Return to the homeland

In June 2000, Greer Kendall traveled back to the country of his birth – Zambia, Africa – for the first time since he had left as a 6-year-old boy. He was shocked by the reality of the orphan crisis in a country ravaged by AIDS and extreme poverty, and vowed to do something to help. And so, Family Legacy was born - a charity that sets up schools, runs camps and raises money to help over 1 million Zambian orphans towards a better life.

Inspiration on a Business Card

"Our Business Cards were inspired, as always, by the children we serve" Greer explains "We always try to show people their smiling faces because that is the result of what we do. The ability to use more than one photo for the back was really important because we have so many pictures that we want to share. We're always talking to people about different ways that they can get involved. So if I'm talking to a teacher about education in Zambia, I give them a card with a picture of a kid in one of our schools.... it's a powerful thing to be able to show someone the success of what we are doing right there on the card."

Why MOO for Business?

"In the last year we more than doubled our staff and we all agreed that the old business card was in need of a refresh to match our new printed material." Greer says. "The best part is being able to copy and reorder from old orders. This saves a ton of time and since our communications team is always passing out cards, ordering new ones in less than 5 minutes is a real plus."

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Written on:
18 Jun 2013
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