Who is Eric Harvey?

A visual communicator and creative, Eric Harvey runs a one-man multi disciplinary design studio in Seattle, Washington. He was after a high quality business card without the price tag of a boutique print shop. In terms of customer needs, we think Eric + Luxe + a little ingenuity = perfect match!

Wax on

Like most people, Eric was looking for a way to make his already-striking Business Cards stand out just a little bit more than everyone else’s – on a budget. “Ideally I wanted to create a business card that transcended its practical purpose to become a dimensional piece that a new contact would want to keep, and possibly display. Realistically I needed to create a business card within a limited budget.” He says. He used a wax seal to add a special touch to his cards, which suddenly become something a little bit bigger than an ordinary Business Card. “It's not something you can just tuck away and possibly forget about.” He agrees.

Seal of approval

We really love how Eric has mixed his modern Luxe cards with a distinctly retro font and a seriously retro (some might even say medieval!) wax aesthetic. “I think the aesthetic of mashing old technologies and new is great.” He agrees “It does have a very tactile quality that I'm sure makes it enjoyable to hold. The wax seal stamp has been in my family for quite sometime and I knew it would give the personal finishing touch I wanted. Overall the response has been really positive. I have had numerous people email requests for samples of my cards, which is great to see. The business card was the first piece of my full rebranding, and the positive response is great reassurance.”

Want to make some stand out Luxe cards? Upload your own designs like Eric (and customise!) or choose from our exclusive gallery.

Written on:
18 Jun 2013
Business Cards, Graphic Design
  • Eric Harvey
  • Eric Harvey
  • Eric Harvey

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