Donal Skehan is an award winning food blogger, turned food writer, a cookbook author and food photographer, yes that's right - a true jack-of-all-trades!

In 2007, Donal launched the Good Mood Food Blog. From a family of food lovers, and with a passion for photography, he started blogging soon after moving into his first apartment. It was a chance to document his own culinary creations, and a way to put his new camera to good use.

Now an award winning blogger, Donal has been presented with some massive opportunities. His blog has led to writing and photographing his first cookbook "Good Mood Food - Simple, Healthy, Homecooking!". His recipes and photography have been featured in the Irish Independent and Irish Tatler - he's even appeared on Irish and UK Radio and TV.

The Good Mood Food cookbook aims to change your attitude towards food with its selection of simple, healthy home-cooked recipes. It features mouth-watering dishes like Broad Bean, Pancetta and Pea Shoot Salad, a tasty Aromatic Duck Salad, Cookies and Cream Chocolate Chip Oreo Cupcakes, Blueberry and Banana Muffins... an absolutely delicious read!

Often traveling, and always meeting new people, Donal makes sure he always carries business cards, which recently he's made with MOO. Speaking of his cards, he says "I love the flexibility of having a different image on each card, making it different for each person. The only problem I find is taking the time to choose the right card for the right person!"

Over the summer Donal has been travelling to food festivals in Dublin and the surrounding area, giving demonstrations of his cooking and his recipes. It's the perfect time to spread the word about his book and his blog.

"My cards carry my email address and website - they're a great reminder for the people I meet in person to check out my blog."

With his passion for beautiful food photography, it made sense for Donal to use his own shots on his Business Cards. Uploading a selection of his photos directly to and pre-designing a PDF for the details side of the cards, Donal has managed to create a portfolio of his own work which he can slip into his pocket. (An important consideration when moving the rest of his cooking kit can take some planning!)

And what's more, his cards and confident attitude to self promotion is clearly working. Donal has started work on his second book, Kitchen Hero, which is due for release soon. Is he the next big celeb chef for the UK? Perhaps - if his enthusiasm, passion and talent have anything to do with it.

Thanks for sharing your cards with us, Donal. You're invited to (cook us) dinner any time.

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