Makin’ the music

December 2014, by emma | Add a comment

We are family: our medley of merry musicians


‘Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house, not a creature was stirring… apart from our Senior Graphic Designer Matt, who was hard at work planning this year’s musical masterpiece from MOO. And it was more like late November, but anyway…

For Matt, the festive season is all about getting the relatives together for a bit of a shindig – hence The Festive Funk Family was born.

To bring his motley crew to life, Matt gathered a motley crew of his own. First through the door was Pâté on Toast (aka artist Paul Pateman). We’ve long been …Continue reading this article…

What goes around comes around, but only better

December 2014, by Karen | Add a comment

We’ve been throwing it back at MOO HQ recently. We don’t mean posting embarrassing photos from our younger days on Instagram (although we often do that #tbt), or sporting vintage adidas Stan Smith trainers (some of us do that too). Instead, we’re coveting classic products that have been made better, faster, stronger with advances in modern technology. Think a 1950s stylin’ radio fitted out with an iPhone connector or a 1960s muscle car with a modern V8 engine under the hood. This mashup of old-meets-new, or new-stalgia as we like to call it, is behind our new Letterpress Business Cards.

When we say Letterpress is old, we mean old (like, older than Mick Jagger …Continue reading this article…

Say a big holiday hello-ho-ho to The Festive Funk Family!

December 2014, by emma | 1 Comment – latest by J


Whether it’s squabbles over Scrabble or fights over figgy pudding, there’s something about the festive season that brings out the feistiness in most families – ours included. But there’s nothing like a good old sing song to bring those warring relatives together. Which is why we’ve gathered our most musical relatives for some seasonal sounds.

Yes, The Festive Funk Family is here to rock your holiday time!

Kicking off the line-up is our pet pug Pudding. He can’t sing (he’s a dog), but he’s pretty handy – or should that be ‘paws-y’? – with those jolly jingly bells. Joining him is our R&B wannabe – no band’s complete without one. Ours likes to think …Continue reading this article…

See it, hear it, love it: Letterpress

December 2014, by emma | 6 Comments – latest by emma

These past few days have seen the usual Christmas music replaced by a rhythmically soothing ‘clickety-clack…whoosh’ in the MOO studio. Check out the mechanical melodics yourself above.

Our Letterpress Business Cards are a true celebration of vintage-meets-modern. From the top quality Luxe paper to the 12 unique designs we’ve created especially for the range, it’s de boss, innit? No, seriously, debossing is the process we use to create the impression on each card.

The result is a card that shouts ‘please touch me!’ Once your customers have got their hands on one of these charming chaps they won’t want to put it down (probably).  That MC Hammer guy was wrong – …Continue reading this article…

Get your MOOstaches!

November 2014, by Karen | Add a comment

To kick-start MOOvember we asked our favourite diva Carrot the cat to sport an array of famous moustaches for a video. It was difficult to get a talent of her calibre to commit, but on the day Carrot worked Hulk Hogan’s handlebars like a seasoned pro. After we posted our video, there was a lot of ‘tache envy out there – requests from you folks to have the same tache-tastic fun on your own. We’ve listened and answered – the famous moustaches worn by Carrot are now available to print, cut out and wear too. So, whether you want to embrace the 80s with Magnum’s mo or rock a Keith Lemon, it’s easy. Plus, with …Continue reading this article…

Our Greeting Cards are here!

November 2014, by Karen | 4 Comments – latest by Jonny

Unless you’re one of those hyper organised types that has finished their shopping in August, the holiday season scramble can make even the most spiritually zen feel out of sorts. So to ease the pressure of finding the perfect Greeting Cards, our designers Hannah and Steve have created some seriously stylish designs that will suit every Santa and Ebenezer on your list.

A non-official staff poll found that half the office would prefer to holiday in the sun rather than invest in a light therapy lamp to combat Seasonal Affective Disorder this winter, and Steve’s Silhouettes cards are designed with these folks in mind. Inspired by spending a Christmas Down Under, …Continue reading this article…

And the winner is…

November 2014, by emma | 1 Comment – latest by Lisa Wise

Oh what we’d give to make like Will Smith and head on down to Miami right now. Party in the city where the heat is on, all night on the beach til the break of dawn…and maybe a cheeky bit of art appreciation for good cultural measure?

Enter SCOPE Miami Beach 2014 where we’ll be setting up shop in just a week’s time. The MOO Creativity Squared installation will feature the work of nine established artists and… one of you guys!

