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More than just ‘cards’

March 2009, by Denise | 7 Comments – latest by maria andros

Those who subscribe to the MOO Newsletter*, will have seen that last week we were talking about different things you can do with your cards, over and above the ‘usual’.

Of course you can use them as regular business cards (that’s what they are, after all!) but we’ve spotted some people using both MOO MiniCards and Business Cards as a form of packaging for small, handmade items.

We mentioned these beautiful bobby pins, mounted on MiniCards, for sale by Nestdecorating:

And since then, we’ve spotted a few more examples…

These colourful buttons made by Polka Dot Cottage are hand-stitched to Business Cards

and ready for the yarn shop

These ceramic clay …Continue reading this article…

Meet MOO in Boston, tonight!

March 2009, by Denise | 3 Comments – latest by Robert

If you’re lucky enough to be in Boston tonight (Thursday 26th March), either because you live there, or you’re visiting Photoshop World, then come and meet MOO for a drink!

Two of our lovely MOO Crew, will be propping up the bar in Sonsie, Back Bay, from 5.30pm. The first 50 who turn up flourishing their MOO products (or evidence of being a MOO fan!) gets a drink on us.

How will you spot them?

Well, Alicia looks like this:

And Pete, looks like this:

Both will be sporting smart ‘MOO Crew’ T-shirts and will be the ones speaking with English accents! If you are in the area, please do go along – they’d love to meet you. …Continue reading this article…

AdaLovelaceDay09: the women I work with at MOO.

March 2009, by stefan | 3 Comments – latest by Iain Farrell

I’ve been building tech companies for about 14 years now, mostly as CTO. MOO is the first where 50% of the tech team have been women.

Nicky Thompson, Natasha Ranney, Monika Szczygieł, Tamsin Bowles, and Alexandra Mitchell (not strictly part of the tech team, but a mistress-of-the-darkest-darkest-SQL-arts -”yes, I know the answer to that”- wonder) made MOO what it is today.

Does having a 50% women tech team make it more ‘touchy-feely’, ‘feminine’, ‘gentler’? No. Does it make it more questioning? precise? reliable, imaginative, bug and nonsense-free? YES.

Thank you all.

I’ll be your mirror…

March 2009, by Denise | 4 Comments – latest by Sarah Shalley

We’ve had a very busy time of it here at MOO Towers recently. Some of the MOO Crew were at SXSWi, while others were working on the new MiniCard box – and additional packaging ideas to be revealed soon. The dev team are all hard at work preparing for the USA launch, and others have just hopped on a plane to Photoshop World, in Boston.

The Recruitment Crew are hard at work, reading CVs for our recent UK and USA job postings – and have asked me to mention that if you haven’t got response to something you’ve sent us, please don’t worry. They’re reading everything very carefully, and hoping to respond as soon as …Continue reading this article…

New boxes – a MiniCard Box Competition!

March 2009, by Denise | 22 Comments – latest by Tony

Guess what? We’re doing lots of work behind the scenes at MOO, and changes are afoot. But don’t be scared, we’re starting off with little differences, to ease you in gently.

Earlier this week, the first shipment of new MiniCard boxes (seen above) went out to our customers around the world. They’re just a little different (for now, wink wink) but we’re still quite excited – they’ve got a little MOO ink drop on top!

To celebrate the loveliness of the little things in life, we’re having a mini-competition, just for fun.

Win a FREE Pack of Minicards (& shipping!)

• The first person to post a photo of the new MiniCard box in the Flickr pool will win a …Continue reading this article…

Saying hello to strangers

March 2009, by Denise | 1 Comment – latest by Anjii

We work with a wonderful collection of designers and illustrators here at MOO, so that no matter how skilled – or unskilled – you think you are, you’ll always be able to create a great pack of Business Cards or MiniCards to promote yourself, or your business.

Recently we’ve expanded our collection, to add new designs from creative duo, Benrik. Their quirky sense of humour had everyone at MOO Towers smiling, and so we thought we’d ask them a few questions to find out what makes them tick.
1. Hello, lets get straight down to business: who are you, what do you do and where do you do it?
We are Ben Carey and Henrik Delehag, otherwise known as …Continue reading this article…

The Great Austin MOO Crew Hunt

March 2009, by Lisa | 6 Comments – latest by Allyson

Based on all the #SXSW tweets on Twitter, a fair few of you are heading to Austin this weekend for SXSWi. A few of the MOO Crew (Richard, Stef and I) are also going and we thought it would be cool to meet & exchange cards. However, we thought it could prove difficult given we don’t know what we all look like. So, we came up with what hopefully will be a fun way to meet.

Starting Saturday morning we’ll kick off The Great Austin MOO Crew Hunt. Here’s the idea and some basic rules:

1. First, we’ll post a short trivia-type question via Twitter (you’ll need to follow us @overheardatmoo)

2. In the tweet, we’ll …Continue reading this article…

MOO UK is hiring

March 2009, by Denise | 1 Comment – latest by Rick

As you may know, we’re soon to be opening a MOO office in the USA – but did you also know MOO HQ – based in London – is also hiring?

We’re looking for:
Localisation specialists
A Quality Assurance Lead
Desktop Support Specialist (Part-time)
Senior Print Developer

Interested? Well, find out more about the jobs, and how to apply, because it would be lovely to meet you!


The MOO Office is based in Old Street, in London. It’s a nice place to work – we have cake…

A roof terrace…

Rock band:

A lot of good people workin’ hard:

And a lot of fun:

(This was the day we all decided to dress like Richard, our CEO… long …Continue reading this article…

Speedy MOO Cards for SXSWi (please note the ‘i’)

March 2009, by Denise | 10 Comments – latest by Lisa

If you’re going to SXSW Interactive and are only just thinking about ordering your MiniCards or Business Cards to hand out at the event, then HEY! You need to get a move on!

But as luck would have it, a couple of the MOO Crew are going too – and they’ve offered to carry orders for SXSWi personally, so you can pick them up at the event.

Sound like a plan?
If you’d like to pick up your cards at SXSW Interactive, here’s what you need to do:
Place your order BEFORE March 6th using the following promocode: sxswi
This will not give you a discount but it will ensure your cards are taken to SXSWi.

At the event, you’ll be able …Continue reading this article…

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