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Santa needs you

November 2013, by Jon | 1 Comment – latest by Jinn Bug

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With Christmas fast approaching, handwritten letters are piling up at Santa’s door and presents are waiting to be wrapped. With all this to be done, it seems Santa’s forgotten something…

Every savvy business owner knows that business cards are a great idea, but we’ve heard that Father Christmas is a bit out of the loop. So seeing as he’s a bit busy right now, we need you to help him out by designing the perfect one for the man himself.

So with that in mind, it’s time to …Continue reading this article…

In a Digital World, Handwritten Communication is King

November 2013, by Jamie | 3 Comments – latest by Kerry Adams

In a world of emails and texts, it’s the handwritten note that we value the most. Whether it’s a long letter, a thank you card or a simple postcard, eight out of ten Brits say that receiving a handwritten note ‘makes them feel special’ – that’s over three times the number of us that feel special getting just a tweet to say thank you. While life becomes increasingly more fast-paced and convenient, it’s the inconvenient acts that begin to shine as the most thoughtful.

We did a little research on the subject and came across five interesting findings, gathered from a sample group of London dwellers:

1.) A handwritten envelope gets our attention – seven out of ten of …Continue reading this article…

Introducing the winner of MOO’s Best Product category

November 2013, by Jon | 3 Comments – latest by Cindy Seip

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This year’s MOO Awards were filled with incredible entries and our judges had the toughest time choosing this year’s winners. However, the recipient of the prize in the Product category was simply the bomb (excuse the pun). We’re really proud to introduce the blooming marvellous Kabloom

Kabloom seedboms

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Drumroll, please… we’re announcing the winner of the 2013 MOO Awards!

November 2013, by Ashley | 2 Comments – latest by Cindy Seip

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It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! The MOO Crew has spent the past few weeks hard at work, reading over thousands of submissions and researching business after business. We’ve been blown away by everything we’ve read.

The MOO Awards

As you may know, we added a few more categories for our 2013 awards – so in addition to our Grand Prix winner, there’s also a prize for best product, best service and best charity – we’ll be catching up with each winner in upcoming blog posts, so stay tuned.

Without further ado, we’re proud …Continue reading this article…

Digital watercolours

October 2013, by Jon | 4 Comments – latest by Jeannie

One of our longest standing designers on the MOO creative team, Jovanna’s been at the heart of much of the beautification inside the MOO HQ office. She’s also come up with a seemingly endless stream of designs for Christmas Cards.

Tools of the trade

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And the winners of the calligraphy competition are…

October 2013, by Jon | 2 Comments – latest by Jon

A while ago, we caught a bit of a bug. Don’t worry, we’re not unwell, just a little bit obsessed with putting ink to paper. That might not be what you call ‘news’… but I guess what we’re trying to say is we’re hooked on calligraphy.

It all started when we invited Douglas Bevans from Central St Martins to come into MOO HQ and impart his wisdom with a MOO-U calligraphy lesson. We were pretty much hooked as soon as we picked up our pens and started making swirly shapes, discovering how much fun it is to see your own name written in ink.

You know how much we love getting creative, so naturally, we set you guys a challenge; to scribe your favourite quotes for an extra special prize; a set of personalised Luxe Notecards to help you delight clients and friends with handwritten notes.

Before the big reveal (well, we have to build suspense), we just wanted to offer a snapshot of how many entries we received!

Big stack of paper

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Meet the judges: Richard Moross, Founder and CEO of MOO.COM

October 2013, by Jon | 3 Comments – latest by Mary of The Simplifiers: Event Planning

Richard Moross started MOO with little more than an innovative idea and a burning desire to be his own boss. Since its first incarnation – the rather unfortunately named Pleasure Cards – MOO has gone from strength to strength, and thanks to the support of our customers, is now one of the leading companies based in Silicon Roundabout (the UK’s version of the Valley).

Naturally, Richard is a huge fan of entrepreneurialism, and his background in product innovation and fearlessness in business make him a perfect judge for the MOO Awards.

How and when did you first come up with the idea for MOO?

I was in bed, and I couldn’t sleep. At the time I was …Continue reading this article…

Felix’s festive cookies

October 2013, by Felix | 11 Comments – latest by Janet

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One of my earliest memories is eating a cinnamon cookie, and telling my mother: “I have Christmas in my tummy”. To this day, this sums up Christmas for me. Not only is Christmas all about food for me, it’s also about everything that comes with the food – the warm comforting feeling you have when your whole family is gathered around the dinner table. In other words, that warm feeling you get when thinking about Christmas.

So, when it came to designing MOO Christmas Cards this year, I knew what I wanted to do very early …Continue reading this article…

It’s time for Customer Service Week

October 2013, by Dan | 1 Comment – latest by gail

Every year, the Institute of Customer Service (UK) and Customer Service Week (US) run a week long celebration to help raise awareness of customer service and how important it is for businesses practice. Here at MOO, we’ve decided to take part for the very first time.

So, what are we up to? Well, both our UK and US offices will be running a bunch of activities to boost morale and raise awareness both internally (to the rest of the MOO crew) and externally (you, our customers) of the great work our lovely customer service team do.

All this week, MOO’s customer service teams will be celebrating, competing and showcasing all things customer service! We’ll also be …Continue reading this article…

Your Mini Moments

October 2013, by Jon | 1 Comment – latest by lupe

Back in September, we got a bit philosophical and started reflecting on the special moments in our daily lives. After much thought, contemplative cake-eating and tea-drinking, we came to the conclusion that life is indeed made up of Mini-Moments.

What does that mean, exactly? It’s those little things that make each day your day. They can be things that make you smile; things you look forward to… they can even be things that make you want to tear your hair out! But ultimately, a Mini-Moment is something personal to you.

We asked the MOO Crew to share the moment that made their day special to them, and we decided we didn’t want to keep the fun to ourselves. So we asked you, …Continue reading this article…

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