the images for MiniCards, NoteCards and Stickers.

There’s lots of beautiful illustrations for the young, and the young-at-heart…

And these fantastic images, drawn straight onto luggage tags.

Anyway, don’t take my word for it, have a little look yourself.

And while we’re *almost* on the …Continue reading this article…

Cart, cute bunnies, and bookish things

October 2007, by Denise | 7 Comments – latest by Denise

At last, we’ve struck something off our Big List of Things To Do! We’ve added a shopping cart facility to the site, to allow you to place multiple orders of different products at the same time. Its handy, not least because you can make, for example, a pack of MiniCards and then in no time at all, use the same set of images to make a StickerBook! Like items will ship together (so you don’t have to wait too long for your stuff), but you can order everything at once. We hope you find it useful.

We’ve also made another change to the site. We’ve added cute bunnies (and other things)! Graphic artist and writer Simone Lia is our …Continue reading this article…

Early warning – possible postal delays.

October 2007, by Denise | 14 Comments – latest by Anna

We love our posties – the nice men and women at the Royal Mail Post Office. The European postal hub is opposite our office, and MOO even had a special tour when we started trading. We got to see secret underground mail trains and other stuff we’re Not Allowed To Talk About. *wink*

So I’m quite sad to tell you the frustrating news that Royal Mail might be going on strike. The plan is to strike for 4 days, which means
our deliveries in the UK and abroad could be delayed by at least 4 working days. We realise for some of you this isn’t much of a problem – but people wanting stuff urgently, please do take this into …Continue reading this article…

Beautiful idea for Stickers!

September 2007, by Denise | 5 Comments – latest by Deborah Read

It’s been crazily busy at MOO recently. We’re working on loads of new and exciting stuff at the moment and this week has been frantic, so it has to be something pretty cool that makes me want to make more Stickers at this time on a rainy Friday.

But look at these! Beautiful photographic Stickers turned into a wonderful promotional package, by yoshiko314.

She says ‘I hope someone wants to have one (or two, or more) of them at the photo exhibition.’
One or two? I want them all actually! What a great way to promote your work. I love this idea as an alternative ‘business card’.

What’s the time? Maybe I will just make a quick …Continue reading this article…

MOO launches with Facebook! (And gives you 15% off Facebook Stickers)

September 2007, by Denise | 5 Comments – latest by jongos

What more can I say? You asked for it, we built it.
(How come you have so much more sway here at MOO than I do? I ask for stuff all the time, and do I get it? No.)

Anyway. You can make MiniCards, Stickers and NoteCards with Facebook now – just head over to to get started.

Even better, if you make Stickers before 30th September 2007*, you get a 15% discount!

Just enter this code at the payment page:


*PS – the offer finishes on 30th Sept at midnight, London time.

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