Back in September we invited you to submit your best Instagram art for a chance to join us in fabulous Florida and witness the fruits of your artistic efforts on display. …Continue reading this article…

The cat’s whiskers

November 2014, by emma | 6 Comments – latest by Anna Prushinski


Meet Carrot. Carrot is a cat on a mission – to find the purrfect MOOvember moustache.

Keen to capture it all on film, our new favourite facial hair fanatic was a natural in front of the camera. We were lucky enough to be invited along to the shoot, and once we’d got over the scale of Carrot’s entourage (a moggy model needs to look its best), we had great fun guessing the famous ‘tache wearer behind each MiniCard mo. Can you get them all?

We can happily assure you that no cats were harmed in the making of this video. In fact, Carrot had a jolly old time working those whiskers (and being primped, preened and generally made a fuss …Continue reading this article…

V for Victore

November 2014, by emma | 1 Comment – latest by Discover Beauty


“Your ego can’t dance,” claims designer James Victore. This statement and nine other witty, yet thought provoking, adages make up ‘Your Work is a Gift’, his new collection for our charitable design initiative, The Luxe Project.

James is a man of many talents. When he’s not hard at work on his unique and, let’s face it, quite racy designs, he writes, lectures, wins awards and formulates his plans for world domination.

We’re not sure how close he is to actually taking over the world, but he’s certainly shaking things up in the creative industry with his audacious graphics and popular video series Burning Questions. As you’ll soon learn, ‘conventional’ is not in …Continue reading this article…

The painting’s on the wall

October 2014, by emma | 7 Comments – latest by vdplastering

Here at MOO HQ we’ve recently welcomed a vibrant new addition to our lovely ground floor studio. Thanks to the über-talented Supermundane (aka artist Rob Lowe) we now have our very own colourtastic mural!

Don’t get us wrong, we appreciate the minimalist look as much as the next print and design business, but the big blank wall in our creative space was crying out for a injection of MOO’s playful personality. And graphic designer Rob, with his signature abstract style, was just the man for the job.

Now you know us, we’re not ones for keeping things to ourselves. And we didn’t want to tease you with talk about our bright and bold new piece of wall art without showing …Continue reading this article…

We’re celebrating Customer Service Week

October 2014, by Karen | 3 Comments – latest by Lauren

Bad customer service is only funny in the movies, and in reality, it can make the difference between you and your competitors. Here at MOO, we believe that when customer service is done well it can create life-long advocates for your business, help to drive loyalty and keep your customers coming back again and again. So that’s why we’re celebrating Customer Service Week, which is designed to recognise the important part customer service plays in successful businesses.

To mark the week, Our CS team will be celebrating and showcasing all things customer service – including open sessions for the rest of the MOO Crew to check out our front line support, themed dress-up days, special …Continue reading this article…

Double lives – the facts revealed

October 2014, by emma | 3 Comments – latest by Tom Groenfeldt

As you might have seen from our post on fictional characters and their alter egos last week, we’ve had double lives on the brain lately. And having thoroughly enjoyed creating a collection of Classic and Square Business Cards to reflect the dual existences of the likes of Walter White and Heisenberg, and Batman and Bruce Wayne, we started to think about double lives in the ‘real’ world. In fact, we were so curious about the growing number of people earning money from creative pursuits outside of their main job that we commissioned a piece of research to discover more about them. The results were fascinating.

Profitable hobbies

Most strikingly, it’s estimated that this …Continue reading this article…

It’s all about Instagram

October 2014, by emma | 3 Comments – latest by Sara

Over the past few weeks we’ve teamed up with some of our favourite Instagram artists to celebrate the launch of MOO’s brand new Square Business Cards. With the option to upload a different Instagram image to every one of these beauties, what better way to kick things off?

Here we round off our #ShareSquares guest series with a look at Tom, Ida and Mara’s tips for managing your Instagram, building a following, and the benefits of joining one of the world’s most popular social networks.

Instagram appeal

From its humble beginnings in 2010, Instagram’s growth has been phenomenal. As of March this year, its 200 million+ active users were uploading 600 million photos …Continue reading this article…

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No… it’s Superman’s Business Card!

