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Lancement de notre application NFC par MOO en français (Yes – more French!)

April 2013, by Pierre-Julien.Baudoin | 5 Comments – latest by Pierre-Julien.Baudoin

You might have noticed we’ve been posting the odd blog in French. We’re not trying to push you into learning a second (or third – we don’t know everything about you!) language. We’re just making sure our growing French audience has something to read too.

Depuis l’année dernière, nous avons commencé à tester des éditions limitées de Cartes NFC (Near Field Communication). Quiconque commandait des Cartes de Visites reçevait une Carte NFC gratuite avec un aperçu pré-enregistré de vos propres cartes. Très avant-garde et compte tenu du nombre de possibilités offertes par cette technologie, elles ont catalysé l’imagination de tous et sont devenues très populaires. Elles donnent un aperçu …Continue reading this article…

Ein neues Team, ein neuer Start! (Don’t worry – it’s all Deutsche to us too!)

April 2013, by KSchroder | 9 Comments – latest by rich2know

We started blogging in French, and it went over like a posh bottle of wine in a fancy bistro (i.e. pretty well – we think!) So we thought, why stop there? We’ve got awesome customers all over the world – so as they say in an aeroplane that’s running dangerously low on fuel between France and Austria: “Next stop – Germany!”

Viele von Ihnen werden wissen, dass das Leben von Startups und freien Kreativen eine Achterbahnfahrt sein kann.  Und auch wir kennen die Höhen und Tiefen, die man in den ersten Jahren durchlebt. Doch zum Glück haben wir inspirierende Kunden wie Sie, die unsere Liebe zu gutem Design, Qualität und unseren Unternehmergeist teilen. …Continue reading this article…

Overcoming new business venture challenges

April 2013, by Melissa | 10 Comments – latest by Rag Dolls Rising

Although MOO’s been around for a while, we have a lot of empathy for companies starting out and launching new ventures. When it came to the MOO Shop, we were somewhat newbies ourselves – MOO’s never had a bricks & mortar retail shop before! It’s been a challenging (but fun, of course) experience, and since we’ve been sharing our startup business advice on starting up a business and overcoming challenges, here’s a few things we’ve learned along the way.

Dealing with physical restrictions
the MOO Shop chairs
If you haven’t been lucky enough to come visit the MOO Shop, you might not know, but… BOXPARK …Continue reading this article…

How to be “brand’ new

April 2013, by Justis S | 19 Comments – latest by Roxann

Things can always be a little bit better with some business TLC, can’t they? Spring clean your brand with some tried and tested tips from the MOO creative team.


Paul Thorogood, Head of Product Design, is a packaging guru. He designed all our beautiful MOO packaging and understands the power of presentation and thinking (so to speak) outside the box.

More than what’s in a box

It sounds obvious but it does get overlooked – packaging is just as important as product, as it is the first thing your customer will interact with. Packing has evolved past being a vessel for carrying or protecting a product – it can be art. Whatever way you …Continue reading this article…

Out with the old and in with the MOO – take part in the MOO Card Swap at the MOO Shop

April 2013, by Melissa | 23 Comments – latest by Gaurav

Has spring sprung yet in your hometown? While we’re waiting for it to come to London (we’re still in winter coats) we thought we’d take some time to ponder everyone’s favourite activity, Spring Cleaning. Chances are you’ve thought about that bottom right desk drawer that needs tidying, updating your web browser’s bookmarks, or perhaps simply to take care of your taxes (or if you’re me, all three of those things…). But what about a spring clean of your business’ brand identity? Continue reading this article…

Coming clean about ‘Collect-O-Matic’

April 2013, by Jamie | 1 Comment – latest by Paul

Okay, you got us! We’re foiled, we’re busted, we admit it…‘Collect-O-Matic’ by MOO.COM was an April Fools’ joke!

Here at MOO, we’re big fans of April Fools day, as you may have seen from our posts from previous years – like MOO-D ink Cards and The Lightbox

This year was no different, the MOO Crew all sent in their ideas, we voted and the Collect-O-Matic vending machine was born. Well when we say born, we mean – won at an auction, picked up, torn apart, cleaned, prodded, vinyl’d and made brand new again.


It’s …Continue reading this article…

Introducing…Collect-O-Matic by MOO

April 2013, by Jamie | 364 Comments – latest by Panos

We’re only a few months into the year, but it’s safe to say that 2013 is looking to be our most exciting year yet. Just recently we had the launch of our brand new pop up MOO Shop in London.

For the 99.9% of you who haven’t been able to see the MOO Shop first hand, we’re over the moon with how it turned out. The feedback from you has been amazing. We’ve heard how you love being able to come and pick your new cards up hassle free (the cookies probably play a part in that!) But this got us thinking, why stop there?

So we all got together, took your feedback on board and after a …Continue reading this article…

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