High fidelity

FreeFall, based in San Francisco, CA, is a radio program featuring cutting-edge jazz, techno and electronica.

High design

These vibrant business cards have a ‘retro’ feel, using a fun colour palette of mustards, teals, blacks and greays. The cards also feature an illustration of a vintage radio tower. FreeFall Radio plays fresh, upbeat and electric music and the design creates an interesting style that speaks to what the show is all about - radio! There are five different designs for the 'front' of the cards, all featuring the radio tower design, with a change in background colour.

Create custom cards

First formatting the design in Photoshop, these cards were created on moo.com by uploading a set of 5 PDF designs for the 'front' of the card, and a further PDF for the 'back' or 'details' side. Using a PDF gave the FreeFall team total control of their design. FreeFall Radio were also able to take advantage of MOO's short print runs, enabling them to update their details when a new DJ joins the team.

Written on:
18 Jun 2013
Business Cards
  • Freefall radio created bright yet retro MOO Business Cards

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