October 2014, by emma | 4 Comments – latest by febbieta


With the launch of MOO’s Square Business Cards we’ve been thinking a lot about double lives lately. Fun and original, we think our lovely new Squares are perfect for promoting that ‘other’ side to you, whether it’s your creative passion, your evening business or your superhero alter ego…

Speaking of superheroes, there might have been a rumour flying around that a certain Man of Steel has already put in his order for Square Business Cards. And they’re a little different from the cards created by a Mr Clark Kent of the Daily Planet.

OK, so maybe Superman hasn’t actually ordered any cards from us (perhaps one day!) but our design team have had plenty …Continue reading this article…

Meet Mara – our third Instagram guest artist

September 2014, by emma | Add a comment

If you’ve been following us on Instagram, you’ll be familiar with the work of Mara Goes, our latest #ShareSquares guest artist. MOO Crew member by day, app designer by night, Mara’s been helping us to celebrate the launch of Square Business Cards with her fun and quirky take on all things box-like.

It’s fair to say we’re a little addicted to Mara’s Giddyfingers icons, and we’re not the only ones. With almost 15,000 Instagram followers, her original Giddyology art is making serious waves in the photo-loving community.

We caught up with Mara to find out more about her passion for icons, Instagram and irritatingly cute Japanese dogs…

Hi Mara! So, first things first, …Continue reading this article…

MOO + Poppin #knollitall Winner!

September 2014, by Cheryl | Add a comment

When we announced our recent #knollitall competition, we had no idea what an organized bunch you were! We’ve been inundated with examples of you sorting through your stuff and just generally knolling your hearts out.

While we’re sure you all had loads of fun making your desks and cosmetics drawers ‘just so’ for our #knollitall competition, there can only be one lucky winner of the squarest prizes on offer. It was a hard decision but in the end we came down to…

Andrea W!

Her simple yet varied knoll was not only balanced in its frame, but the pastels and clever …Continue reading this article…

Meet Ida Skivenes – Our second #sharesquares guest artist

September 2014, by Jon | Add a comment

Say hello to Ida Skivenes. She’s a Norwegian-born food artist, photographer and author of the book Eat your Art Out living in Berlin. She’s also behind @Idafrosk, her Instagram account where she posts images of her food-based art to her 200,000 plus followers. So being total foodies here at MOO, we naturally asked her to be our latest #sharesquares guest Instagram artist.

We caught up with Ida recently to find out what inspires her creations and how her love of Instagram has helped her career.

How would you best describe your job?

I’m a full-time food artist and photographer. I make creative food-based art for …Continue reading this article…

MOO + SCOPE’s Instagram Art Competition

September 2014, by Cheryl | 20 Comments – latest by Catherine Berendsohn

Who is the squarest of them all? Any creative can tell you, sometimes having to work inside a box can bring out your most creative ideas. So we’ve teamed up with the SCOPE Art Show to see what kind of fun, fresh, inspiring and innovative things you can do within one shape: the square!

This Instagram art competition will give one artist the chance to see their artwork exhibited at SCOPE Miami Beach 2014, one of the most prestigious art shows among Art Basel’s international offering in December. Teaming up with SCOPE Art Show, MOO will host an installation called ‘Creativity Squared,’ featuring the works of nine renowned and up and coming artists. …Continue reading this article…

A sneak peek behind the scenes of MOO’s makeover

September 2014, by emma | 9 Comments – latest by Damien Ellis

You’ll no doubt have noticed a few changes around the place lately. As Richard, our CEO, will tell you, we’ve been busy bees over the past year refreshing our brand to reflect how MOO has grown and where we are today.

But don’t worry, despite the odd nip and tuck here and there, we’re still the same MOO underneath – some things will never change. As our Design Director, Anup, explains, it’s all about staying fresh and up-to-date, “We’re eight years old now and design changes in that timeframe. Naturally, being the creative folk that we are, we couldn’t help but tweak our look and feel to best represent what we so firmly believe in – that design works …Continue reading this article…

Luxe at London Fashion Week

September 2014, by Karen | 2 Comments – latest by Personal Fashion Shopper London

London Fashion Week isn’t just all stylish people and cool parties. This industry-based event, which just wrapped this week in the capital, is part of a worldwide fashion month that also goes to New York, Milan and Paris. During this five-day event, London hosts more than 50 catwalk shows, 15 presentations, plus over 120 UK and international designers exhibit. Who said fashion was glamorous?

So how do emerging designers get noticed during London Fashion Week when they’re just one brand out of many? MOO spoke to two sustainable, eco-friendly brands about how they turned to Luxe products to convey their brand’s quality and individuality and how it helped get the attention …Continue reading this article…

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