MOO’s Hot & Sticky Summer Party

22nd June 2007 by Denise

Well, you asked for it

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  1. Elo:

    whooohooo! Stickers!

  2. Fraser Pearce:

    What time does it start?

  3. Denise:

    Fraser, it starts at 7pm.
    There’ll be more details on Upcoming, as and when we get them:

  4. Simon:

    colour me excited!

  5. vanou:

    Stickers! Stickers! We want Stickers!

  6. Juliette:

    stickers? Neat!!

  7. laanba:

    Ooo… stickers! I haven’t thought about stickers before but that won’t stop me from buying them. :-)

  8. nan:

    I have to wait until July 19?!! awww man – I want to start planning for my stickers NOW..

    Btw – do you anticipate any fun christmas stuff? HUGS

  9. Adrian:


    We’re already using moo for business cards. These stickers will be great to give away to our customers.

    The party should be great, looking forward to it.

  10. sooyin:

    I love love love your moo cards! And now there are STICKERS?? Can’t wait!!

  11. Roxie:

    Now this has my interest! I am so looking forward to purchasing stickers!

  12. J/C:

    Aww, come on!
    Just when I’ve gotten addicted to the Notecards (the minicards are what hooked me), now y’all are gonna start another fire!

    I’ll be first in line!
    Wish I could try ‘em out now!

  13. Erin:

    Do you have any samples of the stickers we can see now? I am too excited to have to wait that long to see them!

  14. sue:

    but i want stickerss now!!!!!

  15. p:

    It’s like you looked into my heart for my deepest desire. STICKERS! ♥ I can’t wait.

  16. Mike:

    Awesome. Now I have to buy more stuff to put stickers on :)

    Looking forward to the bash!

  17. Maria:

    Yipee! Stickers!

  18. Giuseppe:

    i love you!!!! i just ordered my first minicards and i will order some stickers as well.

  19. Gloria:

    I am ridiculously excited about this. Can’t wait for July 19th! x

  20. John Griffiths:


    however i’ll be on a plane so can’t attend.

    good luck with the event, should be excellent!

    you rock!

  21. Daragh:

    Bugger, miss this by just a week either side! Have fun guys!

  22. Hunter_LuckyOliver:

    Awesome! You guys nail it every time.

  23. ian:

    oh stickers, i wasexcited about the cards, now im gonna have to wait for stickers… are they vynal? or paper…

  24. Rowland:

    AHHH love to come…can see two of my friends coming Justin Champney and another love to get sticky….can we come????

  25. Monky:

    Stickers… Really cool!!!

  26. cheryl:

    YAY! I can’t wait! I love love love the mini moos and the cards I bought. They are splendid – I can see those cards for xmas ones my clients will love.
    Thanks for being soooo cool. Do you have rates for Photographers? :) For resell that is.

  27. Jon Clarke:

    Excellent, now I know where to get my MediaStarz stickers created. I’ve put you guys on the site Events Calendar and Discussion. Looking forward to the 19th!

  28. Yohannes Wijaya:

    hey, how about folks here in the US? Are you guys gonna leave us dry? :)

  29. Denise:

    @Yohannes – you mean the party? We had a party in San Fancisco, and we waited all night for you to come! Where were you?

  30. Yohannes Wijaya:

    @Denise, Yeah, I couldnt make it, I was out of town. If I could skip the trip, I really would have.

  31. Dan:

    How do we get into the stickers beta? Can I get in?

  32. Eamon Lane:

    Stickers and a Party

    Your spoil us

  33. Yohannes Wijaya:

    @Dan I think it’s gonna be announced as the the time rolls in

  34. marsha:

    Hey! what about us folk’s in Canada. BTW- I love the Moo mini-cards and absolutely CAN’T wait for the stickers!!

  35. char*:

    I was just looking for stickers for my business marketing. I was going to go with another company until I just saw you’ll be offering them!

  36. Gemheaven:

    Wooohooo stickers I need stickers and I love my new business cards!!!

  37. marcel lemieux:

    i have had many compliments for the moo cards……now sticker seems interesting…..i also though about magnetic cards….everybody has a frigidaire!

  38. Christine:

    Yay for stickers!!!!!!! Where is my 1982 sticker collection?

  39. urbanknit:

    got my first lot last week and it was like getting a present, was all excited. i’ll hopefully will stop by at the party.

  40. KSA:

    Hey, the USA gets *everything*! How about…Singapore???!!! Have a great bash, guys. Can’t wait for the online launch.

  41. deCabbit:

    Woohoo – Stickers! I am so going to be there!

  42. FlyButtafly:

    Like I needed another reason to be addicted to your site!! I can’t wait to see the stickers! Oooh ooh – I have a possible wedding job coming up, and I’m going to see what they think about getting stickers to put on the thank you envelopes!

    Stickers! Wheee!

  43. Jörg:

    Would be grate if your stickers could have a transparent background. That could look much better if you put a logo on it.

  44. Fidel Guajardo:

    So many websites sell stickers but you have to order the same sticker in minimum quantity of 100′s. If you can accomplish unique stickers and have a nice margin to keep, that will be a holy grail.

  45. Aria Rajasa:

    I don’t think transparent stickers are a good idea, they’ll leave a transparent box layer right? which doesn’t look good.

  46. Chris G:

    Awesome! Can’t wait till i can get my hands on it!

  47. dennis:

    I love it. I use the minis to advertise my blog and am working with local bands to use them to advertise their shows. Can’t wait to make my sticker!!

  48. Liz Henry:

    YAY stickers! I’m there!

  49. andyp:

    I wrote up the event on my blog :-)
    Thanks! it was great.

  50. ha ha ha:

    i love collecting stickers and yhis thing is so cool!

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