Luxe Notecards

Beyond first impressions

This time it's personal

It could be a business matter, or communicating with friends or family, but it’s the personal details that makes you memorable.

And there’s nothing more personal than a beautifully handwritten Luxe Notecard. The art of letter writing is one the few remaining ways you can really give every single person you meet the kind human touch that emails simply can’t provide.

So whether it’s a “Nice to meet you”, “Thanks for coming in” or “Let’s have lunch”, with Luxe Notecards, you can make it truly remarkable any and every time.

A difference you can truly feel

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MOHAWK Superfine Luxe Notecards are created with award winning Mohawk Superfine paper. Tactile, and beautiful – what better way to follow up a great first impression?

32pt Using MOO’s Quadplex technology, we compress layers of this unique paper to create an impressively thick, unforgettable Notecard.

8 colours Choose from Black, Red, Blue, White, Yellow, Orange, Pink or Green for the eye-catching seam of color that runs through the centre of Luxe paper stock.

Notecard dimensions

  • Final card size

  • 148mm x 105mm
  • 5.82” x 4.13”
  • Final artwork size

  • 152mm x 109mm
  • 5.98” x 4.29”
  • (300 dpi)
Guidelines for using your own designs >


10 cards $29.99
20 cards $59.98
50 cards $149.95 $119.99
100 cards $299.90 $200.00
200 cards $599.80 $340.00

Matching Luxe Stationery

Notecards are just one aspect of the Luxe experience.

To help you to tell the story of your business in more ways than one, we’ve created a full complement of matching Luxe products, and a range of designs exclusive to the Luxe family.

For a lasting impression, why not promote your business with a portfolio of matching Luxe stationery?