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New Year, New Postcards!

January 2011, by Rebeka | 11 Comments – latest by Lisa

It’s been all go at MOO HQ in the first few weeks of January. First we kicked off our brand new API, followed by a Beta release of the new MOO card gallery, and as of the start of this week, we’ve moved into a brand new shiny office!

So what’s next? Well, we wanted to address a request we’ve been getting from you for quite a while now, so we’re proud to announce the launch of the brand new and improved MOO Postcards!

You asked, we answered

That’s right! From today, you can upload a full PDF design to the back of your Postcards. Now your Postcards can be as unique as you are. Yay!

Don’t worry, you’ll still …Continue reading this article…

All I want for Christmas is cards (and I want them now!)

November 2010, by Martin | 2 Comments – latest by Christmas Time

With London enveloped in a rather unseasonable blanket of snow (and our Rhode Island office laughing at our inability to cope) MOO Towers is beginning to resemble a Brutalist version of a winter wonderland. And with this white loveliness, we’ve found our minds wandering away from the normal worries of the week to the excitement to come – Parties, Mince Pies, Sherry and the tinkle of sleigh bells across the sky. Did we also mention Sherry?

But as excited as we are, we mustn’t forget to remind you to place your orders for the Holidays soon, so that we can be sure to get them to you in time. Below you’ll see our order cut-off dates for our various shipping options. …Continue reading this article…

MOO’s hidden agenda

November 2010, by Paul T | 1 Comment – latest by Angela Howard

At MOO, we don’t just love to print – we love to design too. And from the accessories that complement your cards, to the packaging that protects them, we like to add a little MOO magic to every single aspect of our business.

Which is why we thought a blog about the fun, hidden elements we’ve included in your MOO products was a good idea – after all, there’s no sense in creating multi-tasking packaging if nobody knows how to use it!

Make a stand

The Mosaic Frame is one of our best-selling accessories for your MOO MiniCards. It displays your cards landscape or portrait when hung on a wall, and …Continue reading this article…

New Feature! Save Your Projects

May 2010, by Martin | 25 Comments – latest by Philip

As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago when we launched our Photo Enhancement tool, this is a very exciting time at MOO. Over the next few months you’ll see plenty of additions, and some dramatic changes to the site and the way it works.

So today is the day to tell you about the next new feature to debut on the site – Save Your Project.

This has been perhaps the most requested product feature of the past few months. Lots of you spend many hours crafting and perfecting your MOO cards, and the ability to take a break and come back to finish it later would allow you to take the time you need to make sure everything is …Continue reading this article…

New Feature! Photo Enhancement

April 2010, by Martin | 19 Comments – latest by neemers

Those of you who follow us on Twitter will be aware that over the past few months we’ve been looking for a steady stream of people to come to MOO HQ to help us test new developments on the site. We’re sure it doesn’t take a genius to add two and two together and figure that we’ve got lots of changes planned, to roll out over the next few months.

There will be lots more information on that to follow but in the meantime, the first fruit of this major update is ready to be unveiled…
Photo Enhancement
Our motto is “We love to print”. And we mean it. More importantly though, we love to print at the highest quality possible, making …Continue reading this article…

Making the most of your illustrations – an interview

October 2009, by Anne-Marie | 8 Comments – latest by aldoguerra

What do you get if you cross MiniCards with magnets? Moognets! We’re seeing more and more moognets out there, and one of our favourite moognet-makers is illustrator Luisa Vidal, aka Etsy seller Fashion Fuchsia.

Luisa sells her moognets as beautifully packaged themed sets. Bright yellow suns shine next to redheads in sunglasses. Blue boys and purple girls reach for each other’s hands from their respective MiniCards. Or the customer can go random and choose their own – fancy clashing a pink alien robot with a cat-boy in a brown dog costume?

As well as magnets, Luisa makes MiniCard bookmarks and uses Postcards to showcase her illustrations. We caught up …Continue reading this article…

A quick roundup of nifty marketing ideas

August 2009, by Denise | 4 Comments – latest by Charmaine

If there’s one thing we like at MOO it’s good ideas. And it’s been a little while since our last post sharing ideas from our creative community – so we thought now would be a good time for a catchup. So, sit back and take in some of the cool ideas we’ve spotted recently.

Peta Love is an author, and founder of Biliopet, an indie publisher of gift books for pets. Her most recent tome, Beef Casserole for the Dog’s Soul is ‘a treasury of stories that your dog will love’.

Sadly, as most of you know, it’s the owners – not the dogs – with all the money, so Peta has created these fantastic MiniCard tags as …Continue reading this article…

Degree student? It’s show time!

May 2009, by Emilie | 21 Comments – latest by Christopher Marion Thomas

“Finals!” “Portfolio reviews!” “End of Year Shows!” “Jobs!” “The World!”

If this is a snippet of what is going through your mind at the moment, we can sympathise. It wasn’t that long ago that we were busy, eager, just a little nervous, and heading for graduation ourselves.

For design, art and photography students, now is the time to pull a whole year’s work into one exhibition; impressing tutors, fellow students – and more importantly, VIPs that might have jobs (and a pay cheque) up their sleeves.

So how do you make the most out of your end of year show? What materials do you need to help make a good impression?

One of the first places you could …Continue reading this article…

I’ll be your mirror…

March 2009, by Denise | 4 Comments – latest by Sarah Shalley

We’ve had a very busy time of it here at MOO Towers recently. Some of the MOO Crew were at SXSWi, while others were working on the new MiniCard box – and additional packaging ideas to be revealed soon. The dev team are all hard at work preparing for the USA launch, and others have just hopped on a plane to Photoshop World, in Boston.

The Recruitment Crew are hard at work, reading CVs for our recent UK and USA job postings – and have asked me to mention that if you haven’t got response to something you’ve sent us, please don’t worry. They’re reading everything very carefully, and hoping to respond as soon as …Continue reading this article…

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