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Small Business – Procrastination Nation

May 2010, by Simon G | 28 Comments – latest by domain

Today is the final day in our series of Small Business blog posts, just in time for the end of Small Business Week in the USA. We’ve covered topics from “taking the plunge“, through to naming your business. We’ve asked you for networking tips and ways to avoid admin and at the end of the week we’re looking at ways to help avoid procrastination. Leave your comments on the series of blog posts for your chance to win a range of prizes!
Ooo, look at that!
The internet is full of distractions and endless excuses to procrastinate. I’m sure we can all happily say it’s a lot easier to play a game …Continue reading this article…

Small Business – Don’t be afraid of admin!

May 2010, by Simon G | 8 Comments – latest by Jennifer

We’ve simply been blown away by the responses you’ve left on our previous blog posts; from “taking the plunge“, naming your business and building your business network, you’ve had truly some inspirational advice for other small businesses – thank you! We’ll be announcing the ‘winning’ comments on Tuesday 1st June – keep checking the MOO Blog for updates. Without further ado, today’s topic: Finding effective admin apps…
Agh, admin!
For most people the thought of being locked in a prison of gridlines is an absolute nightmare. The brutal truth of the matter is that as a small business or freelancer you are not only the creative driving force of your business, you …Continue reading this article…

Small Business – Networking 101

May 2010, by Simon G | 20 Comments – latest by Nigel

It’s time for the third blog post in honor of ‘Small Business Week’ in the US. For the whole of this week we are blogging about small businesses; from “taking the plunge” to choosing a business name.

We’re also asking you to share your tips and advice in the comments – sharing your experiences with other small businesses. We’re also giving away some wonderful prizes, thanks to a few friends of MOO! We know you’re busy people, so we’ll be announcing the winners on Tuesday (1st June), to give everyone a chance to respond.
Making connections
There are plenty of ways to network with the internet quickly becoming the easiest, fastest and most cost effective way. In fact, hundreds of …Continue reading this article…

Small Business – What’s in a (brand) name?

May 2010, by Simon G | 86 Comments – latest by hyaluronic acid gdynia

Continuing our week of blog posts in honor of ‘Small Business Week’ in the US, we’ll be blogging about small businesses and the things they wish they’d known, ways to promote yourself, and ways to get – and stay – motivated.

We’re also asking you to share your own experiences in the comments for some useful prizes, and to help out others in the same situation. We know you’re busy people, so we’ll be announcing the winners next Monday, to give everyone a chance to respond.

What’s in a name?
In Romeo and Juliet, William Shakespeare’s famous heroine Juliet passionately asks:


“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
by any other name would smell as sweet.”

Sadly, the same …Continue reading this article…

Small Business – Taking the plunge

May 2010, by Simon G | 30 Comments – latest by SYOBO Works

It’s ‘Small Business Week’ in the USA, celebrating, helping and promoting independent small businesses. A small business ourselves – all be it much bigger than when we started – we get excited to hear about anything promoting smaller companies. So this week, we’ll be blogging about those that have started their own business, things they wish they’d known, ways to promote yourself, and ways to get – and stay – motivated.

Getting started; making it happen
Every business has to start somewhere – even ours. From big players like Google and Microsoft, to the local restaurant or bakery on your block, every business began with an idea. The guys at (from the creators of Behance) …Continue reading this article…

Now THIS is an unboxing

May 2010, by Denise | 16 Comments – latest by Latrenia Bryant

We rather enjoy watching videos of MOO unboxing. We take great pride in our packaging, custom designing everything in-house for our MiniCards and our Business Cards – so it’s exciting for us to see that you like it too.

Recently we teamed up with YouTube, for a promotion to supply folks with YouTube Channels with Business Cards of their own. We’ve received loads of lovely feedback, some written, and some filmed – but you know what? We really weren’t expecting this – enjoy!

MOO’s Classic Paper Contest: The Results!

May 2010, by Simon G | 7 Comments – latest by Lisa

WOW! We’ve had an overwhelming response to our ‘Classic’ paper contest and are now really quite spoiled for choice. We really underestimated how many of you would have so many ideas, thank you!

There were some creative (and some rather crazy) ideas in the comments on the original blog post, as well as over on Facebook. The whole MOO Crew had great fun reading them all.

As to not keep you waiting any longer, we’ve narrowed the 150+ entries down to a shortlist – although our short list is actually quite long! We’re going to continue to battle it out at MOO HQ to decide on the ultimate winner, but in the meantime we’d like to give a few extra …Continue reading this article…

Help: what should we call MOO paper?

May 2010, by Denise | 101 Comments – latest by George

We’re having a bit of a… remix behind the scenes at MOO, as you might’ve noticed. We’ll be showing you more exciting things in due time, but for now, we could use your help.

At the moment, MOO Business Cards are available in two different paper stocks. There’s ‘MOO Classic’ and ‘MOO Green’.

Now, ‘MOO Green’ as a name is fine. It’s 100% recycled, produced using wind-power, and very high quality paper. ‘MOO Green’ kind of sums that up….

But ‘MOO Classic’? Well, that’s where the problem lies. It’s called Classic, because it’s the same stock we used for our MiniCards – for us, it sort of is a classic.

But ‘Classic’ implies… a textured stock perhaps, something a little …Continue reading this article…

Scary MOO!

May 2010, by Denise | 2 Comments – latest by Linda

It’s been a wee while since we’ve done a Flickr pool round up – and look what we found this morning. Brace yourselves:

This fantastic MiniCard shot taken by funkyuk almost made us spill our morning tea. There’s a few more of these shots taken a while back, but this might be the scariest so far.

And while we’re on the subject of scary, we should probably mention zombies. We’re actually just a little bit in love with these:

Aren’t they great?!

Created by the talented Idle Afternoon, they’re a rather …Continue reading this article…

New Feature! Save Your Projects

May 2010, by Martin | 25 Comments – latest by Philip

As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago when we launched our Photo Enhancement tool, this is a very exciting time at MOO. Over the next few months you’ll see plenty of additions, and some dramatic changes to the site and the way it works.

So today is the day to tell you about the next new feature to debut on the site – Save Your Project.

This has been perhaps the most requested product feature of the past few months. Lots of you spend many hours crafting and perfecting your MOO cards, and the ability to take a break and come back to finish it later would allow you to take the time you need to make sure everything is …Continue reading this article…

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