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Business Cards+ with NFC technology
  • High quality Conqueror® Alive paper
  • Easily program Actions to the embedded NFC chip
  • Trigger digital Actions with a single tap
  • Make smarter, faster connections for your business
Business Cards+ from $29.99
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What are Business Cards+?

Good question! They’re MOO high quality printed Business Cards, embedded with an NFC chip that triggers digital Actions. With one tap of a Business Card+ (against an NFC enabled device), you can display your chosen information – like your website, or online shop or downloadable app.

Take a Peek Inside!

What can my Business Cards+ do?

The quick answer is - lots of things! Below you'll find some Actions that you can apply (and change whenever you like) to your cards. The information is transferred with one tap of your card against an NFC smart device.
  • Make a Digital Business Card

    Tap to quickly call, message or save contact details

  • Add a Website link

    Share your website, portfolio, online event invite and more

  • Connect your social networks

    All your online profiles, all together, all on tap

  • Promote your app

    Share your Google Play download instantly

  • Share your playlist

    Via Spotify, the modern "I made you a mixtape"

  • Network on LinkedIn

    Expand your professional network with on-tap connections

  • Video chat with Appear.in

    Group video conversation invite, literally on tap

  • Navigate with Citymapper

    Wheres's the party? Tap in and share directions

How d'you like them androids?

Our cards are compatible with Android and Windows phones

These are some of the smart devices that work with Paper+

Rapid NFC maintains a comprehensive list of compatible models. Otherwise please check with your individual manufacturers website.
  • Blackberry
    • BlackBerry Z30
    • Classic
    • Passport
    • Porsche Design
    • Q5
  • Google
    • Nexus
  • HTC
    • Desire
    • HTC One
  • Huawei
    • Ascend
  • LG
    • G2
    • Optimus
    • Prada
  • Microsoft
    • Lumia
  • Motorola
    • Moto X
  • Nokia
    • Lumia
  • Samsung
    • Ativ S
    • Galaxy
    • Galaxy Note
    • Galaxy S Range
  • Sony
    • Xperia

Business Cards+ last forever*

When you log into Manage Paper+, you can change the Actions on your cards at any time, and as many times as you like. You can also see when how many taps your cards receive, and learn how many people are interacting with your information in real time.

*Unless you wash it - so don't!

Power-up with Business Cards+

  • Create your card

    Upload your own artwork, or choose from our designs. With Printfinity, you can have up to five different designs (no extra cost).

  • Add an Action

    Pick from our range of Actions, and add one. Or, if you're a maker, cook up your own recipe.

  • Hand them out!

    Remind people to tap the card to the back of their phone - no app required.

  • Manage your Actions

    Post-purchase, log in via your account to the Manage Paper+ platform, where you can edit, track and change your cards' Actions.

Uploading a complete design?

Business card artwork guidelines

Business Card Artwork
  • Bleed area: 88mm x 59mm
    Extend your background to fill the full 'bleed area' - it'll make sure you don't end up with white edges when your business card is trimmed.
  • Trim: 84mm x 55mm
    This is where we aim to cut your business card
  • Safe area: 80mm x 51mm
    Keep all the important parts of your design - text, logo, icons - inside this area. (not your background - that still needs to run to the edges of the bleed.)

For more help, read our Artwork Guidelines.

Download our
Business card guides


Quantity Cost
20 cards $29.99
40 cards $59.98
60 cards $89.97
80 cards $119.96

Need design inspiration?

Choose one from our exclusive MOO-for-NFC design gallery, and customize it to make it truly unique to your brand. How? Change the type, add your own logo and images, and choose up to five Printfinity designs.

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Imagine the possibilities of Paper+

Smart paper is a brand new world, and it’s very exciting to see what uses our creative customers have started to find for it. Have a look and get inspired!

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