Delivering Great Customer Service

When it comes to the art of customer service and keeping its clients satisfied, Zendesk knows all about it. That’s their business and they pride themselves on knowing what brands can do to improve their customer service experience. “In today’s hyper-connected, multiscreen world”, says Nick Peart “customer service is about much more than just a conversation on the phone. Multichannel has become the norm and it’s an integral part of keeping the customer's conversation at the heart of everything you do”.

Nick is the Marketing Director at Zendesk, a company that since 2007 has been providing beautifully simple customer service software solutions. Now based in San Francisco with over 400 employees they’ve come along way from their humble beginnings in a loft in Copenhagen.

“The key to providing great customer service comes down to the speed at which a company can respond to an enquiry. After that the most important thing is to provide a quick resolution to the problem. Sometimes, that just isn’t possible, so you need to let your customer know just how exactly you are dealing with the issue, nobody likes being kept in the dark”.

According to their research, in many cases customers prefer a specifically tailored, self-help portal to speaking to a customer services representative on the phone. “One of the ways to increase customer satisfaction is to empower the customer to solve their own issues” says Nick, and that’s what Zendesk does, “we provide visible, useful, informative and easy-to-navigate self-service options for customers. We allow customers to help themselves resolve their own problems”.

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Written on:
25 Oct 2013
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