London entrepreneur? You need to be at StartUp Grind this Thursday!

January 2015, by Jon | Add a comment

Thursday night in London, do you work late, refresh on House of Cards or head to the pub?

What about an altogether more inspirational evening, and tackle your new year’s resolution to start making that business idea happen (yes, we read your diary).

Luckily, we’ve hand picked an event for you. How about Startup Grind; a global event series with local chapters, hosting regular meet-ups for entrepreneurs?

This Thursday SwiftKey’s co-founder Ben Medlock is speaking and sharing the trials and tribulations of starting and scaling his company.

To give you a taste of what you might pick up, here’s a video of MOO’s CEO and Founder Richard sharing his lessons from the start up conference last year. He answered lots …Continue reading this article…

Travel the world with #CreativitySquared

January 2015, by Karen | Add a comment

Want a taste from Tokyo, a slice from New York, a morsel from London and a bite from Texas? We’re not talking about sampling foods but of savouring some amazing artistic work from Art Basel with our #CreativitySquared collection for SCOPE Miami Beach in December. We collaborated with some extraordinary creative talents so get your suitcase packed, we’re on a global visual adventure!

Aerosyn-Lex Mestovic

Buenos Aires-born, Tokyo-trained and New York-based painter, filmmaker and calligraphy artist Aerosyn-Lex Mestovic first had his Living Paintings installation exhibited at MoMA in New York last year. This was followed by a partnership with SCOPE Art Show and VH1 in Miami to create NOESIS, which involved hand-painting hundreds of meters of …Continue reading this article…

His words are a gift: MOO meets James Victore

January 2015, by emma | Add a comment


Thanks to one-man creative whirlwind James Victore, our Luxe Project saw out 2014 with one hell of a bang. James’ type-tastic shots of eccentricity (a collection entitled ‘Your Work is a Gift’) were a big hit at MOO HQ – and now you can grab your own bunch of bright ‘n’ bold Luxe Business Cards, MiniCards or Notecards too. You’ll be doing your bit for charity at the same time, yay!

So, we know he’s an artist and author with world domination on his ‘to do’ list, but what don’t we know? We caught up with the self-confessed ‘firestarter’ to discover more about the man behind that …Continue reading this article…

Running an event? Use MOO products to surprise and delight!

January 2015, by Karen | Add a comment

It’s going to be hard to beat 2014! We attended a great number of events throughout Europe and got to mingle with some fabulous folks. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite events featuring MOO products used in the most creative ways that you can continue to roll out into 2015. Let’s keep this party rollin’.

A work of art

For EyeEm’s photography festival in Berlin, they used Postcards to display the work of talented shutterbugs that entered their photography competition. At your next event in 2015, use Postcards or even Flyers to create visual displays or hand them out to guests to share in the artistic love. You could …Continue reading this article…

Stop being shellfish: Share your #MOOcards!

January 2015, by Karen | Add a comment

Sebastian, our resident crustacean, wants to remind you of that lovely saying “sharing is caring”. He is calling you out on your shellfishness and wants you to share your #MOOcards for all to see.

We know our MOO community is filled with thought leaders, game changers, style makers (and even some heartbreakers!), with beautiful and inspiring #MOOcards.

Tag your posts with #MOOcards and we’ll spread the love on our social media channels, Pinterest board and blog.

So come on now, don’t be shy…. you wouldn’t want Sebastian chasing after you with his pinchers. Ouch!

Wanted: shutterbugs for stand out photography

January 2015, by Karen | Add a comment


Image by @berlininfo

For those of you who don’t know, EyeEm is a photo-sharing platform, used globally by over 10 million photographers. They regularly set photo missions, challenging photographers to capture images around a certain topic or theme, which are curated into online image collections.

We’ve partnered with EyeEm for their latest mission, “Stand Out From The Crowd”. We’re looking for distinctive, eye-catching and truly unforgettable image and can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Image by @abdullahatwiz

Submit to win a $500 MOO voucher, or as a runner-up you’ll receive a $250 MOO voucher. Plus, the top twenty-five entrants will have their …Continue reading this article…

Refresh for success

January 2015, by Karen | 6 Comments – latest by Karen

Any routine can go from standard to stale pretty quickly, especially your habitual patterns at work. We’ve refreshed some of the most common daily routines so you can work that much smarter. You can thank us later!

You drink copious amounts of caffeine
Make it fresh by switching to various types of tea

A caffeine fix is an obvious way to inject energy into your day.  Instead of coffee or Red Bull, rethink tea as your beverage of choice. Certain types of the lovely leaf have heaps of benefits without the added jitters. Need a morning wake-up? Try Darjeeling or chai. For midday alertness go for green or white tea, or a soothing cup of chamomile to …Continue reading this article…

The power of a picture

January 2015, by Karen | 4 Comments – latest by Karen

Do you ever fall asleep with great ideas and thoughts floating around in your head only to have forgotten it all in the morning? Instead of wishing for dreamtime post-it notes (awesome idea, huh?) your next great idea could be captured by creating a vision board. A picture really is worth a thousand words as the brain processes images much faster than a cluster of words. We’ll stop there with the science but that’s why vision boards are used by businesses of all shapes and sizes to capture objectives, create plans and devise strategies.

Claire Holgate is a graphic recorder and illustrator who specialises in creating visual drawings from meetings, conferences and …Continue reading this article…

For your viewing (and productivity) pleasure

January 2015, by emma | 10 Comments – latest by James


What do a former monk, an Ivy League psychologist and a media mogul have in common? They’ve all managed a stint on the TED stage without notes, embarrassing silences or even tripping over their own feet – no mean, er, feat.

For the uninitiated, TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is where the world’s most interesting and inspiring speakers gather to talk about a whole range of issues. From science to business to design, you name it, they’ve covered it. One guy once even swallowed a sword, but that’s a story for another day.

With almost 2,000 talks to stir your curiosity, it can be difficult to know where to start. So we’ve brought together five of our …Continue reading this article…

Who’s the (de)boss now?

December 2014, by Jon | Add a comment

Clue: it’s you guys! In the few weeks since we launched our touch-tastic Letterpress Business Cards, we’ve loved seeing how great they look with your images. You’ve really brought them to life.

In fact, you’ve done such a great job that we felt it was only fair to share a few of our favourites. Once you’ve checked out these beauties you might even be inspired to create some more!

First up, Laurie’s Diamond Stamp designs. We love the way he’s used our four-sided shape to frame these eye-catching sports images – and we’re sure his stand-out cards will work wonders for his sports massage business.

Fiona’s used the same template for her cards, adding a clean …Continue reading this article…

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