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It’s true… we’ve got new sticky products at MOO!

June 2011, by Tara | 10 Comments – latest by James Samuel

40% off ALL MOO Stickers

It’s been go, go, go at MOO HQ over the past few months: we’ve updated Postcards, with double-sided PDF upload, added the choice of rounded corners on Business Cards, launched our Refer a Friend programme to help you earn some MOO Money to use on future orders, and the fun sure isn’t going to stop there.

Months (and months!) ago we asked our MOOsLETTER subscribers how they used MOO Stickers, and what they’d like to see from new stickers, and you responded with hundreds of suggestions and ideas. Thank you!

We looked over all your ideas and have been working non-stop (powered by …Continue reading this article…

A cryptic clue to what’s coming soon…

June 2011, by Simon G | 252 Comments – latest by Kelli S

For those that follow us on Twitter or regularly read the MOO Blog you’ll know that we’re a busy bunch – releasing new and exciting features to your favourite products (like Rounded Corners on Business Cards), or enhancing the back-bone of the MOO website with upgrades to the Your Account section (like our recent Refer a Friend update). And, the end of June will be no different – we’ve got something big planned, but we can’t quite tell you about it… well, not just yet!

We’re truly excited about this new “thing”, and really can’t contain our excitement any longer, so over the next twelve days we’re going to be leaking some cryptic clues on …Continue reading this article…

Refer a Friend and earn yourself some MOO Money!

June 2011, by Martin | 19 Comments – latest by Steve

Here at MOO, we’ve always been aware that one of the most important aspects in keeping the good ship MOO sailing high on the seven seas of, erm, Print, is you, our lovely users.

You never fail to be unflinching supporters of what we do, and (being the social media addicts we are) we know what an amazing job you do of spreading the MOO love to your friends, colleagues and business contacts.

Well, we feel that all this effort deserves some reward! So, today we are launching a brand-new Refer a Friend programme. This allows you to earn lots of lovely MOO Money when you send your friends our way, which can then be redeemed for discounts on your purchases at …Continue reading this article…

QR Codes and Microsoft tags on your MOO cards

June 2011, by Andrea | 22 Comments – latest by Haraj Cars

Using QR codes and Microsoft tags on your Business Cards and MiniCards is the latest way to make it even easier for the people you meet to contact you.

And of course, our creative community (that’s you!) has been in on the secret for ages. Here are just a handful of our favourites:

QR codes

PHP Developer and self confessed “general geek” Ben Dodson uses no ordinary contact details, only a QR code on his Business Cards to help people he meets keep abreast of his many, many online projects and social networking profiles, including Twitter, Delicious, Facebook, and Flickr. Plus, the images show off all of his hobbies!

Continue reading this article…

A warm MOO welcome to

June 2011, by Andrea | 9 Comments – latest by Amy S. Chan

Every so often a tech startup comes along that’s just way too cool for school – in a good way of course! Our new partner, the funky West Coast based is like that person in your life that takes one look at your messy room, and in fifteen minutes, has tidied your desk, filed all your papers and done your taxes without even breaking a sweat. You can see why we’d want to become partners with that person!

So what do they do that’s so cool? Well, for one thing, they allow you to create a profile page that collates all your online profiles – like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, LinkedIn, plus any other work you’re involved …Continue reading this article…

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