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With each passing year, things are becoming more and more computerised. Manual photography and printed photos have been all but replaced by new gadgets like smartphones, digital SLRs and computer editing. Yet the one thing that’s always present no matter the medium is the necessity for a keen eye, and artistic flair.

Meet Jonathan Howells, a graphic designer turned 3D motion designer and videographer. He describes his style as timeless, elegant, and simple. “I approach design as something that should stand up for years to come.” No matter how technology-driven the industry becomes, Jonathan still appreciates the power of old-fashioned printing and combines his favourite mediums to create something both classic and wonderfully unique.

Holidays in Motion

Jonathan’s work for his varied list of clients often involves creating motion graphics and videos (he’s just completed his first feature documentary!), although, as he puts it, “graphic design is still at the heart of my work, whether it’s moving or not.” So when it comes to sending Christmas greetings, Jonathan went back to a more traditional platform.

Using MOO Postcards and Stickers, Jonathan has created designs that combine his love of “found typography” with 3D graphics. What does he mean by found photography? “I walk around London looking for ghost signs, forgotten awnings, or an old sign left exposed while a new sign goes in.” Then Jonanthan recreated them completely using only 3D graphics and computer editing tools – “These are constructions of typography I wish I’d found in the real world, but haven’t.” (this was a surprise, as his designs look very real to us!) When it came to his choice of greetings, Jonathan focused on words that “evoke the right feelings, while avoiding clichés.” The result is a set of gorgeous Christmas cards that both show off his talents and embody the season’s warmth and merriment.

The Gift of Design

Jonathan plans to send his Postcard designs to clients, friends and family. And to seal the deal – quite literally – he’s designed MOO Round Stickers for the envelopes. “I love the idea of wax seals from the Middle Ages. I used the stickers to create an impression of attention to the finest details,” he said. He added “I think in this digital age, there’s nothing more likely to cut through and get noticed than a simple, hand-written note.” Well, let’s just say we couldn’t agree more!

Visit Jonathan’s website to see more of his designs, plus take a look at our Postcards and Stickers to see how you can add that extra touch to your festive greetings.

Written on:
06 Nov 2014
Photography, Postcard Ideas, Sticker Ideas, Luxe Ideas
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  • Dinnick & Howells
  • Dinnick & Howells
  • Dinnick & Howells
  • Dinnick & Howells

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